2Moons Volume 1 Chapter 42

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Kit's POV...

Finally, Ai'Ming had been true to his words.

I wasn't that surprised after the final results came out. Nong'Yo may have gathered almost all minor awards from the competition but the person more suitable to represent the university is none other than Ai'Ming himself. It seems like the audiences agree with me because they were pleased with the final outcome of the contest as well. Ming doesn't have fair, glowing skin and his score for the congeniality award probably sucks since he tends to annoy everyone than being friendly. Well, at least he deserves the Moon title in the end.

But what am I doing here? Trying to look for reasons to support the decisions of those judges, huh? It's none of my business to begin with, right? (Why am I even saying this in a high pitched voice?) And don't forget that stupid reaction he did the moment he heard his name being hailed as the winner. He looked like a football star who just made a goal. That's it! Now, I have to go have dinner with him. πŸ˜₯

It can be at any day other than today... Not on the day when the Campus Moon Sash is hanging proudly around his shoulders, but you think that idiot will listen?

I don't want to be in the spotlight β€” again!

Been there, done that... When?Β It was last year.

I could still remember when the noodle restaurant where we went for a hot bowl was nearly destroyed by people swarming all over the place only to take pictures of Ai'Pha which nearly knocked out the shop owner who's struggling to keep them from coming in. It was a nightmare!

Nuh-uh... I'm not letting history to repeat itself.

So I'm fine with any day... Except today.

So after helping Ai'Pha transfer Nong'Yo's truckload of roses at the back of his car, I nudged on Beam to leave the place with me as fast as we can

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So after helping Ai'Pha transfer Nong'Yo's truckload of roses at the back of his car, I nudged on Beam to leave the place with me as fast as we can. However, the asshole (Who has no idea about the reason behind my pleas) prefers to stay a little while longer to chat with those girls at the backstage.

Fuck! I should have brought my car instead. 😑

"Beam... Let's go." I kept on asking for the billionth time while my eyes is roving anxiously around for any sign of the New Campus Moon. Who knows? The asshole might show up behind my back any minute now although he might still be busy having selfies with tons of people as of the moment. Regardless, it'll still be better if I leave as soon as I can.

"Just for a bit." My asshole friend pats on my shoulder as he's trying to walk away with those girls once more.

"Fuck no."

"Why are you in such a hurry? We're not going with Ai'Pha anyway, aren't we?"

"Ain't you hungry at all?"

"Err... Kind'a. But one moment."

Damn! Just today. Only for today! I fucking hate this guy. 😬

"What's wrong with you? Are you trying to run away from someone?"

I hate him twice the double now. This idiot knows me too well.

"I'm not running away from anyone... I'm hungry."

"Are you hiding from Ming?"

"Just go fuck yourself around with your girls... Go... Just go!"

"What are you guys talking about, khrub?" I froze

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"What are you guys talking about, khrub?" I froze. I could hear his familiar voice right behind me. This is totally Ai'Beam's fault for not letting me out of here. Now, the New Campus Moon is standing handsomely tall right next to me. The asshole keeps on bragging his pearly white teeth in those smiles every time I look up to see his face. "Did I look cool a while ago?"

Yeah... Damn cool. I'm still scared of his Muay Thai skill.

"Err... Nong'Ming. Congratulations." Beam speaks up. "This is already the second time that an alumni from our previous school won the Campus Moon title. If there'll be a third next year, I might have to open a modelling agency from then onwards."

"Hey, that's a great idea." Ming agrees. He still have those lots of gifts and flowers in his arms.

"Need help with that?" I asked him. Well, I'm not really a mean person, you know.

"It's okay, khrub... I can handle it." He bends away. "I'm hungry. Let's go for a date as what you've promised."

"Can we do a rain check?"

"Why la? Why? Why? Why?" This guy is whining like a kid.

"Well... err."

"Right, Ai'Ming. Take him away, please. He's very annoying. I still want to stay and have some chat with these girls." Beam pushes me towards him. You asshole! Why don't you box me in then? Put a ribbon on, and give it to this idiot who's still smiling beside me, huh? Prick!

"It'll be such an honour." You too asshole Ming! Grrr! 😬

I don't know how to say this, but if Beam is not giving me a ride, then it has to be Ai'Ming... But I have to go and have dinner with him, right?

 But I have to go and have dinner with him, right?

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"What do you want to eat?" I have no choice, I've been dragged to this so I'd rather play along.

"No idea. Ai'Ming smiles. "Anything you want is fine."

"My choice?"

"Yes. Whatever you want. We can go to around three or more restaurants if you like. I don't need to get worried about weight control anymore."

Um... What about those six pack abs he had shown yesterday? Many gay guys went crazy over it.

And why am I still thinking about that night we had at the noodle shop?

"It's very hot today." Ming complains after he placed all his stuff inside his car. He then went in, as he tucks out his shirt off his pants. He's kind'a sweating so maybe that's the reason why he unbuttoned the upper part and took his sash off from his shoulder.

Why on earth am I even observing his every movements?!?!

"You want it?" He teases after taking his Campus Moon Sash off.

"Why would I?"

"Try it on."

"Fuck, Ming... Stop it." He tries to put the sash on me.

"Try it na...na... na... Pleeeeaaase..."

I really wonder what makes me do whatever he wants whenever he begs like that. Or maybe I just don't like to argue with him.

The sash is now hanging around my shoulders. πŸ˜’

"Shit! It's ugly... Take it off."

"Hey. I don't think so. You look good in it. You're just perfect." Ming gives me a thumbs up with a wink.

"Perfect? Hell no. I'm taking this off."

Ming smiles as he helps me remove it. "You're perfect to be my boyfriend."

I am so not gonna say anything about it. "Can we go now?"

"Khrub... khrub..." He looks very exhausted, but he still enjoys teasing me.

Boyfriend my ass. Do you think you can win my heart?

Shit... I don't know what to do.

"When I was on stage, I was really scared and stressful. Can you tell?"

How would I know?

If I didn't win, I don't think I'll ever get the chance to give you a ride like this. Now he's munching on the KitKat wafer he took from the backseat while driving.

"So you tried winning only because of me?"

"Please don't tell my fan club na khrub... But yes, it is. I made it because of you."


"I'm serious."

"You are..."

"Smart? Handsome?"

"Handsome my ass."

"I know it... Whenever you feel shy, you always act mean by swearing a lot at me."

"Shy my ass... Shut up, you piece of shit."

"There... You just did it again."

"Aish fuck Ming!"

"I'm right... Right? Hahahah!" I did swear a lot to his face, but he doesn't seem to get mad even a thing. "Your voice isn't like that of a mean person, but it's more like a kind person who loves complaining. It' kind'a cute."

"Shut the fuck up."

"There... I'm right again."

I'll never win this round so I decided to shut my mouth up. I spent the rest of the trip staring outside the window instead. There's something strange with the way he converses with me. I admit Ming is quite a charming type of person. He's a big jerk but he knows well how to flirt to make people feel good at him.

Suddenly, his phone rang. Ming flips his finger on the screen to take the call setting it to speaker mode as he drives.


"Pumpkin, honey. Congrats for winning." It's a girl on the other line. She sounded much like a cute girl. Her choice of words and the way she pronounces it is way ridiculous. They might have been used to having serious sweet talks all about sweet things.

"Hey, Sugar. How did you know about that?"

Yeah... This idiot has a sweet tooth too. πŸ˜’

"Wave called and told me about it. Congrats congrats, Sweetie Pie. You deserve it after practicing so hard."

"Thank you, khrub. Why don't you come see me tonight?"

This conversation is way too sweet like a newly wedded couple talking to each other.

"Well, pudding your university is too far away."

"So the pretty sweet pea from an exclusive university like you don't wanna come?"

"Well at first, I don't want to go that far but... Sweetheart, after seeing the picture Wave just sent me, I suddenly want to be there as soon as possible."

"It's too bad I looked way too handsome on stage." Urrgh... Give me a break, Ai'Ming. πŸ˜ͺ

"Yes. You're always handsome. Too bad I wasn't there." She sounds upset and so do I.

"Buttercup, I have to hang up now... I'm on the road. Can I call you back?"

"Don't forget to call na. I feel so lonely. I'm all alone. My roommate is out tonight."

"Khrub phom." Ming turns the car. "Don't forget to have dinner na khrub. You're getting skinnier lately."

"Okie dokie, Cookies. You too na."


"Call me na..."

"Khrub phom."

The other line hang up. Now it's getting awkwardly silent inside Ming's car.

What do you really want, huh? Seriously, what are you doing?

"What would you like to have na, khrub?"

"I'm not feeling hungry anymore."

"What? No way... You have to eat something. It's already late."

"I'm not hungry, really."

"Let's go to this restaurant then. The one next to Seven-Eleven."


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We parked next to a small noodle shop on a sidewalk just across the campus. He sure this is really the restaurant where he would like to eat? There are so many students passing by around this place.

Fuck... Anyone can easily see us in this place!

"What do you want?" Ming asks me with a smile... But I don't know why I hate that smile so much this time.

"Same as yours then."

Damn! This is so irritating. I don't want to eat anymore. I just want to go home and study.

"Okay..." Ming walks in to place an order. What would you expect? People are gawking at him gossiping about this guy being the New Campus Moon. He even makes the daughter of the Noodle Shop owner blush while taking Ai'Ming's order. She should be aware at least that this guy is such a playboy.

"Iced water khrub

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"Iced water khrub..." He brings me a glass of their complimentary drinking water. "I was kind'a worried you would change your mind so I decided to eat here instead."

Huh! He's right. I was about to change my mind indeed.

If he hadn't parked his car right as soon as possible, I might have told him to just drive me home.

I don't feel like eating anything at all. I'm so angry.

"What's the matter, khrub?"


"You look mad... I'm worried."

"Don't you have anything to tell me?"


"Really? Like nothing at all?"

Ming looks confused for a while and then... "OOOHHH!!!" He says out loud. "It's about Moo'Wan, right?"

Who on their right minds would put up such a name? 'Moo'Wan'? As in Sweet Pork?

"She's my ex-girlfriend."

I stopped playing with the chili powder cup I am holding immediately.

"She doesn't sound like an 'Ex' to me." Why the fu... Why did I chose such idiotic words to respond to him?

"FUCK! SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! I forgot." Ming pulls his hair with both hands all of a sudden. "I used to talk to Moo'Wan like that. I forgot how it might have hurt your feelings... Oh, thank you, khrub." He takes the first bowl from the waitress and handed it to me. "Listen P'... Moo'Wan is the longest relationship I have ever had out of about... How many?" He counts mentally using his fingers. I'm sitting listening carefully. "Thirteen..."

I spurted out the water I just drank. Thirteen!!!

"Hold on... or it's actually Fifteen?"

What?!?! "Doesn't matter."

"I'm really sorry... I never counted them before." Ming passes on the napkin for me to use. "I'd dated Moo'Wan for more than a year before we broke up. She was the latest girlfriend I had. We were so close to each other that after we went on our separate ways, we still kept the same type of conversation we had. Moo'Wan calls me with a lot of pet names and we think of it as our way of keeping our friendship."

"Why did you broke up with her, then?"

"She caught me falling for someone else."

"Why are you being such a Prick?"

Ming only shrugs it off. "I really didn't think about taking another step forward at first... But I also don't like Moo'Wan enough to push our relationship further anyway. Cheating on her is not an option, so I decided to just stop whatever is going on between us and remain single.

This guy is a fucking complicated one. Ai'Pha had never been in such a complex situation. He's got a girlfriend yet he likes someone else, but doesn't have the gut to make another move... What kind of a fuck is that?

"It's really not that complicated, see? I'm trying to date that person."


"In fact, he's eating noodles sitting right in front of me as of the moment."

I almost choked on the noodles upon hearing his confession. Shit!!!

"Are you alright?'

So was it because of me? I was the reason why they broke up? Between Ming and that Nong'Sweet Pork. "You're joking, aren't you?"

"I'm not joking. It's true I am such a player most of the time... But whenever I tend to get serious, I can stay focused on that person only."

"That's enough..."



"You're misunderstanding things, aren't you?"

"I'm not misunderstanding anything."

"But you're getting so mad at me."

"What? Of course, I'm not."

"You must be thinking I'm still in a relationship with Moo'Wan, aren't you?"

I dropped the chopsticks into the noodles to make him stop. I think I'm looking angry by the moment.

"Okay... I'll stop talking to her from now on."

"Hey, wait..." I was shocked, looking right at Ai'Ming.

"She told me before that she'll try to forget about our relationship, but she couldn't. So maybe I'll just stop talking to her from now on."

"Hey... You're about to make that girl upset."

"How about your feelings?"

I was stunned hearing his words.

"If I'll keep talking to Moo'Wan and dating you at the same time, how would you feel?"

Strike again. I'm having mixed feelings between him being straightforward about his feelings towards me and him thinking about Moo'Wan at the same time.

"Just do whatever you want to do." This isn't me at all. This is embarrassing... I hid my face by turning my attention back to the noodles I was digging in. I thought I wasn't hungry but now, I am so ready to order another bowl of noodles.

"Then..." Ming speaks softly that's why I have to look up at him which turned out to be a bad decision because the idiot is staring right at me in his sweetest smile along with his deadly charming looks. "Date me..."

Now he's even wriggling his eyebrows at me. It's so annoying. He's even smiling with those small eyes half closed. Shit!!! I hate myself now.

I showed him my fist but he didn't seem to get intimidated by it so I decided to stop and use it to scratch my head instead.

"Are you granting me permission now?"

I still kept on scratching my head. "Don't you want to eat? The soup is getting cold now."

"Give me your answer first."

"Ai'Mng... Are you eating or not? If not, I'll take that bowl then."

I shouldn't have said it. He gave me his bowl of noodles which was left untouched right away.

"You do eat a lot... But that's okay. I can afford to take care of you in the future."

"Shut up... Who told you anything about the future?"

"You haven't given me the answer yet so I'll take that as a 'yes'."

I really don't know what to say anymore. This kid is getting into my nerves.

I ate the second bowl without caring about the flow of our conversation any longer

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I ate the second bowl without caring about the flow of our conversation any longer. He makes a step forward to me real fast in a very straightforward manner. It shut me up completely.

I keep on telling myself how I like girls with big boobies. In the end, I am shaken by this boy sitting handsomely in front of me.

That's it for the date

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That's it for the date. (It's Ai'Ming who defined it to be as such, not me.) He gave me a ride back home. As he pulled his car to the parking lot, he looks up to the building with a mumble. "Your room is real close to Ai Fucking Yo's. Should I move here too?"

"Where's your apartment?"

"Would you like to pay me a visit soon?" He smiles like the way a spoiled kid has just gotten his candy. I shouldn't have asked him that stupid question in the first place. "Hahahah... It's actually on the other side of the campus, but I come here most of the time to pick up Ai'Yo to school. Well, I guess he no longer needs me. He got himself a new handsome driver from now on... Hey... Hold on. No, I think I should say I should be around here more often from now on."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'll be here every day to pick you up."

"It's not necessary. I have my own car. Besides, Beam lives next door. He can give me a ride."

"The next semester is going to start soon. Our campuses are located far from each other."


"I want to see you every day."

What the... "That's not possible... Unless you're on the other side of the campus, then it might be possible for us to see each other."

"Hey... That's a great idea."

"Thanks for the ride." I am about to leave his car when his phone rang all of a sudden.

The screen on his phone shows the photo of a pretty girl which can probably make Ai'Beam drool. Is she really a girl or a doll?

I know it's his 'Sweet Pork' so I rushed to leave the car to give him some time alone but his long arms grabbed me to remain seated.

He switched it to speaker phone like what he did earlier. Then he starts talking with a smile.

"What's up?"

"Why didn't you call me? I was waiting."

"I'm on a date... I was having a dinner."

What?! Why? Hey! I didn't go on a date with you asshole! I was about to say something but Ming covers my mouth with his other hand. He's way a lot bigger so I was having trouble taking his hands off me.

"You're on a date?" She sounds stunned.



"I'm not lying."

"Honey, why are you lying to me?"

"Not lying at all."

"We have been talking lately. I thought we were trying to recover our relationship."

Ming looks at me before he went on. "Have you remembered that time when I used to date you...? And Moo'Wan caught me liking someone else?"

"Yeah... What about that?"

"I'm dating that person now..."

I'm still struggling to take his hand off my mouth so I can snatch the phone from him and say nothing of what he said was true but it seems like someone on the other line is starting to get mad, like really mad. She's screaming her swears to Ai'Ming a lot. Looks like she's mad at him for giving her false hopes of getting back together and so on.

"No... I'm still talking to you because I thought I can help you solve the problem you're having, and I thought you need my pieces of advice or maybe you need someone to talk to."

At first, I thought he wasn't being completely honest with me. Someone who'd been in a relationship for over a year should still have some sort of feelings for each other remained, but after listening to their conversation, this time... It's totally different... Because the girl keeps screaming that she couldn't catch a word at all that's why Ai'Ming has to apologize over and over before hanging up.

He finally let go of my mouth as he heaves a long sigh.

I remained seated, blinking. I don't know what to say.

"She's sad."

"Me too... but I only have you in my heart. What can I do?"

I can say the word 'shock' isn't enough to describe how I feel hearing those sincerity in his words. "Am I really worth enough for you to do this?"

"Nope..." Wait, what? "But I like you very much... It's all that matters now."

It took us a long quiet moment, until it's time for me to leave.

"Hey... Congratulations." I told him for the first time.

"For what?"

"For winning the Campus Moon Title."

"Oh, right..." He takes the sash out from the back seat and hands it to me. This is yours."

"Hell no! It's yours."

"I got it for you anyway, so it's yours."

"No, are you crazy? You'll still be needing it to take pictures or you might have to put it on during some other activities."

"I can come to borrow it from you whenever I need it."

He's making that cute sad face at me again. 😣

This guy definitely knows how to get through my weak point.

"Hurry up in taking it back then." I took the blue sash from Ai'Ming's hand and left the car, but before I got inside the lobby, he slides his windshield down yelling at me from afar.

"Answer my LINE Messages tonight!!! Okay?"

------------*- To Be Continued -*-------------


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