A Naive Short-tempered Girl


A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 313

Chapter 313

Part 1 (One)

“I heard from Vice CEO Long. My deep condolences, Yao Yao.” Wang Han gives her a faint of smile, he extends his hand and stroking her hair and then looking for an empty seat.

“Yao Yao, just now who is that man?”

“There is guest arrived!” before Gong Xiao Man finished her words, the Master of Ceremony for once again said with loud voice.

“How can there still other guest coming?” as seen the funeral hall that only can accommodate 20 persons seems not fit anymore, perhaps if there few people keeps coming there won’t be any seat left?

This time, the person who is walking inside the funeral hall not any stranger, they are Yu Ao Tian and Long Ye!

Beyond doubt, their arrival pushed the quiet funeral into the***

Sitting on the left side is Hei Yan Long, Ou Yang Zi Xuan who are whispering each other: “This woman hasn’t she broke up with Yu Ao Tian?”

Feng Chen Yi with his cold expression swept on Yu Ao Tian who is walking in, coldly said: “This is their matter.”

“What is called as their matter?” They had thought that Feng Chen Yi busy for these days to settle Yao Yao’s matter, because they thought Yao Yao had already broken up with Yu Ao Tian, never thought….

Feng Chen Yi by all this time acted as altruism?

“Yao Yao, my deep condolences.” Long Ye’s face is shown bitter expression in front Yao Yao before he gives his respect, extend his hand and stroking her head.

She almost forget, in her life, actually there still someone alike Long Ye who taking role as her Big Brother, isn’t it? “Thank you, Long Ye Ge Ge.”

“Haha, you are really, if I was not heard it from Long Qi’s mouth the news about your mother passed away, perhaps in this life time you won’t tell me right?”

It is not that she does not want to say, the most important she afraid this matter will disturb Yu Ao Tian’s time. If she told Long Ye Ge Ge, then Long Ye Ge Ge will surely let Yu Ao Tian know. “I am sorry.” Yao Yao feels guilty nodding her head, at the moment when she raises her head, her moist eyes are keep looking at Yu Ao Tian who showing expressionless face.

“Ahem, Ao Tian!” Long Ye can feel the atmosphere turned to be strange, stretch out his hand and then pulling Yu Ao Tian’s cloth.

Immediately he shown his elegant smiles: “My deep condolences.” turned his back, he takes a seat on right way.

This scenery, it makes Gong Xiao Man who still in kneeling position feels unsatisfied: “What does Yu Ao Tian mean? Even that someone who called as Regional Director Wang, Long Ye, they are saying few of comforting words, but Yu Ao Tian is looking as if coming to stranger funeral ceremony, at least you are his girlfriend, right? His reaction, is he still a human or not?”

“Xiao Man, I am not his girlfriend. Moreover, his reaction is normal, you must have realized now he is member of congress, government official, if he comes closer to me, it will not good for him.”

“Yao Yao, are you sick? He because of protecting his own position, can’t he understand you? That also need to separate the occasion, he MF, this time still pretending as stranger, simply to say not a human!”

Yu Ao Tian image is slowly turning bad on Gong Xiao Man’s eyes, today she is raging in fume.

Regarding to this matter, Yao Yao is showing calm expression, it’s okay, if she really needs Yu Ao Tian comforting, she wouldn’t not inform him for all this time.

And then….

Chapter 313

Part 2 (Two)

The Elites Gathered 

This two girls are mistaken to understand the reason why Yu Ao Tian shown such cold expression.  

As mature man who has many experiences, he is so clear when he must flare up, when he must suppress himself. Few days ago the news and rumors about Yao Yao and Feng Chen Yi hasn’t forgotten by him. 

But today when he walking into the funeral hall that moment, the first thing that caught by his eyes are Feng Chen Yi. Although he stills thinking to suppress his anger, but he stills not able to control it perfectly! 


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