A Naive Short-tempered Girl


A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 25

Chapter 25 He likes eating his food alone

In the cold and quiet street, a Bugatti Veyron sport car with loud harsh sound passed. The good looking man is seating in the driver seat, while beside him seating is the currently, one of most beautiful goddess, Li Mei Yun.

“Ao Tian, I miss you, tonight I stay at your place, can I?”


“Thank you, Ao Tian.” Li Mei Yun smiles elegantly, gently peck his face.

Deep black eyes rolled, he smiled: “Such brazenly, don’t you afraid being photo by the paparazzi?”

“You don’t afraid, and then I am also not afraid.”

“Heh.” Few meters away in front of the red traffic light, Yu Ao Tian suddenly stepped on brake.

“Help! Help!” a little girl is shouting and crying for help. Inside the car Yu Ao Tian frowned, looking through the car mirror…

Looking not far from the side street, Luo Yao Yao is plastered by few scoundrels.

“Ao Tian, the traffic light is green. Ao Tian…”


Li Mei Yun helplessly shaking her head, pointed at the direction: “The light already green, Ao Tian, you are rare to be…” not waiting until she finished her word, Yu Ao Tian once again looked at the position of rear mirror reflector.

This time Li Mei Yun also looked at the direction, she paused helplessly and smile: “What? Does the CEO of Berson group has moved and grow compassion, want to be the hero that rescues the beauty? I will be jealous lo.”

“Mei Yun.”


“Get down from car.”

Her expression showed as if she heard mistaken: “Ao Tian, I just finished shooting my movie scenes and came to look for you right after I done, are you really want to leave me alone and go to help that person? The most important is…” she is helplessly looking out from the car window: “If now I get down from the car, the paparazzi will take my photos.”

“Heh, didn’t you say that you was not afraid being caught? Get down from car! I don’t want to repeat for the three times.” After said, Yu Ao Tian eyes gleam a dangerous sight.

Li Mei Yun knew very well Yu Ao Tian’s temperamental, the current him, it better for her to leave.

At this time, Yu Ao Tian get down from his car, walking toward Yao Yao’s…

“Little chick, stop shouting, it better for you to save your energy to “shout”.

“Let off! Let me off!” panicking, Yao Yao opened her mouth and biting one of the men’s hand.

“Aiyooo.” One cried out voice, hurried let off his hand: “Fucking damn! You dare to bite me?” angrily the man raised his hand wanted to hit to her small face.

Just in time, one slender figure holding tight his hand, using the strength to break…

“Aiyooo.” Still the same voice that cried out, that blonde hair man paused for moment, he feels as if his neck has sprained and broke.

Everyone looked at that slender figure, set their eyes to him…

Under the moonlight, under that man deep eye there is bottomless death sight as if the reaper is coming, extremely scary. His body is emitting deathly aura.

“You…who are you?” obviously, those few scoundrels are intimidated by Yu Ao Tian strong presence so they not dare to make careless move.

But Yu Ao Tian looked them as useless people, one of his hand put inside his pant pocket, his cold dark eyes and sadistic smile, slowly looked at the Yao Yao who face showed as if seeing ghost: “You are really good flirting with men.”

He still dares to say her, doesn’t he just same with those scoundrels!

“How could you blame me?”

“Oh? A little girl walking so late at night in the street that sparsely populated, does this mean to emit signal for the pervert.”

“If it not because you who made me stayed so late at company, I have seated in public bus and already at home, moreover I won’t meet such situation.”

“Heh, you may choose to ride taxi.”

“Taxi?” once Yao Yao heard it she gets furious, faster she took out something from her pocket: “I just have three dollars, you say what kind of taxi I can ride!?”

Yu Ao Tian looked at the small change coins in her hands, he almost burst in laughed, in today world whom the young lady who almost twenty years old only bring few coins when go out? Now he really suspects this little thing whether she is pretended to hide her age, especially she has spotless body for the twenty years old girl.

“humph, so both of you know each other?” the blonde hair man asked when he heard Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao conversation, at the moment they just feel this man only scares them so that he emitting that terrifying aura, when he not that scared anymore, he said: “Hey, pretty boy, I suggested you don’t come to interfere others matter, be careful to trouble yourself. If you also want to “play” with this chick, wait until brothers play enough then we will give you the share, how about it?”

A group of scoundrel added the handsome wolf, does this mean… she is fall into wolf den? No! No! She won’t let him to join them as group.

“We, we can count as colleagues, right? Help… please help me.” without think, she quickly asked help from this big wolf, Yao Yao knows very well if she falls into this group of scoundrel the ending will be so terrifying. She pulled Yu Ao Tian’s sleeves, she showed begging eyes.

When Yu Ao Tian saw it, he smiles devilish, bend his body little bit: “Bao Bei, you are still prefer me to play with you.”

“Of course not!!!”

“Well, why should I help you? Is it because we are colleagues?”

Looking at the man jesting, Yao Yao knew this bastard is trying to anger her.


“Before you kept on saying me as scoundrel, pervert, and whatsoever the names, so have you ever seen the scoundrel or pervert will come to help?”

Understood, so that he is acting up because this matter, he really such petty man: “Well, you are also can be the scoundrel or pervert that help others.”

To be truth, Yu Ao Tian really wants to straggle this little thing, she really clever and eloquent.

“Yo, so both of you are colleagues?” from the outsider point of view after the scoundrel heard their conversation, they finally knew the man status which not frightening: “Dude, seeing your appearance, you must be white collar. If you are clever, you should understand what to do? We are always value loyalty of friendship (brotherhood), as long as you want to shut one your eyes, after we done with ours business, if you willing, you can play with this chick whatever you want!”

“Humph?” Yu Ao Tian rolled his eyes.

Yao Yao shocked as if her heart stopped, clear her throat, won’t he… really agree with them?

“Although you guys suggestion are not bad. But…. I still prefer to “eat” my food alone!” after he said, he embraced Yao Yao’s waist, looked at her and said: “Bao Bei, after you heard what I said, you must be very “happy”, right?”

“Of, of course I am not.” She isn’t anyone “food”, but only in this moment she does not want to fall in these few scoundrel hand.

“Aiyoo, little brat, after I heard, it feel as if you want to save this chick? But don’t blame us not telling you, we are Long Yu’s people, our big boss is…Yu Ao Tian! If you dare to anger us, I see you are tired of living!” after said, this few scoundrel are took out their shiny knife from their pocket….


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