A Certain Middle-Aged Man's VRMMO Activity Log


A Certain Middle-Aged Man's VRMMO Activity Log Chapter 94.5

Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

Speaking on the situations of others.

Extra Edition; Forums

Forums Misc Thread No. 94

144:This is sudden, but aren't there a lot events recently?

145:That really was out of nowhere, lol. By event, you mean from the devs?

146:It's probably not those events, right? Isn't he talking about the random occurrence ones?

147:>>146, yeah, those. It's like, whenever I go off solo, a whole bunch of those hit me.

148:A-, for me, a big tiger came up to me and said, "My child's been kidnapped; please help me" and I cooperated.

149:What!? No way, was it fluffy?

150:>>149, yes, even if you say 'no way', it was fluffy. When we saved it, the saved child was also fluffy.

151:Lucky-; so there's those types of events.

152:Moving solo, or with 2-3 about, will run into them often; try it out.

153:Right right; for some reason you won't meet with any with a large group of people, ne.

154:Here I had a weird guy with a small bird in a basket; as soon as he saw me he attacked.

155:Good job with that lie.1 This game doesn't have PK.

156:No, that wasn't a player, though…

157:>>155 good job with making that crappy assumption.1 What 156 is talking about is an NPC. So, you're supposed to flip it around and kill him, though.

158:There's all sorts, ne. Maybe I'll go solo for the first time in a while and try it out.

159:After that, a stupidly huge parent bird came and got its child(?) out of the basket, gave me its thanks, and rewarded me.


161:Fire magic sword… … one that has become frail.

162:For reals!?

163:Oi oi, a magic sword came out!?

164:If it's like that, it will break so you can't use it though, ne. You gotta go to a blacksmith player you've made friends with.

165:To get it repaired?

166:To borrow the words of a blacksmith, it's not repairing but restoring, it seems.

167:I'm just going to go take a solo walk in the field now.

168:Going solo has it's difficult parts, so properly make your preparations –

169:Hasn't the attraction of moving with a party been reduced? With this.

170:If it's with 2 or 3 people than it's fine; just not full member parties.

171:What's that restored magic sword like?

172:I'll try contacting my guild member~

173:>>171, it's several levels below one from the Challenge of the Dead, but it's more than enough as a sub-weapon.

174:If you encounter one of those with a reward attached, it's delicious, na.

175:If you had a number of event-ish signs but ignored them because it's troublesome, it counts as a fail~!

176:Isn't choosing between tedious things or being at a disadvantage an MMO staple?

177:By the way, a tiger and bird came out, but what other kinds have there been?

178:There have been like, bear, or fox

179:hedgehog, mole

180:You might not believe me but, wyvern…


182:Wyvern!? Do you have a screenshot!?

183:Yes to the screenshot. It hasn't been touched up at all

184:This, it's not some other game, right?

185:At the bottom of the screenshot, the date and One More letters are properly there.

186:I want to ride iiiiit!

187:This person depicted here, did it let you ride it?

188:Un, when it's child was safely returned, it gave its thanks by letting me ride it for just a short time; when I was riding it is when I took the screenshot.

189:Uoooo, I'm so jealous!

190:How lucky-, I'm beyond jealous.

191:For wyverns, I guess it's something that will come out far into the future, officially.

192:Of course it will come out! Why would they even have it if this is all they're going to use it for?

193:They also don't have a pet system, ne, though there are fairies.

194:If there's tamers, I want to ride on a tamed wyvern, like this

195:But you know, those guys who are abducting all sorts of animals' children, what are they?


197:An evil that defiles all that are cute!

198:Evil, na

199:No, I get that they're likely evil, but what about the specific characteristics…?

200:Speaking of that, on their black cloaks, there's an upside-down cross embroidered in it, ne.

201:Aa, just saying it but their outfits are all different, except that part that's the same?

202:For me, there was just one person with a black cloak, na; I don't know about the embroidery though.

203:Isn't it possible to confuse it with a player that likes using black cloaks, that trait?

204:Those guys always seem to go out in a group; when they see you they immediately draw their swords, so I can't say it's possible to confuse them at that point…

205:If that's the case, that's fine, ne; looks like the popularity of black cloaks will fall, oi.

206:Do you think this is the prelude to some kind of event?

207:Like if they aren't saved after some time, the fail is determined and then they just disappear without anything happening?

208:If it's these devs, then there's no way they won't do something; for example there's the Liberators 20 people battle; they're going to turn their attention here.

209:And scheme something behind the scenes, you mean? Uwa, as expected of the devs here, how dastardly.

210:Dastardly … those are words of praise!2

211:The origin of that is nostalgic, na; how many years ago was it.

212:I got it! You are also an oss-n

213:Don't say it! I'm already quite aware!

214:We kind of got off topic, but … [Be aware of companies with black cloaks embroidered with an upside down cross; they should be subjugation targets] is ok?

215:I think there's no problem with that.

216:Or rather, it will be bad if you don't subjugate them, I think

217:Since there's some reluctance to attack people, na…

218:Nna, I think it's fine not to say that? The opposing side attacks without mercy.

219:True that; they'll understand if they experience it, I think

220:And, those guys are carrying off stolen animals that you're looking for, so that pretty much settles it.

221:I wonder what their objectives are.
222:Maybe, don't you think they have the Tamer Skill? And, they're stealing the children for combat potentials.

223:In the one in ten thousand chance that you're right, then it's even more of a bad thing if we don't defeat them.
224:There's nothing that refutes that, ne-, from now on I'll take care that I defeat them when I find them.s

225:It's become a horribly shady story.

226:This game's developers and management have black souls, deep down.

227:You're only saying that now?

228:You're only saying that now?

229:Now you say it, na-

230:I only drop in once in a while, but I'm lucky to get some good information

231:What we've been talking about; won't it be good to spread it around? Not everyone reads the forums.

232:That's true; I'll try giving my Guild chat a shout.

233:I will also give a shout out.

234:Then, let's all go in that direction.

A/n: It's an extra, so no skill writeup
Other players have also run into all sorts of things.

  1. Uso otsuka, kimetsuki otsuka:
    Otsuka - slang (with wrong kanji) for 'thanks for the hard work', but very sarcastically. So basically, 'Oh, you worked hard on that lie, huh? (rolls eyes)" and "You spent a lot of effort on figuring that out, huh? (not)"
  2. kitani wa… home kotoba da!
    I dunno. I think it's 'meme-d' from a skill description from FF11 mmo, kitanai ninja class.

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