A Naive Short-tempered Girl


A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 122

Chapter 122

“Xiao Luo, yesterday we heard that Xia Ren Liang came to the cafeteria and confessed so the result? What is the result? Are both of you decided together?”

Xia Ren Liang is hidden second generation; this news had spread entire company only in half hour, now many people are concerned about their relationship progressed.

“Ha Ha.” Yao Yao awkwardly smiled, she tried to avoid the topic: “We, we…”

“Hey, faster watch the Television!” suddenly someone said, pointed at the Television which reported about Lan Du Group. “Make it louder!”

“It is reported that not long ago Lan Du group has work collaboration with Feng Group for the Nan Sha project as the material supplier. Day before yesterday Feng Group’s employees had made evaluation of Lan Du Group supplies regarding the steel reinforcement steel, the cement and also other materials which resulted it were grade B material. After this news been issued out, Lan Du Group which always known as first class supplier with A grade material quality immediately fall in crisis. In today market trend, Lan Du Group stocks has already dropped by 200 points, if there is no changes in Lan Du Group for the next ten days, it will be predicted Lan Du Group might go bankrupt.”  

“Impossible? How can it be so serious, this time Lan Du Group might doom.”

“That’s right it is creditability crisis, very serious. To known that Lan Du Group progress until today because they are relying on creditability and trust.”

All the colleagues are talking about this matters, suddenly Yao Yao remembered what Xia Ren Liang told her yesterday, did he accept this position because of this matter?

“Oh yeah, who is the representative from Feng Group?”

“It seems their General Manager Feng Chen Yi.”

“Uh, This time Lan Du Group must be doom. The General Manager of Feng Group is well-known as perfectionist, it afraid that, this time Lan Du Group perhaps really go bankrupt.”

So the person who responsible for this project is Feng Chen Yi, how could it be so coincided?

Yao Yao who felt so curious, browsing internet to search all the information regarding Lan Du Group matters, from the track record of Lan Du Group previous business it could be say that Lan Du Group is one of company which has high and strongest creditability, and also because of this, Lan Du Group within this ten years progressing as one of the best three companies which has high creditability in China. Later on after Berson appearance, the position of Lan Du Group is in fourth, How Feng Chen Yi able to make Lan Du Group as company that lack of creditability?

Yao Yao who has not much work during the afternoon suddenly busy to focus on everything about Lan Du Group and also busying herself to search all the information.

“Xiao Luo, Xiao Luo.”

“Ah? Supervisor Sun, what can I help you?” she closed the internet and faster walking in front of Sun Li’s desk.

“You hand over this document to General Manager Feng’s assistant.”

She took the document from Sun Li, dumbfounded: “General Manager Feng? Is he… General Manager from Feng Group?”

“Yes, that is him, go!”

Oh My, why must she go there, but still better because it just hand over to his assistant, if directly hand over to him, beat her until death, she really does not want to go.

She goes by Taxi to Feng Group, she straightly goes to the General Manager’s office,

The assistant of Feng Chen Yi…

Feng Chen Yi’s assistant, but where is his assistant office?

Helplessly, she asked the help of Feng Chen Yi’s secretary: “Miss Lisa, Hello.”

“You… are Miss Luo! Are you looking for General Manager Feng? Faster get inside, General Manager is in his office.” After said, Lisa is rushing to open Feng Chen Yi’s office room door.

She hurried to explain: “No. No, Miss Lisa, I, I come to find General Manager’s assistant.”

“Ah? Are you looking for Veblen?”

“Yes, that is him. I come here as Berson Group representative to hand over document to Veblen.”

“Oh, so that is. Veblen isn’t in his office, you give the document to me. Later when he back I will give it to him.”

“En, alright, thank you.” Yao Yao is so happy and gave the document to Lisa.

Just now when she opened her drawer wanted to put the document inside, another document fell down from her desk. “Oh my bad!”

“Miss Lisa let me help you.”

“No need Miss Luo, how can I let you do.” To be uncertain whether this little girl in front of her will be the future wife of Feng’s group, how can Lisa dare to trouble this important person to pick up her stuffs.”

“It is okay.” Yao Yao passionately, she bent her body and picking up the papers, suddenly…

She spotted a photo, “This is…” she picked it up, it is the photo where she had dinner with Xia Yu.

“Ah? Miss Luo, this…this…” Lisa panic took the photo, awkwardly smiled: “Thank, Thank you. If you don’t have anything, please go back, go back.”

How could Lisa have her photo with Xia Yu?

No, this wasn’t doing by Lisa, but…

“Miss Lisa, I want to meet Feng Chen Yi!”

“Hah?” Lisa knew something big would happen after seeing Yao Yao expression: “Please… please wait for moment.”

Hurried she goes into General Manager office room and explained everything to Feng Chen Yi and then she takes Yao Yao to meet Feng Chen Yi.

“General Manager Feng, Miss Luo, both of you have chat, I… I take my leave.”

At the moment Lisa leaving and closed the door, Yao Yao expression has changed, she rushing to stand in front of Feng Chen Yi’s desk: “Feng Chen Yi, what do you think, asking someone to stalk me?”

After he heard what Yao Yao question, Feng Chen Yi looks so calm and relax, leaning to his chair, smiled: “My beloved Yao Yao, you really so impulsive every times you meet me.”

“Feng Chen Yi, I don’t have time to talk bullshit with you. I want the answer, why you ask people to stalk on me?”

“You are not telling me about the man, of course I must go check by myself.”

“You go check on yourself?” what he meant…

Did he think that she has relationship with Xia Yu? “So this is your reason suddenly you have work collaboration with Lan Du Group?”

After searching for the entire afternoon, actually Yao Yao knew that Feng Group never had work collaboration with Lan Du Group before, moreover the representative and the one who responsible for the project is Feng Chen Yi, this even makes her more curious, there is no reason for Feng Chen Yi to have work collaboration with Lan Du Group, but after she saw the photo on Lisa’s place, she understood.

Feng Chen Yi says nothing but smiling.

She made fist with her hand: “Feng Chen Yi, if you are really because of that photo troubled Lan Du Group, I can tell you that I only had simple dinner with Xia Yu, and that only one time!”

“So what?”

“Do you think it necessary because of a photograph you put so much effort throughout the company to deal with other people’s company?”

“Ha, Yao Yao, you are wrong.” Feng Chen Yi stood up, his hand pinched at her jaw, coldly said: “It not only because that one time meal so that I want to deal with him…”

Looking at that pair of cold eyes, Yao Yao furrowed: “so, so what is the matter?”

“You remember.” Whispered on her ear: “As long there is man who get in touch with you, I will attack (deal) with them!” his voice have chills vibe, after he said, he bites gently her ear.


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