31st Consort

31st Consort Chapter 2





.. ...On one sunny afternoon, Feria is on her way to the Capital while riding on an Ox carriage. The already delayed Feria who is on her way in becoming a Consort is currently sulking as she mutters to herself... ...

"Feria we're getting nearer to the castle gate", Ricarro said. 

Upon hearing that Feria couldn't help but let out a huge sigh and decided to change her line of sight and stared forward to look at the towering castle gates. Seeing the castle gates Feria sighed again. 


In front of the castle gate, a knight stood there and stopped the Ox carriage. 

"Who are you?" (Eunie: In a more rude way) 

"We're here to bring in the 31st Consort" (Eunie: Riccardo said this in a much more respectful/formal manner)

Hearing the unusual speaking manner of her brother, Feria couldn't help but stifle her laughter as she ignored the glare that Ricarro is giving at her. 

"... ...Con..sort?"

Changing the scenery she's looking at,

The castle gate knight couldn't help but hold his spear tighter as he kept on staring at Feria who is riding at the ox carriage. No matter how you look at it, the knight couldn't help but get suspicious.

Feeling at uncomfortable at the doubtful expression of the knight, she couldn't help but say, "Ricarro-niisan since it doesn't seem like they're going to let us in so why don't we just go home?"

'I want to leave this place' Feria said crabbily said. Ricarro couldn't also help give a wry expression after seeing the attitude of the castle gate knight. Thinking that what Feria said is also right so he started to turn around the ox carriage. 

"Let's just tour around the capital for a bit then let's go home. Aaah, even though we went through all the trouble but with this, I really couldn't leave to them, my cute little sister."

But after hearing the knights words, Ricarro turned back and returned to the castle gates. 

Feria's relief was only for a moment. When suddenly a nervous and sweating knight who appeared just when Feria is in the middle of eating a crunchy looking bread snack appeared and other knights came and surround both Riccaro and Feria. After munching and gulping, and being dumbfounded of what is going on, the knights took them in and then they passed through the castle gates. 

"Now then Feria... ... stay healthy"

After piling the souvenirs he got in the carrier of the ox carriage Ricarro said his farewells and left with a huge smile on his face while Feria sends him off while still munching on some snacks. Well of course deep inside her heart she piles up curses and foul language for her brother.

"Feria-sama, I apologies for being rude."

Feria gulped down and the knight's head lowers. 

"No, we also apologies for being rude"

'It's not like this knight did anything bad.' Feria thought to herself and then she started glancing around the castle gates as she started getting cold sweat the more she looked around. 

"This way please."

With the guidance of the knight, she was led inside the castle grounds. What she saw inside is a majestic looking castle but it doesn't seem that 'tall' compared to the cliffs she's used on seeing.

That's why Feria's first impression upon seeing it is 'It seems like it will be easy to climb it" and then she immediately looked over somewhere else. However, the knight who was guiding her didn't know about it. 

"Are you surprise cause it's surprisingly tall?"

If it was an ordinary or your typical consort then by now it wouldn't be strange to see that lady's eyes sparkling upon seeing the castle however rather than having an interest towards the palace, Feria who came from a solitary island in the countryside is more interested over the quality of the soil. 

"Yes. It looks great"

Upon hearing Feria's reply, he looked back and froze upon seeing her. 

The one Feria is looking at is not the castle but the soil. Seeing her like that he couldn't help but laugh out loud. Feria who was mesmerised by the quality of soil, immediately realize that she is being laughed at. She averted her gaze away from the soil and began walking in front of the knight.

"A moment, please. I've been rude. Since it wasn't really the reaction I was expecting that I couldn't help but laugh. There's no ill-intent when I did so I ask for your forgiveness" The knight said as he was able to immediately catch up to Feria.

"It's this way. This would be the gate towards the inner palace. For around thirty days you wouldn't be able to go out. Well even though I said that, since the 31st consort wasn't decided sooner the 30 other consorts has already been here for the past two months."

Feria who didn't even have a speck of interest over that sort of information just let the words of the knight passed through one ear to another. After walking for quite a long time it was finally sunset by the time she reached her destination. As the setting sun cast down the palace gates.

"This will be the residence of the 31st Consort"

After saying that, the doors opened. 

"It's wonderful!"

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