A Billion Dollar Exchange

A Billion Dollar Exchange Chapter 276 - She's Pregnant

Liling was rendered speechless; she could almost feel Xin Yong's pain.

''Liling, I'll call you later, okay? Let me finish what I have to do. '' Xin Yong said, standing up from the floor;

 Liling nodded. "Okay, take care. ''

When the call disconnected, Liling shut her eyes as a small sigh escaped her lips.

She couldn't believe that everything was over for them. How was Jin Yue going to take it?

Liling slept off thinking about their situation and only woke up the next morning to the ringing of her phone and a headache.

Searching around for it, she found it at the edge of the bed were she had kicked it with her feet.

When she saw the caller ID, she immediately swiped, picking the call.

''I didn't call soon because I didn't want to wake you up, how are you? I've missed you ''

Liu Wei said as soon as Liling answered the call.

''I'm fine and I miss you more '' She replied, remembering her gags.

''I'm sorry; I'll come back soon, okay? ''

''Okay. '' She turned to hug a pillow closely.

''Baby, I have something to tell you. ''

''What is it? ''

Liling waited a while;  

''You see, one of the photo shoots requires that I drink from a cup of wine in a swimming pool…''


''Uh… like, I'll be putting on bikinis…'' Liling shut her eyes tightly, holding her breath as she waited for Liu Wei's response.

''Wait… Like pant and bra? ''

''Not really, bikinis…''

''Liling, what's the difference? No, no, you're not doing that. I can't let the whole world see your body…''

''Baby, don't be too possessive, it's not like I'm shooting naked?''

''I'm not being possessive…''

''… I've signed the contract already, ''

Liling said in a hushed tone, she hadn't thought much about it because, there was literarily nothing wrong in wearing bikinis, but remembering how jealous Liu Wei could be, she was a bit worried.

''Liling, I don't like that you are telling me after the contract…''

''I'm sorry! I really didn't think of it as a big deal until now. I'm really sorry, it won't happen again! I promise! ''

Liu Wei was silent for a moment.

''My boyfriend is so jealous, but what can I do? I still love him like that! '' She joked, making Liu Wei chuckle.

''You are silly, hope you know that? ''

''Yeah, I know.  It's past eight, I have to go now, call me when you are free, okay? ''

Liu Wei nodded; ''I love you. ''

''Love you more! ''

Liling disconnected the call and dragged herself off the bed.

She walked downstairs to the kitchen.

''Yan Ran, you're up early? ''

She asked, furrowing her brows.

Yan Ran, who was slicing some radish on the counter turned to look at Liling.

''Yeah, I'm always up early. '' She corrected.

''Oh, my bad '' Liling giggled, walking into the kitchen. When she saw what Yan Ran was doing, she furrowed her brows.

''Why are you cooking? Is good Chef not home? ''

''No, his wife is ill; I'll cover for him for the week. ''

''Okay. '' Liling walked to the giant fridge and pulled it open. Taking out a bottled water, she lifted it to her lips, but just as she was about to take a gulp, she felt like puking. It was so intense that she didn't have the strength to run out of the kitchen, so she immediately rushed to the kitchen sink and relieved herself.

Liling flushed the sink and rinsed the mouth immediately. ''I'm sorry, I couldn't hold it in ''

''What's wrong? Are you okay? ''

Liling nodded.  ''Yeah, just a mild stomach upset, it'll go away soon. ''

Yan Ran was quiet for a while, staring intently at her face. After a moment, she smiled.

''Okay, just take care of yourself, okay? You don't want Liu Wei to be worried. ''

Liling smiled. ''Yeah, I'm really sorry for that. ''

''Oh, you don't have to apologize. ''

Liling smiled again, and taking her bottled water, she strode out of the kitchen, her hand on her belly.

Maybe she should check at the hospital, although she was missing him, regular vomiting was a bit too much. It could be migraine, stomach flu or even something worse.

As soon as Liling left the kitchen, Yan Ran washed her hands and ran into her room. She searched for her phone and immediately dialed a number.

''Pick up! Pick up! …Hello? ''

''What? Why are you calling this early? ''

Da Xia mumbled, lifting her eye mask off her eyes.

''She's pregnant! ''

Yan Ran said apprehensively. She was pacing around the room, looking hysterical.

''Who's pregnant? ''

''Liling! She's pregnant but I don't think she knows yet. ''

Da Xia was dumbfounded for five seconds.  ''What? When! Like how did this happen?!! ''

She screamed; her eyes flared up.

''You ask me again! What were you expecting when a man and a woman are sleeping together!! ''

''I didn't see this coming! What are we going to do? If Liu Wei finds out he would marry her, no matter what! And with a child, the family will definitely accept her!''

Da Xia clutched her hair, exasperatedly. 

''There is only one thing to do. ''

''What? ''

''The baby mustn't come to this world! ''

''What? ''

''What are you saying? Kill a child? I can't do that, no, no! ''

''Miss Da Xia, get yourself together. In a few days, Liling may be forced to go to the hospital and if she finds out she's pregnant, it's the end of the line for you. You don't even have a chance with Liu Wei now, not to talk of when there is a baby on the way. The baby has to go, besides, it's not human yet, it's still a fetus. ''

Da Xia shut her eyes for a few seconds. She had never imagined that one day, she would kill a baby, but at that moment, she had no other choice.

''We have to act fast, Liling may decide to go to the hospital today…''

''Fine! Fine! How do you intend doing it? ''

''Don't worry, leave the rest to me. ''

Da Xia sighed, ''just don't get caught ''

She disconnected the call and Yan Ran heaved a long sigh before walking out of the room.

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