A Naive Short-tempered Girl


A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 125

Chapter 125

The next day…

“Hi, Little Girl, you are back.”

Yao Yao just back to villa after work, she sees Li Mei Yun sitting in living room sofa, at the morning when she went to office she has tried to avoid meeting Li Mei Yun, but she never thought that Li Mei Yun would be at home during this time!

“Miss Li, you… how?”

“He, He, since today I move and staying in here, so please taking care of me.”

What? Yu Ao Tian asked her to stay at here? What did he think?

“Oh yeah, let me introduce, she is Xiao Zhen, the maid that work with me for long time. Later in the future she will live with us.” Li Mei Yun is smiling while pointing at girl who stands beside her.

“Xiao Luo, how are you.” Xiao Zhen is nodding her head.

Seeing from her age, this Xiao Zhen must be in her thirties, Yao Yao forced to smile: “Hello, Miss Zhen.”

“Xiao Luo, I want to clean my Miss and Mr. Yu Ao Tian bedroom, can you help me?”

“Ah? Me…”

“Xiao Zhen, Yao Yao is also newbie in here, how about if I go to help you.” Nan Lu who standing beside Yao Yao, speak behalf of her.

But Xiao Zhen didn’t have intention to let Yao Yao that easily: “I still want Yao Yao to help me cleaning the room, I think there won’t be any problem, right Xiao Luo?”

“No, hehe, there is no problem.”

“Yao Yao!” just to know that Yao Yao not only Nan Lu best friend but also she is not maid in this house, today’s, she is the one of Master’s concubine (person that personally brought by Yu Ao Tian) why must she live alike maid? There is no reason for it.

“It is okay Nan Lu, I, I must do it.” Yao Yao smiled and acted alright in front of Nan Lu who mood is down. She followed at Xiao Zhen back and heading to Yu Ao Tian’s room.

“Xiao Luo, please changes the bed cover, and also sweeps the floor. My Miss likes clean and also wipes the window.”

“En, okay.” She rolled her sleeves and started to work.

While Yao Yao working and cleaning the room, Xiao Zhen is sitting in the sofa alike big boss, pointing this and that, give her order: “Xiao Luo, it not like that, the floor must be swept cleanly, you must kneel when mopping the floor.”

“Hah? Alright.” Yao Yao still smiling, she keeps on cleaning and mopping very careful and attentive. While Xiao Zhen is enjoying herself without helping Yao Yao, but she also gives a difficult time for Yao Yao.

At this moment, Nan Lu is passing by, when she looked inside the room, she rushed: “Xiao Zhen, didn’t you say that both of you working together, why it turned out to be Yao Yao who do all the thing while you are sitting here!”

“Ah, I forgot to tell you, I am personal maid of my Miss, no one can order me except my Miss, so that I don’t need to do all the things.”

“So what is your right to ask and give order to Yao Yao?”

After she heard what Nan Lu said, Xiao Zhen shrugged her shoulder: “There is no one can do about it, later this room will be my Miss and Mr. Yu Ao Tian’s room. Of course it needs to be clean.”

“You think that your words are counted? Especially cleaning? What is your right…”

Nan Lu mood turned out to be more and more unpleasant worse. Seeing both of persons in front of her would fight, Yao Yao hurried dragged Nan Lu to other side, she said: “Nan Lu thank you but let it be. Don’t argue with Xiao Zhen.”

“Yao Yao! Do you know your status? The death camel compare to the big horse, why must you do as that maid ordered?”

“Let it be, Nan Lu. Actually I can tell you that secretly, now I feel quite…okay.” After said, Yao Yao face looked so happy.

Nan Lu really not understood how Yao Yao thought on something: “Yao Yao, under this big sky, which girl does not like to be Mistress / Madam but choose to be maid?”

“He He, you will not understand.” It true that Nan Lu would not understand her, she prefers her status as maid to lover, at least by this way she can forget herself for while as Yu Ao Tian’s lover. On this way she feels so happy, besides… she has sensed that Xiao Zhen trying to trouble her.

“Whatsoever, do what you want.” Nan Lu really angry.

She hurried pinched Nan Lu’s cheek: “My beloved Nan Lu, thank you for helping me, but… believes on me, I am not dummies. I know what should I do and know what I should not do. The current me, I am really happy.”

“Cih!” she is teased by Yao Yao, Nan Lu really not understand and how to say Yao Yao so she helplessly smiled to her: “I go to do my work.”

“Bye Bye.” She bid far away to Nan Lu, and then Yao Yao keeps on working and do the labor work.

After half hour…


From outside the room there is footsteps sound, Xiao Zhen who is sitting leisurely in the sofa suddenly grabbed the rag from Yao Yao’s hand and then kneeling down to the floor.


“Mr. Yu.”

Yu Ao Tian eyes coldly swept on the maid who is kneeled on the floor, furrowed his brow: “You are?”

“Mr. Yu, I am the maid who brought by Miss Li. My name…”

“Oh, understood.” Yu Ao Tian not interested to listen on her, but he smiled to Yao Yao who dumbfounded in her place: “What are you doing?”


“Mr. Yu, Xiao Luo asked me to clean the room. Xiao Luo, you go to busy yourself, not need to supervise me.”

Supervise? So now her status is supervising? Ah…. Yao Yao helplessly takes deep breath. She really see how Xiao Zhen “use her heart”, but she really not care about it. Anyway, she really does not need or crave of praise from anyone.

Yu Ao Tian who stood at beside, his expression has already changed, his cold eyes is sweeping on that Xiao Zhen: “I don’t ask you! Understand!”

“Uh… I am sorry, Yu, Mr. Yu.” Xiao Zhen is trembling and continued to mop the floor.

At this moment, Yao Yao followed Yu Ao Tian who walking fast to outside of the room.

Yu Ao Tian looked at her: “Bao Bei, is there something you want to say?”

“Can we have talk inside the room?”

Yu Ao Tian takes Yao Yao to another room, once they entered, he immediately hugged her: “Bao Bei, what do you want to say?”

She can feel Yu Ao Tian hugged her, frowned: “Did you ask Li Mei Yun to stay here?”

“Dislike? If you are dislike her in here… I can immediately ask her to leave!”

What is Yu Ao Tian talking about? How can he ask Li Mei Yun to leave? She tried to free herself from his hug, coldly said: “Ask me to leave. I want to get back to my own place.”

“Ah, you can’t.” He hurried declined her idea, he sat on sofa, smiled: “Bao Bei, you only have two options, you beg me to make Li Mei Yun leave or both of you are staying here! Choose.”


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