A Fight for Love


A Fight for Love Chapter 14

"I am not happy, nor unhappy. It was just an ordinary lunch."

Qian Lin didn't understand why Lin Ziqi suddenly asked her this question. She guessed that maybe Lin Ziqi had seen them when they were having lunch. After all, when Qian Lin left this morning, Lin Ziqi had already left.

"Ordinary? It turns out that you are so happy with them even if you have just an ordinary lunch! I really don't think it is worth it for my brother! He missed you even when he was dying!" Lin Ziqi complained with a hoarse, powerless voice, and even he could not figure out whether he was telling this to Qian Lin or himself. He also did not know whether he felt worthless for his big brother, or himself.

Lin Ziqi recalled his original intention for coming here. He couldn't help but glare at Qian Lin, who stood in front of him and watched her speechlessly!

Qian Lin was stunned when she looked at the sudden madness of Lin Ziqi and saw the blue veins jumping on his neck. This boy was actually a hidden arrogant guy! Bah, is there any relationship between us? He is just the little brother of my ex-boyfriend. Why does he interfere with my normal life?

Lin Ziqi looked at the changing expression on Qian Lin's face, and he slowly walked outside the room. This did not belong to him; his home was the sofa outside. After a few steps, his stomach growled in displeasure. He reluctantly said in a gentle voice, "Big sister, I want to eat your noodles. I haven't eaten anything since noon. . ."

What? You just called me Qian Lin with a gloomy face. Now that you are hungry and want to eat what I cook and call me big sister. You really changed extremely fast.

Nevertheless, Qian Lin still sympathized with Lin Ziqi. He has not eaten anything since noon until now? Why? Hasn't he cook himself? He has been back at noon? Then the question he had just asked was because he did not have lunch? I still feel that there is something else in his words.

But at this time, she looked at the expectation in his eyes, and she heard the strong growling of his stomach. She could believe that he was really hungry.

After a while, a bowl of egg noodles appeared in front of Lin Ziqi. He ate the noodles as he glanced at Qian Lin. The gloom and coldness in his eyes previously had now disappeared. Although Qian Lin did not know where the gloom and coldness come from, she could feel the ups and downs of his emotions.

"Xiaoqi, why have you not eaten anything, and why are you hiding under my bed?"

Qian Lin finally remembered that Lin Ziqi hid under her bed. She thought about it while cooking, but she had not found out a reasonable reason. She also felt that two people who lived together in a room had to figure out this, otherwise, she might not know when she would be eaten by him in a sweet dream. The more she thought about it, the more horrible she felt, and the coldness came from her heart.

"It was all because you went out to accompany the two people early in the morning and you don't even tell me about it!"

"You had gone out before me, okay?"

After Qian Lin said it, something came to her mind all of a sudden. What does he mean? Is he angry with me? But why is he angry with me because of this? He is not anyone to me and he is just the little brother of my ex-boyfriend. Qian Lin incredulously glared at Lin Ziqi, as if she would never stop until she got it straight.

"Fine, fine. . . I just saw you at noon, eating together with a man and a woman. Just out of curiosity, I had been watching you for a little while. . ."

Just accidentally seeing it, or was it intentional? Was it watching for a little while, or deliberately stalking? Bah! This little bad boy learns nothing good. He has stalked others when he is so little. Fortunately, she hadn't done anything wrong. Otherwise, wouldn't it have been seen by him?

"Bah! Lin Ziqi, what entitles you to manage my affairs? I can have lunch with anyone I want to. Not to mention eating, I can flirt with people all over the world. Mind your own business!"

Qian Lin was extremely angry, and she screamed at Lin Ziqi without knowing what she talked about. No one had dared interfere in her private space since she was a child. If it was not for the sake of avoiding her mother, who had interfered with her every small affair, she would not have run from a faraway place to Sakura Academy to be a foreign student. In order not to let her mighty mom find her, she would rather do the part-time jobs to make money and not use the bankcard given to by her mother. She was still worried that she would be convinced by Teng Yue at noon that she would use the bankcard on impulse! God knew whether her mighty mom would come by plane to catch her at home or not.

"I, just care about you. . ." Lin Ziqi looked at Qian Lin, who was about to go into her room. These words only became whispers, but Qian Lin, who had already entered the room at this time, did not hear them.


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