A Monk's Lovesickness


A Monk's Lovesickness Chapter 8


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"Kuzuhara-san, I was worried that you're not feeling well these days, but it seems that you're doing fine now. But, are you actually tired? What's going on this time?"

Right now, we are cleaning the floor before the store opens.

Yokota-san, who has been working since the morning shift, looked at me suspiciously as she mopped.

Gently averting my gaze, I . . . laughed ambiguously.

"Yokota-san, you're really sharp. You can tell with just a glance."

"No, you're too easy to understand, Kuzuhara-san. I notice that you keep on scowling and roll your shoulders. You haven't done that before. Anyone would understand."

She clarified.

"I-Is that so……? Maybe I'm doing it unconsciously…… I'll be careful then."

"It's fine~ You're doing it when there are no customers. So? Why were you so tired?"

"Hmm, actually, I read a book until it was late last night."

Ohh, Yokota-san piped up.

"What kind of book did you read? Is it a romance novel? Or a mystery novel?"

"Religious studies."


Yokota-san's movement stopped.

That's right. Right now, in order to become a worthy bride of the temple, I was in the middle of the highly acclaimed bridal training.

However, as I was still working hard at Sumiretei, it's a given that I am only studying during my days off and holidays. Last night, I read a book on Buddhism I borrowed from Hazekura-san before going to bed, so I was short on sleep.

……That's why I can't allow other people to point it out. I have to be attentive.

"There are various things I need to remember. I thought I had to do it on my free time."

Then for some reason, Yokota-san's eyes started to sparkle and held both of my hand.

"Kuzuhara-san! So you finally decided to marry your boyfriend!?"


"Congratulations!! Finally, finally, with that handsome monk……!! Make sure to invite me to your wedding, okay?"

It felt kind of impertinent of her, but I am happy that she straightforwardly gave her blessing like this. I smiled at Yokota-san.

"Thank you. But I only decided to stay with him, and there are no concrete plans yet. First of all, there are a lot of things that I need to learn……"

Convinced, Yokota-san released my hands and rested her chin on the handle of the mop.

"So it's like it's difficult for you, but you've decided, right?! Though my help might not be worth much, I will support you. Oh, if you need to learn karate, I will introduce you to my dojo."

".…..I-I wonder if I should learn karate."

Yup. I can only appreciate her support.

After my shift at work, I walked to the dressing class, and when I returned home, it was already past 9 o'clock in the evening. [T/N: Dressing class as in a class where one is taught how to properly wear kimono]

At first, I thought I should ask my mother to teach me how to dress. However, I was advised to properly enrol in a class, thus I went to the dressing class in the neighborhood where my mother was attending.

Although the class lasts for two hours, we were in fact repeatedly practicing wearing the kimono from the start, which is almost two hours. Besides, tying the obi requires more than physical strength, so by the time I got home, I am staggering from tiredness.

—So tired~~ But just thinking that I am getting one step closer to marrying Hazekura-san, I love this kind of tiredness.

Besides this, I also started learning to cook, something that I am not so eager to do before. When I explained my circumstances to a skilled aunt who has a cook's license, she was happy to teach me. This aunt was the wife of my uncle who tried to matchmake me before.

I go to my aunt during my days off and learn mainly Japanese food. There are a lot of fish dishes that requires basic simmering and cooking, but I was told that it would be better if I know seasonal dishes, etc. so she taught me dishes that I don't usually make.

At the beginning of the lessons, I was at a loss, but as the people around me taught me a lot of things, their kindness suffused through me. I might not have been able to notice such feelings had I never met Hazekura-san and proposed marriage. When I thought about that, I think that human relationships are amazing.

And above all, my feelings for Hazekura-san grew day by day.

I have been super busy since the day I confessed my feelings. Because of that, I continued not seeing him for days.

Glancing at the calendar, I looked at the day we are going to meet. I want to see him as soon as possible but…… I will be working tomorrow so I could only be patient. Comforting myself, I left my room to take a bath.

A few days later. It was the day I promised to meet Hazekura-san.

Eagerly going to the temple, Hazekura-san, who wore his monk garments, greeted me and invited me into his home.

"I've been doing this for a while that's why I am wearing this today, but today is my day off so we can relax. Please come in."

I entered his house and looked around. It has a wide entrance and shiny polished corridors and pillars. There are impressive books and pictures on the wall, and beautiful flowers, giving me the impression that the people living in this house have aesthetic sense.

So this is the house where Hazekura-san grew up…… Every small detail was very interesting to me.

Led by Hazekura-san, we walked down the corridor, and opened the sliding door of a Japanese room, saying, "Please go here."

It was a barely decorated Japanese-styled room about ten tatamis wide. Looking at the wooden table placed in the middle of the room, is this room used as a guest room?

—But this room has Hazekura-san's scent.

Thinking about that, the smell became stronger. Before long, Hazekura-san hugged my body from behind.


"I wanted to do this for so long."

Having said that, Hazekura-san tightened his arms around me.

"Even now, remembering the day you said goodbye to me, my heart would hurt. So unless I can actually feel you in my arms, it feels like I'm still dreaming.

As Hazekura-san murmured in my ears, he gently rubbed my upper arms.

Spouting sweet lines as always, I averted my blushing face.

"I'm already here, okay? Besides, we're emailing and calling each other so it's impossible that you're dreaming."

When I looked up at Hazekura-san behind me and smiled, he burst out laughing.

"No, I guess I tend to lose my mind when it comes to you……"

As soon as he said, Hazekura-san looked into my face from behind and sealed my lips with his.


Soon, his tongue slipped in and caught my tongue. As we repeatedly kiss each other in an unstable position, it became too constricting. Thus, Hazekura-san hugged my body from the front, and I drew his waist towards me. And he tortured my lips with bites in between kisses.

"Mm…… Ha-Haze……"

His thick tongue plundered my mouth thoroughly. Not getting enough breath, I grabbed his monk's garb and shook it. When he noticed it, he parted his lips slightly away from mine to let me get some air.

I felt relieved, but then I suddenly remembered my purpose for coming here today.

When his eager lips were about to to kiss me again, I turned my head away and pushed him back.

"Hey, wait! Stop it! Hazekura-san, aren't we going to look at some calligraphy today?"

"Of course, as many as you want. Do you remember what I said before? Please be prepared the next time we meet. I think I told you that."

(H) After saying that, he buried his face in my neck and ran his tongue on it. My whole body shivered and had goosebumps due to his hot tongue.

—We-Well, I think he definitely said that…… But……!

"Ahnn—… No! What if somebody comes and sees us like this.….."

Conscious of my surroundings, Hazekura-san grinned as she gently massaged my breast over my clothes.

"Don't worry. No one will come here."

"What!? But we can't be so sure……"

Despite my protestations, he used his finger to find the tip of my breast and began to rub deliberately.

At the slow stimulation, I could not hold back my moan.


Unconsciously shutting my eyes, I heard Hazekura-san speak in a delighted voice.

"Fufu. What a cute voice. But what kind of reaction will you have if I touch it directly?"

Having said that, he slipped his hand inside my clothes. He swiftly sneaked his hand under my bra and gently touched the engorged tip. At that moment, my body flinched.


"Your voice still sounds sweet. Look, it's so hard and pointed. Are you aware?"

At the same time, as Hazekura-san murmured in my ears with a barely contained laugh, he tugged the tip of breast with his fingers many times, fiddling with it. After caressing me for a long time, I arched my back and my knees began to tremble.

—Ah…… No, I'll…… I can't……!

"Ah- I can't hold it anymore……"

Unable to withstand his caress, I clung on his chest. Then his big hand went around my back and hugged me.

"Did your knees give out? Then let's move to another place."

Kissing me lightly in my forehead, Hazekura-san continued to support my body and opened a room. We then entered a room dimmed by a curtain.

"Huh? This place is……"

"It is my room."

Hazekura-san said as he sat next to me.

Oh, so this is Hazekura-san's room…… The bed, which I think is a double size, is beautifully furnished with white sheets and dark blue bed covers. There is a lamp stand and a paperback on top of the side table beside the bed, so it was easy to imagine him reading before going to bed at night.

It gave me a glimpse of Hazekura-san's privacy for the first time……

While I was looking around the room, I was hugged by Hazekura-san.


"Shouldn't you be looking at me? I want you now."

Hazekura-san immediately pressed his lips to mine after he brought my face closer. He soon parted my lips, invaded my mouth and entwined with my tongue. Even during the kiss, his hands did not stop moving, rolling up my cutsew and cupped my breast.

"Last time, I thought they were soft…… It will likely break if I put in more force."

Hazekura-san released my lips and pulled my clothes over my head with a soft smile. He then lifted me and repositioned me to the center of the bed, laying me down slowly. [T/N: What's with this play-by-play narration? It's killing me!]

Hazekura-san, who was looking down at me in an imposing posture, stared hotly at my upper body, which only have a bra on.

Embarrassed, I hid my chest in my arms.

"Hey, what are you looking at so intensely……?"

Then for a moment, Hazekura-san looked at me with a troubled expression. And gave me a strange smile.

"It's just that your body is beautiful that it captivated me."

Seeing me blush fierily, Hazekura-san smiled then sucked my neck. Licking my neck with his wet tongue, he quickly unhooked my bra and pulled it out of my arms.

Then from my neck, he slowly trailed his tongue lower, and after nudging my breast with the tip of his tongue several times, he nipped the tip.


Experiencing a different type of pleasure, I arched my back.

Perhaps triggered by my reaction, his hands on my back tightened. My breasts that were repeatedly stimulated gets wet with his saliva, giving it a seductive gleam.

"Hey, ah, Hazekura-san……!"

"Cute. You're so cute."

Although I wanted to tell him not to attack it so much, only my heavy breathing and rough sighs came out of my mouth as he intensified his caresses.

As I opened my slightly closed eyes, I saw him hold my breast in his mouth then slowly fiddled the other bulge.

At that moment, I couldn't utter anything.

Wait, this situation is kinda…… Hazekura-san is now dressed in his black monk robes, his stole hanging from his shoulder. I'm used to him wearing it, but if he's dressed like that in this kind situation, somehow…… I feel like we're doing something really bad. [T/N: New fetish, activated.]

I unconsciously called him out who was still caressing me.

"Ha-Hazekura-san . . . Uhm, doing this kind of thing while you're in that outfit……"


Stopping his intimate actions, Hazekura-san raised his face, frowned and curiously looked at his self.

"Oh. I see. That's why it's a little hot."

After he said that, he took off his stole and threw it in the floor. Untying the cord of his black robe, the front of his robe opened and his white robe stuck out. Hazekura-san then greatly loosened his white robe and quickly pulled out one of his arms. I watch Hazekura-san become half-naked in an instant. [T/N: *drools* *pants*]

Th-This is……

Right now, Hazekura-san is stuck in his white and black robes in a half-naked guise.

I know for myself that my is heart pounding more loudly, and that there is an obvious blush on my face.

"What's wrong, Kano-san?"

Hazekura-san, who is dressed sexily, wiped the saliva from his mouth while smiling faintly.

What's with this person? Does he not really know?

In front of this genius who is overflowing with sex appeal, I can't keep my presence of mind.

I forced my eyes that was fixed on his bare chest to another place.

"What's wrong, you say……!? What are you doing to me with your excessive sex appeal?"

"I do not know what you are talking about……"

He bent down again and, kiss, kiss, he repeatedly pecked my lips.

While doing so, he pulled my skirt and stockings out of my legs with a skilled hand. Only my panties remained in no time, and I brought my knees together and averted my face away from him due to shame.

Seeing me act like that, Hazekura-san brought his face closer.

"What's wrong? It's not like it's the first time, so you don’t have to be so embarrassed."

Grin, Hazekura-san whispered with a teasing expression.

"——!! It-It's embarrassing even if it's the second time!!"

"Kano-san, you surprisingly have an innocent side. It's also adorable."

Dropping a light kiss on my lips, he licked again my breast. Then gradually lifting my body, he slowly pulled my panties out of my legs.

He then folded my knees and opened my legs, exposing my crevice. Putting one hand on my knee, his other hand reached out to my groin. His finger gently trailed from my genitalia to the small bud and touched it gently. At that moment, my body jerked.


"Your place here has a beautiful color."

Hazekura-san opened the petals with his finger, brought his face closer to it and began to gently lick the small bud inside the petals with his tongue.

"Aaaahhh…… No—not there……!"

Hazekura-san occasionally glanced to check on me, whose body began to shiver with pleasure.

But it didn't mean he will stop his actions, rather he thoroughly sucked it as if properly attacking it—

Anytime soon, a big wave rose within my body, threatening to sweep me away.

"—Hnnng……Ahhh, I-I can't hold it anymore……! I'm coming……!"

Immediately reaching my peak, my body convulsed.

I then lay on the bed panting roughly. While looking at me with a satisfied expression, he took off his black and white robe. Watching him absentmindedly and saw him tear off the wrapper of the contraceptive with his mouth, I unconsciously averted my eyes.

"Where are you looking?"

Returning to the bed, Hazekura-san took my hand and interlocked our fingers. He then slowly inserted his thing into my vagina.


I instinctively ached my back at the overwhelming pleasure. I then heard Hazekura-san let out a hot sigh. After a while, he gradually rocked his hips back and forth. Repeating the movement several times, Hazekura-san took my other hand and intertwined our fingers. And stared with each other from the close distance.

".…..I love you, Kano-san."

Speaking those words of love with a heated gaze, he then kissed me deeply.

"I also—Mm……"

I also wanted to reply, but my words were swallowed by his kiss. He sucked my tongue, then changed the angle and kissed me over and over again.

Meanwhile, his hard length continued to stir my desires. Pounding into my hips several times, soft mewls escaped from my mouth every time.

"Ah, aaahhh~"

Hazekura-san's lips finally parted from mine, leaving a string of saliva. Just when I thought I could now breathe, he breathed hard and drove into me even faster.


"Mnn…… Ha~"

Plunging my body with an intense rhythm while gazing at me, Hazekura-san's expression became strained. However, that ecstatic expression he seldom shows me was so arousing that I felt excited as I looked at it. Feeling a profound love as I look at such expression, I untangled our hands and put my arms around his neck.

"I love you, too……"

Beset with my feelings, I finally told him. Then his body slightly twitched in response.

"Saying those words in this situation……You're so sly……"

After he murmured with a slightly shy expression, Hazekura-san kissed me again.

Giving me a deep kiss over and over as if devouring me, I also responded, making me breathless.


Releasing my lips after kissing me, I gasped loudly.

As he moved back and forth, thrusting into me, he whispered.

".…..Soon, I'm going to reach my limit……"

Soon after, he increased his speed. Although I just orgasmed a while ago, my body is swept away again by a great wave of pleasure.

Slap, slap. The interval of the sounds of our hips colliding with each other gradually became shorter and shorter.

Tightly closing my eyes, I waited for the impending climax.

"Aaahhh…! No, I'm coming—"


Almost at the same time he called my name, his body shook.

Reaching the peak together, I immersed myself in the feeling of euphoria. After a while, with my body devoid of strength, I sighed.

Hazekura-san left me for a while and came back to my arms after he had disposed the contraceptive.

Pulling me with his strong arm, he hugged me.

"Kano-san, you smell nice."

Hazekura-san rubbed my cheek.

"Really……? You also smell good……"

"Me? Fufu."

As we talked, he gently stroked my hair and back. His touch is very pleasurable.

Nuzzling my cheek on his chest as I revel in the afterglow, he peered into my face.

".…..What's the matter? Your red face makes an alluring expression though."


Then his hand, which had been stroking my head, left it and touched me between my legs. His long, bony finger touched the small bud inside the petals and my body jerked.

"Kyaa! Ha-Hazekura-sa……"

Don't tell me, again……? I looked at him.

"You guessed it right. You shouldn't make such a cute face if you think that I have had enough of you."

Seeing Hazekura-san's broad smile, I felt disturbed for some reason.

As I pondered about that, Hazekura-san kissed me as if gobbling my lips.


Keeping my face in place, he kissed me deeply again and again.

Inserting his tongue in between the gap between my lips, he quickly entangled it with mine, pulling me into a seductive kiss.


I took a deep breath when our lips finally parted. Completely toyed around by his kiss, I looked at him again with languid eyes even when the kiss was over. Hazekura-san, who noticed my gaze, beamed.

"How adorable."

Immediately after he said that, he grabbed me and positioned me on top of his body. [T/N: *blood spurts out of my nose* The-The damage point is t-too high. *raises white flag*]

"Ah? Eh…….!"

"Why don't we do it with you on top this time?"

He grinned, raising the corners of his mouth. [T/N: *coughs blood*]


"You also look beautiful from below."

As he said that, Hazekura-san scooped my breasts in his hands and kneaded them.

"Hnn~…… Ah."

Grazing his long fingers on my nipples as he massaged my breasts, the body reacted sensitively and trembled.

"Hey, Hazekura-san…… I just came a while ago, you know?"

".…..It's your fault for seducing me. Your beautiful, blushing face, your ample breasts, your sensual waistline……"

While saying so, he caressed me from my waist to my buttocks.

But from my perspective, I wanted to argue that he is has more sex appeal.

Then, Hazekura-san got up. Now facing each other, he grabbed my breasts with both hands.

Putting his mouth on one nipple, he began to aggressively suck it loudly.

"Hnnn . . . Ah . . . S-Stop~……"

He stopped sucking and licked it gently as if rolling my nipple in his tongue. And then looked at me with upturned eyes. [T/N: *coughs up more blood* Manic Josei's HP is approaching zero.]

".…..Look, it got even more erect……"


As my body writhed with pleasure, I studied his expression, his forehead full with sweat.

His downcast eyes and his slightly strained expression are very seductive that it made me exhilarated.

At my peripheral vision, I saw his member regaining its hardness, and my womb ached.

Can I tell him too? That I want him now even though we just did it a while ago……

I was surprised at my own thoughts. But I just can't help it when he is too enchanting like this. That's why I did the unexpected.

"Uhm, the condom . . . can I put it on for you?"

At my offer, Hazekura-san looked genuinely surprised.

"Are you sure?"


I gulped and nodded, then Hazekura-san took a piece of contraceptive from the drawer of the side table and gave it to me. I put it on his erection, all the way down to the base.

"So big……"

I wasn't able to see it during our first time, but now that I was staring at his thing, I was filled with sweet feelings.

Wrapping his thing with both of my hands, I stabilized it with one hand while I gently stroked it up and down with the other. Then it became even harder, and a hot sigh escaped from his mouth.


The moment I glimpsed Hazekura-san's erotic expression, I couldn't contain my happiness. [T/N: Ha-Hazekura's ahegao!?!? *more blood spurting*]

—I want him inside me now.

Acting on my straightforward thoughts, I positioned his hard length and slowly lowered myself.



Hazekura-san supported my waist and helped me move, releasing a seductive sigh.

Closing my eyes, I relished his fullness within me. Becoming even bigger, I was overwhelmed by his hard length.

Witnessing his heavy-lidded eyes and shallow breaths, I could see Hazekura-san frown and close his eyes.

Is he feeling good? Then I'm glad……

With that in mind, I slowly moved up and down, and an "Uh……" leaked out of his mouth. [T/N: *writes a resignation letter* I can't do this anymore. I'm going to die of severe blood loss.]

At that moment, my heart felt warm and happy. And at the same time, my inside became warmer and damper.

"Ah…… Ah~…… Hnnng……"

Straddling him, I moved my hips as if I was delirious with fever. [T/N: I know I'm annoying you all but, WHAT THE ACTUAL F***!?]

He stared at me with passion in his eyes.

Doing this myself, I knew I must be looking terribly lewd, and I was struck with shyness. But I don't want to stop now.


Raising his upper body, Hazekura-san hugged me tightly and kissed me. Kissing each other as we make love, it made the act more heady, making him and me more aroused.


"No matter how much you plead, I will never let you go…… Are you prepared, Kano?"

He said with a heated and serious look as he pounded into me.

If it was before, I would not have meekly yielded to him. But since I've been completely enamoured by him, I can't help but feel happy with these words.


Nodding as I smiled, Hazekura-san also smiled and, as if a kiss of oath, kissed me gently.

Immediately after, Hazekura-san quickly pushed me down to the bed, reversing our position. The movement of his hips quickened, pinning my hips to the bed and hitting my insides violently.

"Ah, ha~…… Ahnnn……"

—Aaahhh, I'm coming……

Taking his head in my arms, I culminated again.

"Ahnnn, coming……!!"


He also reached his peak and covered me while looking at my lethargic expression. Rubbing his slightly sweaty skin, I immersed myself in bliss.

After that, we embraced each other many times and I was thoroughly given with pleasure, and in the end, I ended my day without completing any of the promised calligraphy.

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