A Naive Short-tempered Girl


A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 203

Chapter 203

Part 1 (One)


Once Yu Ao Tian takes a glance he knows that person isn’t Yao Yao!

“Mei Yun, Mei Yun!”

“Ao Tian? hu… Ao Tian!” She cries so miserable, her face is wet with her tears, her trembling body is grabbing Yu Ao Tian’s hand: “Ao Tian, they…they are raping me!”

“I know. Where is Yao Yao? Where is she?”

Her tears are still flowing down, Li Mei Yun with unbelievable expression looking at his face: “Ao Tian, that cheap slut is intending to sell you out, after all you are still asking about her?”

“Now I am asking you! Where is Luo Yao Yao? Do you understand?!” Yu Ao Tian is extremely pissed off, one of his hand suddenly grabbing Li Mei Yun’s neck, if not because her scheming, Luo Yao Yao won’t be caught; now he even have heart to kill Li Mei Yun immediately!

“Ao Tian, you calm down!” beside him is Long Ye who is hurried to stop him, after all only Li Mei Yun who knows whereabouts Luo Yao Yao.

He is patting Yu Ao Tian shoulders, Yu Ao Tian is impatiently swaying away his hand that grabbing Li Mei Yun’s neck, standing aside.

“Miss Li, if you know whereabouts Luo Yao Yao, please let us knows about her.” Long Ye gently said, he even takes off his outer suit and put it on to Li Mei Yun’s body.

At that moment she is gulped, Li Mei Yun pair of eyes is filled with murky gleam, her face is showing mocking to herself expression: “She, gone…safe and soundly… she had gone out!”

“Thanks to Big Boss Lei.” Li Mei Yun smiling sweetly, her sharp eyes is looking at Yao Yao as if it able to tear her apart, she is very clear what is heading toward Yao Yao, and then, although she won’t get Yu Ao Tian, Luo Yao Yao is also won’t ever be with Yu Ao Tian!

But at the time she almost leaving, Yao Yao expression turned to be cold: “Li Mei Yun, I never thought that you are someone who not value loyalty!”

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

“Heh, don’t understand? We are agreed each other, I would help you to take the blame admitting me as Yu Ao Tian’s woman, you will help me to beg to Big Boss Lei, but you, just going away as if not knowing me? Li Mei Yun, you have already won over Qi Ao, moreover he loves you but not me, but why are you so bother to harm me?”

“Big Boss Lei, Big Boss Lei, I don’t know what this little girl said. Please you believe on me, the person that Yu Ao Tian loves is her!” Li Mei Yun indeed does not know that Yao Yao would do something like this, after all what they have talked before it wasn’t this.

“Qi Ao loves me? Ha, he loves me, why doesn’t he tell me his real name? He loves me, but he is lovely-dovey with you, do you think big Boss Lei is stupid?”

“I have said before, that is because Yu Ao Tian used me as shield to protect you.”

“Oh? Is it? At last is you who being the shield to protect me or me who is being used to protect you?” Luo Yao Yao frowned, quickly she looking at Big Boss Lei: “Big Boss Lei, you guys say what type of women that person who name Yu Ao Tian likes, all of you must be more understand compare to me.”

“Enough! Enough! I really lazy to hear both of you women playing this kind of game, guys! Take away these two persons!”


“Wait! Big Boss Lei, are you really sure wanted to hold me in here?” Yao Yao looked so serious when talking with Big Boss Lei.

“Heh, Little girl, are you threatening me?”

“No, I just have words to tell you Big Boss Lei… can I?”


Yao Yao eyes rolled and quickly she walked toward Big Boss Lei side, whispering something in his ear.

After that, Big Boss Lei face expression changed, at another moment, he rolled his eyes: “Little girl, you are useless to say this to me, as long as you can give me an evidence that you are not Yu Ao Tian’s woman, I will let you go, how about it?”

“Of course I can!” Luo Yao Yao smiled confidently both of her hands enveloped her in front chest, with low voice she said: “I am still virgin.” Things have already at this point so she does not care of anything more, it can be seen that in order to save her life, she could do anything. “Not believe, you can check it. But…I do not hope all of you still make other difficulty thing to me!”

After Big Boss Lei heard, hurried he asked his people to do checking to Yao Yao, moreover he ordered his subordinates not to touch Yao Yao. Not long after that the result is out, as expectedly it same as what she said.

“Hahahahaha, alright, little girl, you can go.”

“Thank you Big Boss Lei.”

“You should not let her go, Big Boss Lei, she really is Yu Ao Tian’s woman!” until this moment, Li Mei Yun still not reluctant to spare Yao Yao.

Big Boss Lei quickly walking in front of her, he strangles her neck: “You MF bitch, how could Yu Ao Tian’s woman still a virgin? After all you are still dared to tell me that little girl is Yu Ao Tian’s woman? Do you think I am three years kid? For my life time I do hate those who are not value loyalty. Xiong Di Men (It means My brothers, usually using by the mafia, close friends or humble term used by men in public speech), aren’t all of you always admire Li Mei Yun, today Me, Big Brother give her to all of you, “used as you pleasant”!”

“No…” at the last, Li Mei Yun really not understanding, how could until now Luo Yao Yao still virgin?


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