A Fairytale for Wizards

Other name: 마법사를 위한 동화

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Shoujo

Date released: 2019
Views: 694

Author: 은소로

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Iko Syndrome

With a status of a slave, Azrael has served a noble’s whipping child. In this misery, one mysterious guy comes into her life. “Why are you living a life like this?” “Do you know me?” In the 3 years of her life she’s forgotten, the one who gave her a name was the Wizard of the Horizon, Rhema Resht. His kindness yet lacking something, caught her attention. She wanted him to be as happy as she was. “The more you get to know me, misfortune will come.” “I promise I won’t be miserable, Rhema. So, please teach me magic.”

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