A Naive Short-tempered Girl


A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 17

Still warned you guys, 18+ reading.

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Chapter 17 Acting but Do Real

“Wait!” fortunately Yao Yao reaction is fast, she stopped his hands: “Aren’t we just acting but why….”

“It right, we are acting now, but… the acting should be little bit real.” His devil sight flashing in his eyes, his big hands are directly to her, embraced her body firmly.

“Ugh…” her stupid white face suddenly turned red, her small hands that wrapped by his big hands also get weaken.

Taking this opportunity, a man’s hand slipped into her undergarment.

“HEY!” suddenly fears surrounded her, she realized that man’s hand has bad intentional, being sensitive XXXXX suddenly arouse, she freaking out, moving and wriggling her petit body: “Get… get your hand out!!!”

“Sst. Bao Bei, have you forgotten your job? It seems, I the only person who is not work harder.” He showed sinister expression, he is pulling her bra tie, so that two plump of little white rabbit breast will be exposed.

Without any obstacle, he audacities touching hers, big hands slowly make movement, his slender finger are playing with her sensitive “area” : “uh…” Yao Yao felt her body weaken as if getting high voltage electricity, she feels numb, her mouth even make unclearly moan voices.

“Ha? Really unbelievable, you are little slut, it only being touched here but you have already made this kind of voice. How about if I touch two at same time….” He said, another hand of his, getting inside her undergarment, audacities deeply touched her.

“No, don’t…” being harassed by the man, Yao Yao eyes are tearing, but the sensitive body is helplessly react to him. “Enough, stopped!”

“Are you sure to stop? Bao Bei, your body isn’t said that way to ask me to stop.”

The acting play real, he slowly taking off her dress: “Come, take a look, see how your body expecting for it.”

Her white flawless skin exposed to the empty air, gradually that XXXXX react, Yao Yao feels ashamed and then closed her eyes.

Black-heart man, devilish smiles, pair of his hands…..

“En… ah…” at the moment, she feels her body as if being climbed by ants, while her body temperature increased.

It seems that Yu Ao Tian enjoyed: “Aiya, why are you trembling such strong? Is it because the sensitive body? To let you know… this part of yours if being played at one time will give even more strong response.”

The man’s hand is moving to her skirt, her eyes wide-opened, she gathers her strength to bite her lips: “No, Don’t, Don’t continue anymore!!”

Does this mean acting to be real? But how can it be reality? The reaction of body, the man hot body temperature, all are so real, this… this is not acting!

“Long Ye, shut your mouth up! if there is problem, go forward!!!”

She recalled the first time when she heard this man conversation with another man who named Long Ye in phone last time when they were trapped inside elevator.

Long Ye… Manager Long… does it?

She can feel that the man hands still moving, Yao Yao stopped for while, her little face panic and even have cold bead of sweat: “You and the Manager Long, are both of you ally?

“Eh?” his hand stopped.

“Even you cannot finish your “task”, he won’t punish you, am I right? Because both of you are friend!!!” She turned her head, with her moisten eyes she glared at that man: “Bastard, help, fired, you are liar!”

He really underestimated this little thing IQ. “Since you have knew it, let we stop this acting.” He said, pairs of Yu Ao Tian’s eyes flashed, he has stripped Yao Yao’s dress…

Dumbfounded, her white flawless body has exposed to the air.


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