Other name: Two Moons; เดือนเกี้ยวเดือน

Genre: Romance, School Life, Shounen Ai, Slice of Life

Date released: 2016
Views: 1273

Author: Chiffon_cake

Status: Completed

Translator: Chinitoblanco

Wayo is a college boy who’s secretly in love with his senior Phana since they were in High School. His love for him led the innocent young man to go after this guy in the same university where he studies to become a doctor. Along the way, Wayo or Yo faces a lot of obstacles to test the sincerity of his love towards his P’Phana or P’Pha. With the help of his best friend Ming and the others, will he be able to make it to win his heart? Now that he finally meets him and starts their reunion in chaos, how is he going to cope up to meet his expectation towards him? Yo is willing to do everything. Even if that means he has to be the College Moon just to attain his ultimate goal which is Phana’s heart.

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