29-Years-Old Bachelor Was… Brought to a Different World to Live Freely


29-Years-Old Bachelor Was… Brought to a Different World to Live Freely Volume 1 Chapter 1

29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta
Ch.1 -When I realized, I’m already in another world.-


When I realize, I’m now standing in middle of a grassland.

Look to the left, grass. To the right, grass. To the back, forest. In front of me is slope.

“What? He…Hey?”

I kept looking around.

But situation is still the same.

I try to touch grass below me.

Um, It’s grass alright.

I try to pinch my cheek.

Yeah, it’s hurt.

By the way, my belly.

The full of happiness excessive belly fat is now flat and straight.

I look at my own hands.

This is mine hands for sure.

But, the scar from old accident is gone. And my skinny arms is now have muscles.

“Calm down, Calm down me.”

While talking to myself, I adjust my glasses.

There is no glasses.

Me, whose eyes should be short-sightedness, is now can see like normal.

Well, in truth I should be in my room, sitting and faced my PC monitor and playing game like everyday.

Well, I should checking myself first.

What is my name?

Mitsuba Taichi, an uncle whose age will turn 30 soon, a plump body salaryman.

My parents divorced, mom die 5 years ago, dad is nowhere to be found.

Currently living with my grandmother and one dog.

Great, I’m still remember all my own information without fail.

And I still can recall all my past event. No problem.

“Well, Where is this place?”(Taichi)

I never seen this scenery before.

Can’t remember that I’ve visited here.

Normally, I should be sitting in front of my PC and surfing net, or under my blanket like everydays.

And how come this situation? I don’t understand.

Now, I should try checking my clothes.

Good thing that I’m not naked, because I’m only wear trunk when I’m going to sleep.

Clothes I’m wearing is tough looking pants, shirt and  leather boots.

Material is maybe hard kenaf thread, for my information I never had clothes like these before.

Nothing else is within mine body.

THE truly barehanded.

Purse, smartphone, car, house key, nothing at all.

I have no idea what I should do. For now I should go up that slope in front of me.

Maybe I will spot some familiar places.

No, if just there is people house, I should be able to do something.

“OH….”(Taichi)(TLN:He said this in english)

My expectation was beautifully crushed.

“No matter where you look, that is just freaking fantasy fortress town!”

What I see in front, next by grassland there is a strong looking wall made from stone. And pointy building that look like it came from middle age.

Dream? Reality feel dream?

No, details of grass, feeling of wind, no matter what I think it’s real.

Now, let’s choose.

First, should I go to town or should I go to the forest in the back.

Nope, what is in the forest, don’t wanna know.

How about fortress town? Is it really safe?

No weapon, no money.

Hell, isn’t there some tutorial?

[So, let’s explain.]


There is a voice in my head.

Wait? What? I’m scared here!

[You should have guessed by now, this is not the world you’re from. It’s different world you called fantasy world.]

Ugh… This guy speaking directly to my head…….!

By the way, isn’t this too cliche?

[Well, it’s a fantasy world you want, you should be happy.]


I pretend to be happy.

2 minutes passed, now I’m fed up.

[This world is different from yours, this world have magic.
Civilization here, If compare to your world it’s should be around middle age.
When you only goes for magic, so it’s become like this.

On other hand, science is not developed much, nearly none.

And there’s also something like “monster”, so be careful not to get eaten.]

“It’s totally fantasy world by the book isn’t it. So, what can I do, do I have special power.”(Taichi)

Doesn’t even try to think of whose voice is it.

When you can’t think about a thing, so you don’t.

[For now you’re not different from normal person, but if you collect experience points,

You’ll get power that even people from this world can’t be compared. Try open the menu.]

“Hah? Menu?”(Taichi)

Shortly after I mumble, some short of information is floating in front of me.

Current time, position, map, inventory, skills, and others menu that can be seen in RPG.

And my name became “Taichi Mitsuba”.

By the way, what is this ”God call ”?

[There is all necessary items for living for now in your inventory, use it worth while.

In skill menu, you can put your skill point for one you want, It can make you advance martial artist in very short amount of times, compared to normal ways.]

I look into inventory and found short sword, adventurer set, food for 3 meals, water and money coins in there.

In adventurer set there is also some necessaries tools for adventures.

Yeah, like in TRPG.

And it’s look like I can just chant in my head, then I can bring out an items.

As expected of another world, so fantasy.

“How do I get skill point? Can I reset my skills?”(Taichi)

[When you gain experience point and Lv. up, you’ll get skill point.
You can reset skill once every 20 Lv.]

“I get it…… By the way, there is a tons of skills.”(Taichi)

Just skim through, and I see over 100 skills?

Sword, pole arms, axe, bow, throwing weapon, there is a lot of weapons using catalogues.

And also types of magics such as earth, water, wind, fire, 4 main elements or light, dark, healing etc.

Production skills or life necessaries skill such as cooking, cleaning sewing, smithing, alchemy, farming, woodworking.

All that left is special one such as eye of heart, devil’s eye, appraisal, negotiation, steal, stealth, dodge, physical enhance.

Starting skill point is 10. It’s doesn’t fix at anything, so I have to try many things myself.

But, basically if skill Lv. is higher, the point it’s need more point.

And even some of Lv.1 skills is needed several point.

[Every skill have highest cap at Lv.5, some special skill doesn’t have cap

If you compare Lv. to martial arts, Lv.1 is experienced one, Lv.2 is skilled one, Lv. 3 is master, Lv.4 is grand master, Lv.5 is super human.]

“Bare-handed, bow, cooking is at Lv.1 from the start. and negotiation is already Lv.2”(Taichi)

[That’s experience you piled up from your former world.]

Ah, now I remember that I’ve had been train in shaolin kungfu before.

And I’ve tried bow a little too.

For food, I made it myself normally.

But, I still don’t get it all. Because I’m almost forget all the kungfu already.

Negotiation at Lv.2 is from the other side job….

“I get it, and when it come this way…. What do I need to do?”(Taichi)

[Do as you wish, Be the hero or evil, trying to find a way back to your former world or live here till you die is okay too.]

“So much freedom.”

So, first thing first is to prepare necessaries things to live in this world.

[And Tutorial end here, I will watching you time to time, but if there is anything then try call me.]

And voice in my head is gone.

For now let’s not thinking about him to much, He should be the great-great something.

Whatever is it, now it’s time to checking many things.

I open status.

Main status is STR VIT AGI DEX POW these 5.

My current digit is 28 36 24 32 127, POW is overwhelming.

STR should be physical strength, VIT is sturdiness, AGI is swiftness, DEX is precision, But what the heck is POW?

At the corner there is HP and MP point, my HP is 56 and MP is 147

[It is magic power, maybe?](Taichi)

It should be.

By the story about protagonist got sent to another world, it should have weirdly high magic power.

Then, after I got conclusion, I should try moving my body.

Let’s sprint for short length. OHH.. My body feel light, goodbye my overweight self.

Yosh, Let’s try spending skill point for physical enhancement skill.

It became STR42 VIT54 AGI36, but DEX stay the same.

Just 1 Lv. and it goes up by 50%, Great.

I can feel it when Lv. raised by 1, running speed is increase, and it more easy to breath.

Next is short sword from inventory.

Suddenly, there is short sword in my hand, it’s sure is heavy.

You should carefully handle sharp things, so I try slowly slashing.

When i’m used to it weight, I try slashing like in “real fight”.

Putting in strength is not good enough, and swinging sound is suck.

Um, this is totally like children playing with sword.

So I raised Sword proficient to Lv.1 and try slashing again.

Um, much better than last time.

Even I doesn’t put out much strength. Swinging sound is also good.

Next I spend 2 point and raise Sword proficient to Lv.2.

This time my lower body feel steady, it must have improved my body position.

Because, my movement got much better.

So, I should raise Bare-handed fighting so it can be use too.

Here goes Lv.2.

Because, if you have trouble in town, bring out sword is dangerous.

I attached short sword to my belt and check my status again.

Now I used 6 skill  points, 4 left.

These 4 should be put in Magic.

Healing magic first, Lv.1. And I also want attack magic.

But, there are alot of magics.

Darkness magic, Dimensional magic, Non-elemental magic, Ancient magic, there a lot of type that got me exite.

But for now, let’s focus on 4 main elementals.

In the end, after all those distress, it come out as Healing magic Lv.1, Wind magic Lv.2.

Magic that can be used from Healing magic Lv.1 is Heal.

Wind Magic Lv.1 is Wind bullet that compress air in to ball shaped, then shoot at target.

Wind Magic Lv.2 is Wind blade and Air shield.

I should test Wind bullet and Wind blade, to see how it’s work.

“So this is it. It’s convenient.”(Taichi)

Attack magic can be applied in various way, depends on your imagination.

Consecutive shots, many shots at the same time, alter it trajectory, it can be controlled in various ways.

I got absorbed into magic test too much, my MP have only 32 left, I nearly depleted it all.

Yosh, let’s go to the town.

After I starting headed toward town for a couple of minutes. Suddenly, animal that look like boar jumped out of the forest.

Sadly, real boar doesn’t have somethings like this creature.

What the hell is that enormous tusk?


I dodged it’s fast charge.

I don’t know what I’ve done to pissed it, ‘cause it turn around and charging here again.

This is so called situation isn’t it, the first battle.

I hesitate a little to take down a thing that doesn’t look much like monster. But if I got confronted like this, I only have to fight back.

I draw short sword out and dodge aside, then slash at it leg.

It’s gave out loud scream and fall down, I follow and piecing it throat and yank a blade out.

Blood gushing out of it wound, the boar is not moving anymore.

“I kill it real fast…”(Taichi)

I took life far more easily than I’ve thought.

When I was on former world, at most I’ve only kill mices or insects.

………Well, maybe I still can’t think of this as reality.

So, I try put it’s corpse into my inventory, and it state “Small boar’s corpse”.

When I try and press “Dissemble” button that popped up, “Small boar’s corpse” become “Small boar’s meat” and “Small boar’s leather”.

It’s sure is convenient alright.

After that, on the way to the town, Small boa and Big hornet attacked me, so I kill them tool.

When I check my menu again, I need just only a little more EXP. to level up, but now I’m on the road to town gate already, so I sheath my sword.

I passed by some native peoples, everyone look like they’re from Europe.

Because my face, black hair and black eyes look unusual for them maybe? They took a glances at me a lot.

I take a look at scenery of farm and pasture on side way while walking to the gate.

Certainly, there is a guard soldiers at the gate, checking people who want to pass through.

Now, will I understand when they talk?

“Next, show me your identification”(Guard)

“I just come from countryside, so I still don’t have one. ”(Taichi)

After standing in line, while listen to old peddlers chatting with each others for around 10 minutes, I said that with poker face.

Poker face and flowing with situation is basic essential skill for socialize ofcourse.

Guard soldier made a fed up face when he heard me.

Hey, How can you do that to a customer.

“If you don’t have one then go that way, They’ll issue you a temporary one and staying permit.”

Then he pointed his finger at stern looking building.

Seem like soldier need to issue document from there.

I’m little furious at the way he look after a customer, but I still doing as he said.

If I start ranting, I might got targeted from these law enforcers, It’s scary when you think about it.

When I get inside, I see crystal ball with handprint on the surface, placed on top of the table.

What is this? What happen when you touch it?

“Take a seat. First, issue fee is 5 big coppers, you have enough right?”(Guard)

“Ah, these right?”(Taichi)

I took a seat just as he said, then pretending to put my hand in my pocket, then take out 5 big copper coins from my inventory from there.

Now, I have 1 gold coin, 2 big silver coins, 8 silver coins, 13 big copper coins, 20 copper coins left.

To tell the truth, I still didn’t know how much lesser coin is equal to bigger ones.

I should hurry and learn.

“Correct, name?”(Guard)

“Taichi Mitsuba”(Taichi)

“What a strange name… Hometown?”

“Shikyuu (TLN :Earth in Japanese.), it’s very far, I’m sure you never heard of it. ”(Taichi)

“Shikyuu is it? Surely I never heard of it before. You didn’t have stealing or murder record before right?”(Guard)

“Ah, no”(Taichi)

“Un, then place your hand on the stone and declare yourself.”(Guard)

Then I place my hand on the crystal ball on the table and speak.

“I never have record of stealing or murder.”

At that time, crystal ball is growing out pale green light before it instantly gone.

Guard who saw that is writing something on the card that has the same size as credit card.

This stone must be lie detector.

“So, the procedure end here. This card is an identification for a short time stay, 
it’s merit only 3 days, after 3 days seal on this card will fade out. If you get checked in town and the seal is gone your have to pay fine for 1 silver coin, but if you don’t have enough to paid you’ll be turned into slave, So be careful.”(Guard)

Just illegal lodging will make you a slave, so harsh.

But, in the world that have monsters roaming around like this, food situation might not be so good.

Troubles inside town might be getting worse by anytime.

So, they just have to put this method in use.

“And where can I get official permit?”(Taichi)

“Fastest way is Adventurer guild or Merchant guild, but you don’t look like merchant, so better go to Adventurer guild. Location of Adventurer guild is to turn left after you enter the town.”(Guard)

After he finished he stand up.

So, It’s must be over.

“Thank you, I’ll take a look.”(Taichi)

“Aa, and welcome to Crossroad.”(Guard)

Then he gave me a thin smile and go back to the gate.