A Naive Short-tempered Girl


A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 244.2

Chapter 244

A Look so Fiercely as if Tiger’s

Part 2 (Two)

“Li Shang!” Long Ye sees thing is going to be worst, his good temper is changed, faster he grabbed the gun from Han Li Shang’s hand: “What do you want to do?”

“Long Ye, this matter you back off, as you know I hate the most people who only smarter little bit but dare to threaten me!!”

Ha, only smarter little bit?

Is he talking about her?

Face all things, she can show herself attitude when enduring it, but when she facing with professionalism, she won’t endure any!

The fear is disappearing from her eyes, she is using her strength to free her neck from  Han Li Shang’s hand, chopping but continued to say:”It’s me who threaten you… Or it’s you, don’t know…anything!”

“Woman, what do you mean by this?” a pair of heartless eyes, he is pulling the trigger using his finger.

This subtle movement is caught by Yao Yao’s eyes, she can feel, if she lets herself staying in this kind of situation, Han Li Shang may kill her soon or later!

Her black eyes turned, her expression cold, using her strength she kicked Han Li Shang’s stomach.
Facing with this sudden attack, Han Li Shang is obviously not thinking of it, and then his hand that grabbed Yao Yao’s neck has loosen.

Even Long Ye who is beside seen with dumbstruck expression.

Another second, Han Li Shang has put the gun onto Yao Yao’s head, without waiting him to do another step, coldly she questioned him: “Vice CEO Han, you are so storming, is it because you are afraid that I will be able to check on Berson’s tax fraud, defraud revenue or others? Do you think by killed me, you can keep all of these as secret?”

Speak frankly, Berson’s tax fraud, defraud of revenue, these matters, it only Yu Ao Tian, Han Li Shang and Long Ye, three of them who knew it.

When Yao Yao said that she wanted to check on account books, Long Ye really never thought, This little girl could find out all the underhanded activities in very short time, but, he ignored the reality she is genius.

“Xiao Meng Li, don’t spout nonsense!” Long Ye’s face expression is dimmer, that charming eyes are turned to be dangerous gleam.

Facing with fierce look as if a tiger’s, finally Yao Yao has seen the real them who ever mingle in the underworld.

It seems Yu Ao Tian was right, she and they are coming from and destined to have different world!

“Hu….” she is pouted out breath, smiles faintly, she is trying to alleviate temporarily this atmosphere which filled with danger: “Vice CEO Han, General Manager Long, it seems that both of you are not really understand the process of politician election.”

“What do you want to say?” Coldly Long Ye asked.

“If business man is going to join the politician election, the first step is, must be willingly to give check on accounts.” Yao Yao is slowly walking in front of her working desk, takes one of the account book, flipped: “Even me who is not studied accountancy major, I could see within these two years Berson has been tax fraud, also defraud the revenue. Ha, you guys thought…” ‘Bang’, a sound, she is using her strength to smash the account book on the table, shouting: “Don’t you think that the accountants sending by the government won’t find it?”


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