A Different World Scenery View From the Tower


A Different World Scenery View From the Tower Chapter 3 part2

Chapter 3-2

After completing the party registration, we received explanation about the guild from Helmina.

According to this, the service of the Guild is roughly the following.

Quest management; the reward from the completed quest will all pass through the guild.

Purchasing; magic core and monster material obtained by defeating monsters will be bought by the guild.

Issuing certificate; certificates issued to the members of the guild, depending on their rank, can be used in other affiliated places throughout the country such as entering and leaving cities, inn accommodation, etc.

The ranks are the following beginning from the lowest; no class, iron, copper, silver, gold, and platinum.

Except for special cases, all members will start with no mark and you can rank up by doing quests.

A silver class will receive treatment as a low rank noble and gold class will receive treatment the same as a high rank noble.

In addition, a party itself is also ranked separately from individuals.

It is divided into five, starting from the lowest they are; amateur, local, national, world, and legendary.

Since these are divisions outside the guild, there are no privileges but it is well known in general. Upper class parties can be subjected to direct nomination quests.

Takeru, Leiria, and Feene just registered so their adventurer rank is naturally no class.

The party also starts from the lowest class amateur.

Takeru who got the general explanation goes to the front of the bulletin board to find the quest that suits them.

When Takeru is looking for request for beginners,

「Eclair, since you now have a party, why don't you work with us?」

「Jinmel, you're here too.」

The man who had spoken, Jinmel, seems to be an acquaintance of Eclair.

「The solitary fairy, Eclair, finally joined a party?」

「Please stop calling me with that strange nickname. In addition, if you want our party to join you in a quest, ask our leader Takeru instead of me.」

Jinmel turns to Takeru.

「Apparently this boy really seems to be the leader. Nice to meet you Takeru, I am the leader of Blue Wolf party, Jinmel. There are not enough people in the quest we are about to accept so I was looking for another party to join us.」

「I am the leader of Babel, Takeru. You seem to know Eclair.」

Takeru says it in a dignified manner in order to be more leader like.

「She had helped us with our quest several times. I also invited her to our party but she declined bluntly.」

「They are a little bit strange but you can trust them.」

「What kind of quest is it?」

「Goblin extermination.  Goblin’s nest is found near the city. We're going to crush it.」

Goblins are the lowest rank monsters, rank E, but they are acting in herds. It is a great opponent to try our parties' cooperation.

Takeru decided to receive a joint quest.


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