90 Days of Spring


90 Days of Spring prologue

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Author: Feng He You Yue (风荷游月)Translated by: San Guniang

Day 0 - She was the Most Stunning and Breath-Taking Beauty

It was a cold day, and the snow was swift and fierce, and it continued for more than three days.

A thick layer of ice condenses on the surface of the lake and looks around. The glazed world is white. Vibrant flowers, hazy, misty, fairyland. Under the ice, the water quality is clear, and the light and shadows move. A koi slowly swings away and it is smart and flexible.

On the shore, the servants hurried past and no one noticed the movement in the lake.
When the winter solstice comes, the usual four kings will not come here in the winter and this is the first time in the world to come to other hospitals to take shelter. Yamashita's home is quiet and elegant, so no one can enter. Fewer people waited in front of the hospital.

The lake water was introduced from the rear mountain springs, and the upper reaches did not freeze, and the sound of water blew. The koi carp swam around to a lake of Taihu, and saw a faint white light flashing through it. From the bottom of the water, a wet, small head emerged. Fibrinosus leans out of the stone wall and leans out of her body. Satin-like dark hair is scattered behind her shoulders and wrapped around her slender upper body. Among the snow-covered snow scenes, she is the most thrilling.

Behind the water surface, undulating layers of ripples, immediately followed by a long and dazzling arc, thin tail fins flapping in the water, fleeting. If he teaches others to see it, he will surely lose six souls in the three souls. She hides here and does not dare to be discovered.

Followed by the wrist, it is a small face of a powder makeup jade pimple, pure white like pears, makeup winter. Her half body is shrunk in the water, the smooth neck and shoulders are looming, wet eyelashes hung on the water, a pair of black eyes are bright and full of smiles.


With rare opportunities, Miao Miao stayed on the stone and gazed at the courtyard in front of him. He muttered to himself, "Is it back?"

Light and sweet voices, like the rumblings of the empty valley, add a lot of vitality to this vast snow scene.

She stayed in for a moment, and her mind was full of gentle and graceful looks. She couldn’t help but tilt her lips. It has been four months since he left last time. I wonder if he’s been there recently? Sleep well at night, will not see the night view to the lake?

Miao Miao lingered on the thick stones, his delicate cheeks against the icy stone, and his mind had drifted far away… I really wanted to see him, even if I couldn’t speak, look far away.

Unfortunately, it was only her hope. Wei Ling said that if they let others see their appearance, they must cause confusion and be caught and abused… Miao Miao deeply sighs, his pretty little face is full of embarrassment. So she did not dare to show up in the lake heart pavilion, only to hide in the backyard.

She has lived in the four royal palaces for ten years and never left. Wei Ling has already traveled extensively from north to south, visited many rivers, lakes and seas, and often laughed at her when she came back. However, Miao Miao is willing to stay in the lake pavilion and wait for an opportunity to meet the man. Even with a layer of water, she can make her happy.

The snow fell like a sieve, falling from the sky, and she covered her hair in full. A layer of snow covered her back, like a thin robe-like Luoshan, outlines the silky waist, sturdy.

Miao Miao was thinking about God. Suddenly, he was caught by two shadows of Yu Guang. She quickly shrank behind the big stone. With splashes of water, Miao Miao feels as if she is afraid of being discovered. Fortunately, the hearts of the two people pretending to do things, did not pay attention to the situation here, deliberately depressed squeak into her ears.

“If you really want to do this, if you are found to have managed to find it…”

The other girl interrupted her in a hurry. “Don’t think so much. Whoever teaches this girl’s life, I can’t blame us!”

Just let her wash in the wind and snow, and she didn’t have a breath this morning! It’s really awkward, and the green-yellow dress is full of displeasure. She puts the already deflated girl on the shore of the lake. "Even if the police found out, it was only when she was trying to commit suicide… After all, I did that kind of thing. No faces live.”

To take a dismissive sip, as if something contaminated with something. She pushed the little girl into the lake in concert with another squawk, drowsily falling into the snow to silence and return to calm.

Miao Miao was shocked and shocked. It wasn’t easy for the two to leave, but he didn’t want to dive into the water and fish the victimized girl from the bottom of the water. The other person was cold and stiff, and had long been cut off for a long time. His lips were frozen and his eyes were tightly pressed.

Miao Miao never coped with such scenes. She shook her little hand and patted the girl’s cheek. “You, are you still alive?”

No one responded. She sniffed at the other woman’s breath and was lifeless. Miao Miao was so scared that he didn’t know how to do it. The clear and unblemished nephew was round and miserable.

Listening to the conversation between the two was like they were killing the girl…she shouldn’t have died. Miao Miao leaned in to calm her thoughts, arms into the other’s shoulders, and took her to another hidden stone. After confirming that no one has found out here, then re-dive into the lake. The beautiful fishtail emerges from the water, and the scales glow in a gleam and glimmer.


After Miao Miao was about to incense, Miao Miao once again showed his head and looked around to look for the little girl. She greeted back, “Wei Ling, come on.”

One of the young, refined young men who followed, he looked displeased. “What do you want to do?”

Miao Miao recalled simply laughing. “I don’t want to die or not.”

Wei Ling was awakened by her sleep. It was a bit impatient. This year he rarely visited the fish school but stayed here to accompany Miao Miao, which made Miao Miao quite flattered. They grew up together from childhood, and Wei Ling is much smarter than she and knows many bizarre things. Miao Miao felt attentively that Wei Ling must have a way to rescue the poor little girl.

Fortunately, after he had looked at the other side, he withdrew his face blankly. “It’s been too long to be saved.”

Miao Miao regretted falling down, and although she had not known her, she was sympathetic to her experience. Whether or not she should find a place to bury her, Miao Miao suddenly turned his head and the water sparkled. “I remember you came back last time and brought a drug that can be revived. Can that be used?”

A Wei Ling look, suddenly changed his face, “can not.”

Last time he came back from the East China Sea and got a very rare thing. He couldn’t help showing off at Miao Miao. Although the medicine can be brought back to life, it is at the expense of the soul of another person. To put it plainly, it is the possession of the soul. He did not want to let Miao Miao do this to such an extent that human beings have always had trouble with her.

Miao Miao couldn’t bear the soft rub and Wei Ling only had to say this to her. "Even if I live, I'm not the same as her. In addition, who would like to abandon the original identity and use someone's body? "

Cold winds hit the lake, rolled up snow bursts, biting chills hit, one after another harassment lingering around.

Miao Miao was covetous and defiant. He only whispered after a half-tone: “I’d like to…”

Wei Ling glared at her in surprise and soon his eyebrow was under pressure. The voice was colder than the weather. “What do you mean by silly words?”

Almost all of Miao Miao's strength was exhausted. It was the most loud voice she had struggled from the bottom of her heart… Her desperate heart gave birth to hope. It grew like a weed like a spring flower. Once there was such a thought, no matter what, It’s lingering.

Miao Miao looked up and eagerly looked at Wei Ling. “I want to be human, Wei Ling, I think…”

Without waiting for her to finish, Wei Ling interrupted coldly. “No.”

Too much anger, he clenched into a fist on his face in the palm of his hand, and a man appeared in his mind. The man should not have appeared in her life. There was no possibility between them. But this stupid girl had a heart on him, and he did not look back at the wall.

Miao Miao was full of hopes. His eyes were dimmed. He looked poorly at him. The drops of water fell from his forehead to the corner of the eye, and they fell into the water along the beautifully curved knees, like tears of desperation. Crystal snowflake fell on her slender lashes, and it slowly faded as soon as she froze. She was the most beautiful picture in the scenery. She was beautiful and fragile.

The heart was blocked so badly that Wei Ling broke the atmosphere of silence and his voice was difficult: “For him?”

If you know that the answer is yes, you have to listen to her personally. Wei Ling bitterly raised his lips, what is he for?

Miao Miao’s cheeks startled and slowly bowed. “Yeah.”

In the past, when she mentioned this matter in front of Wei Ling, he would be reprimanded by him for telling her wishful thinking… It was because Miao Miao was scared to tell him the truth, but at the moment he couldn't think of any other excuse and honestly admit it.

She remarked that she swiftly looked at Wei Ling’s look. How can we allow him to agree? She admitted that her request was excessive, but she really wanted to approach that person…

The little hand gently opened his fist and hooked him like a child’s finger. The pair of eyes he hoped looked at him closely. “Please, Wei Ling.”

Wei Ling dropped his eyes and raised his hand to knead his eyebrows to block his deep gaze. “The drug can only last for 90 days. After 90 days, it is difficult to maintain the corpse. You must come back before that.”

So…he agreed?

Miao Miao suddenly showed a surprise, his voice sparkled, and he wrapped his neck in an incredible way. His eyebrows were curved and shining. “I knew you were the best!”

What counts for 90 days? She wants nothing more than a few words.

In the past, because of her inability to be close to her identity, it was difficult for her to get a chance. She was simply ecstatic. Miao Miao happily picked up his throat and curled his lips in an arc. When he thought of being able to talk face to face with him, he would be satisfied. Just think about it, it can be a reality now… It’s really great.

With a delicate body clinging to Wei Ling’s chest, she only wore a thin layer of Luoshan. Wei Ling could almost feel her jagged curve… At once, Chung Chen felt uncomfortable and overly muted: "Remember to protect Okay, I can’t be with you at all times like I used to.”

Miao Miao happily rang, and paused in a sincere, soft voice: "Thank you, Wei Ling."

Wei Ling looked at her head and rubbed his hands on her hair.


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