29-Years-Old Bachelor Was… Brought to a Different World to Live Freely


29-Years-Old Bachelor Was… Brought to a Different World to Live Freely Volume 2 Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 - Osio Started

by SilverAmouras

On the day before the Great Deity Outbreak day, the capital city Alfen, which is I was getting close to ,was engulfed in heat. Drinks and dishes were served everywhere, and people danced enthusiastically.(Need to check the latter part for missing words)

One reason is that all the people from outside the wall have entered the inner city, and the population density increased.

I don't know if I can survive and get over the captain tomorrow.

Before the anxiety, people are enthusiastic about saying the last party of their life now, and lovers cherish their love

In fact, after the escape of the captain was announced, a couple who came to the cancellation was rushing to a facility that can perform contraception magic such as the adventurer guild.

It is because many men will fight with the captain tomorrow.

Men who have never held a weapon in the past two months have also been training with weapons in their hands.

It is also a big thing that those who volunteered for battling the captain were offered clothing and shelter, including their families.

"It's a great deal of trouble."

"It's a large bowl."

I and Marle were watching the scene below from our dedicated station on the fourth wall.

It's like a guardhouse built on a wall. From here you can see the new city, outside the walls and inside the castle gate.

This room has a large bed, a simple table, and a shelf which is not so big.

It's an interior decoration that reminds me of the scorching quilt that I was staying at Cross Road.

I and Marl are looking roughly at such people with rough appearance.

Today I've been told that no one will approach this station unless there was an emergency. I and Marl were alone and just waited quietly.

"Why are you fighting with Captain?"[Marle]

I leaned over the sudden words of Marle.

Seeing my attitude, Marle continued to speak.

"You're not a citizen of Kingdom of Calendil, nor are you from this world in the first place. There is no reason why you should purposely take the lead and fight in the most dangerous places. Even if you don't, surely someone will stop the captain."[Marle]

I thought about it while pondering on Marle's sudden negative remarks.

"If you say so, that might be the case, but there are a lot of reasons for me. I would like to try my own power, get rewarded by the Calendil Kingdom, and so on."

Marle seems to be unconvinced by my words, so he is working on poison.

What did you think about the day before? I did not say anything until now.

"After that, I can protect Marle and the man in the house by fighting, or, if I say that there is no heroic desire to be a hero for everyone, it's a lie."

The boy and hero desire are inseparable relationships.

From young children to the elderly, I think that if you are a man, there is always a desire to be a hero that exists somewhere in your heart.

I have the opportunity and the power to do it but i can't meet it.

"You might die?"

"The possibility is not zero. I have a sense that I am strong, but there is no assurance if there are more opponents out there."

Or I may be crushed by the sheer number of people. A battle is all about numbers or so they say.

But I am not just a single soldier. I am a hero who can erase and flee a flock of demons all on my own.

"Don't worry, because when you're likely to die, you'll run away."

I think Marl is also uneasy. I might want to throw everything out and let me and two run away.

"I think that if we flee from here, I will regret it forever. I can say it with confidence."(Taichi)

I think that the guilty feeling that I was supposed to die would keep haunting me.

But this story is all right, yes.

"I'm giving up, this strategy is barren! Let's prepare more than that. Well, I will shake my arms after a long time."

I say so and get up and head to the door of the filling station.

Because it's barren. I can't help saying that I'm talking now!

"Cho, Taichi-san… I'm trying to have a serious talk here!"(Marle)

"Haha, if you feel so anxious, your stomach will hurt . It will be manageable."(Taichi)

I cooked my own food after a long time while leaving the simmering Marl.

There is plenty of food in the storage area and the cooking utensils are pristine, so it's really easy to cook on the fourth wall.

Stir the chopped vegetables and small bore meat and cook in a pan to make a soup, then season the small bore meat with salt and spices to make a steak.

Add to it the freshly baked bread from storage and you have a great dinner. Roughly.

"I can't help asking for the right now. If we are going for nice, Let's fill our bellies and sleep well to prepare for tomorrow! Oh, but I'm just scared a little, so please go to bed tonight.

"Yes yes"

Even though she looked a bit drowsy, Marle smiled.

Yeah, because I want Marle to be smiling. Let's survive.


The day after Marle and I Spent a lot of time flirting and pawning the night. I woke up suddenly in the dawn that the sun would not rise.

I had a premonition.

I shook Marl.

"Well… what happened?"(Marle)

"Get up and get ready, I felt something"(Taichi)

I unwrap the light dagger with the magic of light and place it on the table. It glowed enough light to change the interior of the filing room.

Marl jumped out of the bed quickly and starts to get ready.

I was also almost naked, so I quickly put on some clothes and bags. I sit on my ass with a bond sword and a hunter knife and go out of the filling station.

"It looks like nothing has happened yet."

"How about …."

While focusing on the outside of the fourth wall, I handed over the fruit instead of breakfast to the storage that says, Marr.

I think that the danger detection had caused me to wake up. I can't say I'm absolutely sure because I was sleeping, but maybe it is.

As I peel the fruit, I look out the fourth wall with magical eyes.

The unnatural point was…

A lot of magic reaction could be detected in the sky in the south-west direction.

It seems that it is still far away, but it's no surprise if it comes as a flying monster.

"A lot of magic reactions have been found in the south-west direction. Smell Marle, please go to the leader of the knights /head knight /head knight leader for reporting."

"Okay. Mr. Taichi, please be careful."

"Let's leave it. Let's slam up everyone."

I pull the junction sword out of the sheath and raise it high and start concentrating the magic.

Crystal, which is the core of the junction sword, made blue light shine, and the silver and silver sword began to shine brightly.

At the end of the sword, a light bullet is emitted that emits a bright white fist.


The dazzling light bullet shook the southwest sky at the same time as I drove down the joined sword.

With the tail of the light, the light gets stronger as time goes by.


An explosion that illuminates the ground surroundings as if it was daytime occured in the southwest sky.

The roar and shock waves arrive late.

It seems that the magic reaction caught in the explosion has disappeared, and all other reactions have crashed because of the shock wave.

Because it was certain height, it is alive though it is a demon.

Oh, I leveled up three times. Lucky.

You may notice the light or roar, as the inner city begun to get noisy.

Soon we will be ready for the defense of the capital Alfen.

A detailed info gathering network has also been built for this day, especially because Marle went to report to the Chief of the Royal Knights.

Well, the first move is a surprise attack by a flying-type demon that was hidden in the dark night. If it is me, it strikes a major force to the place where it is confusing, and it insults at a stretch.

As I thought about this, many magical reactions appeared from the southeastern forest far from the capital city.

The number is gradually increasing, and it is a momentum that covers part of the field of vision.

"If it's a little far."

Because it is far from the flight type demon from before, it will not reach even if it's the maximum blasting of a long range of the stone.

As you look and see, the number of magical reactions increases and begins to spread sideways as if surrounding the royal capital Alfen.

I don't feel like counting how many demons there are.

"How much can you reduce their number?"

In this way, the attack began .

A flock of impending demons.

The number is about twenty thousand.

The defense force of the royal capital Alfen is about 4,000 regular soldiers of the Kingdom of Calendil including the Knights.

About 1,000 adventurers, about 3,000 civil soldiers, and about 8 thousand regular soldiers are the strength of Alfen.

The number of demons is twice as strong here. It's not as bad of a fight if you think there is a barrier, but the demons in front of you are not necessarily all of your enemy's strength.

Naturally, a tough fight is to be expected…

"Ha ha ha ha! The demons are like trash!"

Several light bullets fly from above my head, stabbing into a flock of demons and causing a big explosion.

Demon carcasses, soaring pieces of flesh and offal were left behind together with many craters of tens of meters in diameter

Long-distance bombardment on a flock of demons -> Naturally many demons blows up -> Experienced Umar.

Long-range artillery is delicious. The level goes up more and more.

I feel like I'm over-fishing the fish that are full of ginger in the net.

Of course, all the demons cannot be settled only by my maximum blasting.

The demons broke through the gap between the blasts.

"Cavalry, raise your swords! Assault!"

"Stand down! What?!"

"Ora Ora bastards! Hold your bag! Hold your shield and protect your comrades!"

"I'm at it! It's the time to earn!"

In the aftermath of the explosion, many wounded by the shockwave of the explosion, the monsters of the hula are being deceived by the Calendilarmy, civil soldiers, and adventurers whose morale is breaking through.

It is deceived by a light cavalry slaying sword, taken in the rain of a crossbow bolt emitted by a civil army unit, and even when it breaks through it, an adventurer and a regular soldier's scorpion and a sword are pierced.

It seems that there are those who were affected were injured severely, and there were people who died in front of him, but it's not within the scope of my role.

My role is to shoot a massive blast at the horde.

However, my magic in not infinite.

"Mr. Taichi, is magic all right?"

"Hmm, I cut it in half"(Taichi)

Maximal blasting is only the highest class magic, and the consumption of magic is large. The efficiency around magic is a reward.

(Fact)The consumption of magic power per shot is 200 when it has no moveable body, and it becomes a cut from 20% to 30% by using the moveable body, but it becomes a cut by 20% and 20% in the case of a bonded sword. Become.

As of now, I'm getting rid of it and the level is 50, and the maximum MP is 3528 or so.

So, I raised the magic recovery to the maximum LV 5 with the excess skill points, but it has recovered about 8-9 per minute. It is a calculation that recovers about 500 per hour with a simple calculation.

Three shots will recover in an hour.

I'm not shooting consistently, so I can still fight.

The power of demons is also declining.

I don't really understand the purpose of this devil's actions.

My magic looks like it's about to be blown away, but it seems that ,the demons will get frightened and run away, but they will rush into here.

It looks like It's being thrust to die.

When I was looking at the battlefield while thinking about this, my spine suddenly shivered.


"What's wrong?"(Marle)

"No, I have a bad feeling of something"(Taichi)

Immediately after I said so, a black sphere appeared on the battlefield.

No wait, is it a sphere? Circle? Or is it a hole?

I didn't really understand, suddenly there appeared something like a dark black hole like the night sky. Danger detection tells me that this being is dangerous.

"What's with that bad atmosphere."(Taichi)

"I don't know… Surely, it's a hunch"

While I was talking about it, a black "hand" came out of the darkness.

It's a horrible a 'hand' covered in bloody carrion, with the flesh scraped down and bones visible.

"Hand" puts a hand on the edge of the dark so as to push the darkness. The darkness started to bend and expand.

It was obvious that something was about to come out of the darkness.

"The ultimate goal is to blast your opponent!"

Since I have no generous mind like a villain who gently looks at the transformation scene of the hero of justice, I burst into the darkness where something is coming out mercilessly.

That's not even one shot, a total of five.

A roar of noise bursting from the depths of darkness echoed in a row 5 times.

A huge red-black "hand" loses power and falls off the darkness. The point seemed to be blowing from the wrist.

By the way, the demons under "the hand" were crushed in quite a big number . What does that mean?

"Super! Excite!"

As a precaution, the "hand" that has fallen into the battlefield with the boulder is also blown away with a blast.

It will be a problem if you only move your hands.


"Evil has perished. Well, the captain has just begun."(captain)

I'm not a de M that bothers me to make a strong enemy appear.

Oh, the level up is now 3 at a stretch.

"What was it, just now?"

"Don't you know… First of all, it seems like the brave guy flew away, it's not a problem."

"Oh, oops, another time will come"

"Haha! It's time to earn money!"


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