A Certain Elf's Note


A Certain Elf's Note Chapter 7

Master died.

He was murdered.

By the two people Master hired.

Why I, at that time when I felt uneasy, didn’t told Master.

It was my fault. It was my fault. It was my fault.

I’m sorry, Master.

Since they’re enemies. Those guys, I turned them into pieces and mixed them in the feeds for pigs.

But, Master, didn’t praise me anymore.

He doesn’t smile anymore.

Hey, Master.

I loved you. I, like you, very, very much.

It would be good if I had told you. If I said it earlier, things might be different.

If I look back on it, there are some empty pages are left in this notebook.

It would be nice if I wrote more densely. Master’s words, actions, facial expressions, it would be nice if I wrote them all.

… Spring arrives again. These empty pages, let’s fill it up at that time.


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