A Cat with a Red Envelope Group


A Cat with a Red Envelope Group Chapter 7 part2

Translated by peonynoveltl
Chapter 7 - Part 2

Opening the spiritual sense
        In the new cat bed, Xu MaoMao entered the group chat's interface when Chen Yu left. The current love value already increased to 2,600 thanks to Qiao Lingfeng's generosity, so he can draw a red envelope now.
  Dr. Mi still haven't appear, but a cat mentioned the transformation potion that was received last time.
  [Dodley]: Hey! Are there any cats?
  [Migu]; raisepaws.jpg
  [Dodley]: Let me tell you something strange! Last time, didn't get I an one hour transformation potion?
  [Rice]: You already used it, huh. Last time you said that you'll properly examine it.
  [Dodley]: Yes, after I completed my transformation, I specially observed that part of human beings.
  [Rice]: Is that part of human beings very different from us?
  [Dodley]: The difference is too big! It can get bigger after I touch it just a few times and it’s so comfortable.
  [咪咕]:(*@ο@*) Wow~ How is it comfortable?
  [Dodley]: I don't know how to describe it, but it was very comfortable at first, then it swelled more, and then it deflated. My paws were deadly sore and I just peed it out. Oh my god, it feels better than Rice's canned food.
  A group of cats were shocked.
  Xu MaoMao was stunned, it turns out that this [Dodley] cat is a pervert!
  [Rice]: You're talking about human beings' form of estrus?
  [Dodley]: Yes, I didn’t expect human's estrus to be so comfortable. When we're in estrus, we don't feel anything, just muddleheaded, isn't that right? I don't like those days of my paws not being controlled by my brain at all.
  A group of cats echoed incessantly, all of them expressed that a cat's estrus is very uncomfortable and they are very curious as to what "comfortable" feels like.
  [Dodley] explained the whole process and it was so filthy that Xu MaoMao couldn't bear to look at it. It didn't take long for [Dodley] to be stuffed with a rag in the end.
  [Administrator] banned [Dodley] for 24 hours.
  [Suan Ni]: Openly driving* in the group, teaching bad things to the kittens.

*a person who makes sexual innuendo/shares porn sites.

  As soon as the group's owner appeared, the cats calmed down.
  As a result, [Suan Ni] spoke again: You guys don't need to be curious. Cultivate well and after gaining a real human form later, you can thoroughly enjoy the taste of human's estrus, like me, hehe.
  The double standard group owner began to talk about his own driving process. The degree of filth was greater than Dodley's. Although he's driving a manual gear, it was enough to shock the cats!
  The group owner immediately went offline after he was done driving, but all the cats suspect that he was still online, so the next topic was very pure and lovely.
  Xu MaoMao complained tearfully in the group that his eggs were about to be plucked and asked how to make his owner dispel that idea.
  In the end, all the cats told him that poop scooping officers actually neuter them for their own good, to prolong their life and also to not let them suffer from estrus.
  [Oscar]: What do you suffer from during estrus?
  As a human being, he doesn't understand this at all.
  [Rice]: You never experienced estrus?
  [Oscar]: Never
  [Rice]: You will know later, the whole body feels bloated, irritability, can't sleep well, bad appetite, not wanting to do anything except for this thing in my mind, I heard that it's even more uncomfortable for female cats....
  [Arale]: Mhm, that's right, my poop scooping officer then took me to get the surgery. I don’t have to endure that feeling anymore. Now I eat well and sleep well every day.
  Xu MaoMao said in heart, so it's like this? Chen Yu decided to let Oscar become an eunuch because he loves Oscar?
  With such a thought, there was even a little gratitude.
  Nonono, I can't be swayed. What if I don't have my balls anymore after I change back to my human form QAQ. I definitely can't give Chen Yu the chance!
  [Oscar]: I also discovered something strange. Why are some cats incoherent when they talk and their pronunciations aren't clear. It's very difficult to communicate with them.
  [Rice]: Do they not have bells?
  [Oscar]: It seems so
  [Rice]: Then that's right, they are cats that haven't open their spiritual sense.
  [Oscar]: Σ ( ° △ ° | | |)
  [Rice]: They speak the countryside cat language, it can be considered amazing that you can understand them.
  [Mimi Tiger]: I can't understand
  [Fat Mimi]: Because you are stupid
  [Mimi Tiger]: It’s because my spiritual sense has been opened for too long, just like human beings that have been away from home for too long and can't understand their native language.
  [Fat Mimi]: nosepicking.jpg
  [Oscar]: How to open the spiritual sense?
  [Rice]: It’s related to bloodline and luck, I also don’t understand. Anyway, the more I got along with my previous poop scooping office, the more I understood the human language and my spritual sense slowly opened. That human was very good to me. The canned foods that I make now was what she made for me back then, but she passed away very early.
  [Arale]: Begging you to not say such sad words QAQ I'm also worried that my poop scooping officer will leave me.
  [Rice]: Goddess don't cry
  [Rice] sent a special red envelope to [Arale]
  Xu MaoMao: ....this Arale is really popular. Maybe there are only a few female cats in this group. When something is rare, it becomes precious.
  However, he seems to understand a bit now. It turns out that those cats are all simply pets and those in the group are immortal cats that have opened their spiritual sense. Not only do they have intelligence, they might have a lot of fun skills too.
  For example, Rice can make delicious canned food, Dr. Mi can develop magic potion, the group owner is the big shot immortal who cultivated into a human form, and Arale is a goddess among the cats and might be selling meng very well in reality. She also has an owner, like him... As for the other cats, Xu MaoMao licked his paws, planning to observe some more.


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