A Fairy Tales for the Villains

Other name: 악당 들을 위한 동화

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance

Date released: Unknown
Views: 1311

Author: 냥이 와 향신료

Status: Ongoing

Translator: LowkeyMoe

Somehow I was reborn as a supporting actor within a reverse-harem story. I am the daughter of a nanny who grew up in a humble background thanks to a good meeting. The problem is I am the final boss, the ‘Queen of Vipers’, the one who will slaughter an empire by rattling the main villains who had grown up together with her. In the fall of the year when the empire congested with plague and diseases, our parents died. Due to the problem of the inheritance and the circumstances of the adults, the three siblings and I were secluded in an area of the mansion. In the novel, there was no description of our 700-day of imprisonment, so we have to survive on own.

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