A NEET Otaku Can also be a Light Novel Writer!


A NEET Otaku Can also be a Light Novel Writer! Volume 1 Chapter 3

While I was looking around for the manuscript that was thrown out, it was just picked up by a woman in uniform similar to a high school girl's one.

Kaori, who was planning to poach some writers from her rival publishers, was hit by a stack of manuscript that fell from the sky. Angrily, she picked up the manuscripts whilst thinking of ways to receive compensation from the person who threw it. However, due to the nature of her profession, her imprinted habit of checking one's content made her quite interested with the manuscripts that smashed into her.

This coincidental fate would soon be a turning point for Okata's career.

(ED: the MC's name which is finally revealed)

Kaori was attracted to this unsigned manuscript and she couldn't help but read through the work completely. A throbbing sensation arose as she read through the first chapter which slowly turned into a hot burning desire to read more. The characters were addictive enough to send her to a state of shock. Although the manuscripts were written in paper that's used as scrap paper for students and also lacks the style, flow and feeling of a well-made literature, the content was still a great work due to its simple and straight forward depiction of love and desire.

Kaori who was still exploring through potential novels was moved by its unique description angle and the overpowering emotions that was bared between the characters. This huge line of paragraphs may seem like pornographic work at first glance but the implicit meaning and story from the author emerges itself to the audience after a thorough look. In an instant, despite her familiarity towards manuscripts, this work captured the heart of Kaori.

Infected by the story, her pale light makeup gradually turned red and that small hidden feeling of teenage love in her heart was stimulated by the emotions that was flooded by the story. Putting herself in the place of one of the characters in the story made her feel as if she was 20 years younger.

"So….     So Amazing!   But…   this is nothing more than words!"

Faced with such a unique manuscript, she couldn't help but praise it having never read manuscript with such charisma to it. And thus, as her mind was so occupied by the manuscript, it was as if she was blankly disconnected from reality. The entanglements and  venting of desire was shocking kaori. Her face that was usually lofty can be seen shaken while her straight posture has also fallen to a wobbly stance. Due to her sense of shame, she held back her desire with all her might and ran to the nearest toilet. Her mind and desire was stimulated by this short experimental manuscript, and this was the result of Otaka's writing, fusing the original work with his own hope to motivate the reader's own inner desires.

(ED: Can't tell if this lady is just a pervert or are we translating something wrong? XD )

At this point, Kaori's concern was to find a place where nobody would see her so she could vent this overwhelming desire. Her right hand was trembling as it was holding the manuscript, Her slender fingers itching to do something enjoyable.

In this confrontation of reason and desire, She had almost lost her composure completely. With a loose tie and moisture building up under her skirt, this was all that was needed to demonstrate how saturated her mind was by the characters. She wanted to force herself to have a rest and chance to recuperate but her eyes stuck itself to the manuscript as the sense of wanting to know what happens next grabs her conscious. Whilst trying to not lose her calmness in public, her body was deeply addicted to the words that her mind is melted in.

As some form of stimulation still exists, her mind remained in a highly excited state. However, as the story came to its end, Her mind dulled after confirming that there was nothing more to it. She felt as if all the sense of stimuli abruptly disappeared as she was nearing the climax, which made her extremely uncomfortable.

At this point, Kaori had already forgotten everything.

Why did she come here?

What was she planning to do today?

But instead all she cared about was how to get ahold of the rest of the manuscript. Without giving second thought to her now ruined makeup, she rushed out of the toilet and ran to the place where she found this manuscript but instead what she found was a young man who was dressed casually and gave an aura of shabbiness around him. He seemed to busy searching for something whilst shouting soliloquizing ravings.

"THREE MILLION! Where's my Three Million! I can't Lose you!!"

In Such early morning with a few passerby, there was a young man here who was searching for something and is most probably the author of this manuscript, what was Kaori had thought.

She had locked on to Otaka as if it was like a hunter stalking an elk. Planning to tap his neck and ask about the manuscript, she considered that it would be probably easier to earn his trust and make him hand in the manuscript proactively and used all whatever remains of her reason to reshape her composure. She took out a small mirror to tidy her make up and clothes before approaching Otaka. And after restraining her heartbeat and breath, Kaori brought up her unhurried mood and expression that she had always used during times of negotiation.

She then stealthily got closer to Otaka…

With an uncoverable blushed face which was usually used as a tool to build affinity, Kaori, who had changed from her usual arrogant attitude, walked toward Otaka's back.

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