A Dragon in Slime's Clothing ~ I Want to Live Peacefully by Pretending to Be the Weakest

Other name: A dragon in slime's clothing; Slime no Kawa o Kabutta Dragon~ Saijaku no Furishite Shizuka ni Ikitai; スライムの皮をかぶったドラゴン~最弱のフリして静かに生きたい

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Slice of Life

Date released: 2017
Views: 159147

Author: Miki Nazuna; 三木なずな

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Xiose

The hero tired of the world’s problems used all of his power to reincarnate into a slime. As one of numerous small fry, without standing out he was supposed to be able to live inconspicuously but due to accidentally being born in a dragon’s nest he was brought up as a dragon and became the most powerful slime ever. If that strength is discovered it will become tiresome once more……The appearance is a slime, within is a dragon, he uses his power to the fullest and through various means he resolves to conceal his [Supremacy].
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