A Naive Short-tempered Girl


A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 288

Chapter 288

Believe me, I will help you settle everything

“You darn woman!” Han Li Shang vibrate strong gaze, quickly he takes out his gun.

“Li Shang!” Yu Ao Tian who silent for this time yelling to stop Han Li Shang movement. His bottomless eyes are slowly looking at Yao Yao.

Seeing her face that being scared to white pale, the terrifying eyes, he can feel that how scared she is.
Human, after all are selfish, sometimes in order to protect a self, won’t be considered many things. He can understand Yao Yao action.

“Stopped the car.”


“Stopped the car!!” Yu Ao Tian spoke louder.

The driver who is driving the car hatred creasing his forehead, slow down the speed of car.

“Long Qi, you go with Yao Yao.”

“Ao Tian?” Han Li Shang really not understanding, a girl who trying to escape when facing difficulties, simply to say it needless for Yu Ao Tian to be thoughtful, right?

When the car stopped to the side that moment, Yu Ao Tian even protecting Yao Yao when  the car door being opened: “Long Qi, you go with Yao Yao. I will cover both of you.” after said, suddenly he takes out his gun from his pocket, firing his gun toward those men who keep on attacking them.

Inside the car Han Li Shang cannot stay still, impossible for him to look at Yu Ao Tian fight with all those people by himself, so that he followed his back get down from the car, cover up Yao Yao.

“Ao Tian, after you settle the trouble, remember to come to Parliament House!”

“Woman, are you still pretending to be good person in this time? If you are not make a noise get down from the car, perhaps we can make it into Parliament House now. Now waiting to settle all this group of people, perhaps the election had done, there is no difference whether to go or not?” Han Li Shang Gritting his teeth spoke.

She during this time does not have much time to give any explanation, her eyes are firmly looking at Yu Ao Tian: “Must come! You must come!!”

Perhaps being contagious by Yao Yao attitude, or perhaps because for her, Yu Ao Tian is slowly nodding his head: “En.” covering Yao Yao and Long Qi when leaving.

When he certain that both of them are saved, Yu Ao Tian and his people are spending some time to fight with the killers and then they hurried come back to car inside.

“Ao Tian, is it worth?” Han Li Shang with his rough breathing, coldly asked him.

Yu Ao Tian keeps silent for while, his deep black eyes flashed: “This…. Is what I owed her.”

The other side…..


Long Qi and Yao Yao don’t know how long they have been running, after ensuring there are no one chasing at their back, finally both of them are stopped their footstep.

Yao Yao entire body slumped between the fields, constantly she wiping the sweats from her forehead.

“Yao Yao, What are you doing?” Standing beside Yao Yao is Long Qi who eyes are in dazed.

She knows that her attitude now is looked so selfish, but…. “I believed Yu Ao Tian can come back safe and soundly. While me….I have my own mission to accomplish!”

When Yao Yao has gained herself, suddenly she heave a sigh of relief, quickly stand up: “Long Qi, if you are really wanted Yu Ao Tian’s dream come true, I want you to do something, can you help?”

The Parliament House is located in center of the city, stately and magnificent, it has five floor style design building as the symbol of politician dignified. In the center of the building there is a magnificent statue, it even more give a vivid illustrating about the importance of the politic.

“Trouble you, driver.” Yao Yao gets down from Taxi, standing in front of the big metal fence entrance of the Parliament House, she is looking everything with her serious eyesight.

She is checking on her time, it has been passing 20 minutes.

Hahaha, but it does not matter, she must! Absolutely! Fulfilled and make Yu Ao Tian’s dream comes true.

This is not only for the first time in her life as lawyer, the main point; but because of Yu Ao Tian. She must help him to drag this time election campaign!

Yu Ao Tian, I believed you will be going to success. While you, will you also like myself who…. Believe on me?

She smiles faintly, takes a deep breathe, quickly walking inside the parliament big lobby….

Inside the huge hall, all seats are occupied, everyone is showing up serious and stern expression. This is Parliament House, this is the highest domestic politics place.

Yao Yao is taking one corner, quietly have her seat, taking a glace to all the people who joining this campaign…..

Sitting…. Sitting at the second row, the person must be the head of officials? Does that person is the Head of finance secretary who having meal with her last time?

Haha, in this place is really look awesome, but privately (when come to personal matter), when his left and right were holding hostess, mocking his own wife as worn out house wife, indeed he changed to be alike another person.

Her eyes are keep on looking, the person who sitting on the first row….

Deputy…. Deputy Prime Minister.


Yao Yao is secretly taking a deep breathe, she is so rare to spot the country’s top leader on the television, but never thought that she is so lucky today because able to sit under the same building with him, think carefully this is so remarkable, it so similar with daydreaming.

But…. If Yu Ao Tian campaign is succeed, won’t he also be an important politician to?


So that in the future will Yu Ao Tian looked alike them, everyday is showing that kind of stiff expression, make his hair shinny, when he speaking will he also sound coldly?

Aish, thinking carefully it bit scary.

“The next candidate is Yu Ao Tian!”

Finally! Finally this time is arrived! Yu Ao Tian, I will bring your part too, fighting together!!!

Faster Yao Yao tidy her dresses, inhale the air, slowly walking to the podium….

“What is going on? Isn’t the person Yu Ao Tian? How can turn to be a little girl?”

“That’s right, what is going on?”

When Yao Yao walking to the podium, the audience in below are whispering.

When she was in school she had hosted small and big meeting, but facing with few of officials who sitting on below, actually she is so scared, her pair of leg keep on trembling, after all, all these people are those she often sees in the Television, as if the Gods in the sky, it’s out of reach.

“Hello… Everyone.” calm down! Calm down! Yao Yao, you must calm down, if this time you are not brave enough, you will be defeated! Her small hands are curled into tight fists, she used her strength to bite her lips, smiles, and said: “I am Mr. Yu Ao Tian’s lawyer Luo Yao Yao. First, I would like to give deep apologize to every officials who are sitting in here.” after said, she bends her body giving respect bow.

“This, what this mean?” one of the officials from the second row coldly spoke.

She lifts her head, and once again gives her smiles: “I just accepted Mr. Yu Ao Tian’s phone call, because of something he had a delay on his way, perhaps he needs about half hour so that he can arrive at here, I hope all the officials are forgive Mr. Yu breach of etiquette.

“After all, even coming late?” from the stage below someone coldly said.


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