29-Years-Old Bachelor Was… Brought to a Different World to Live Freely


29-Years-Old Bachelor Was… Brought to a Different World to Live Freely prologue

  • (Hello everyone i’m going to do this novel too, but it will be 3 of “it seems i came to another world” and 1 of “29 years single to another world” actually from “it seems” there are 769 chapters and from “29 single” 90 so it should be 9 to 1, but… neee XD)

“A 29 years old” It is a story of a single guy trying to live freely in a different world.

From the first day I got forced to a girl and caught in marriage, In the tenth day or so, the country begins to glare at me and my life will not go well.

I will continue to live without losing. to such a difficulties (?)

Dissatisfied with the current life.

For example, my salary will not rise no matter how much work i do.
For example, I am dissatisfied with the politics but I can not change it.
For example, the stimuli and thrills are insufficient.

There is a feeling of obstruction that can not be expressed in words.

For example, we can not have hope for future prospects.
For example, if you can not have hope for the future of the country where you live.
For example, you have time to work but do not have free time.

Meanwhile I think like this.

truly, I wonder if I am doing my best at work?
truly, Can not do anything on my own?
truly, Am i making an effort to realize something?

However, I do not like pain.
However, I do not want to get tired.
However, I do not want troublesome things.

Everyone does not like that.
I also do not like that.
So I escape to games, light novels, and the net.

I am the strongest in the game.
I master all kinds of weapons and holder of a mighty power.
Some times a brave who destroys evil, Some times a villain who can do outrageous things.
Although you can call me a coward, I will definitely be playing with good people.
Since there are many games with high degrees of freedom these days, I’m the one that controls the life and death which of the character in the game.
The time that I spend in free liberty in such a convenient world is pleasant.

It is pleasure to read the light novel’s [A convenient story].
An odd girl And A hero together are looking to obtain happiness.
It is a pleasant experience be pampered by a beautiful girl, while thinking [Nee~jujuju] or [simple~jujuju] in my mind.
Is this a recent trend?, to have an harem plus being an overwhelming/devastating/overpowering protagonist.
Pure/inocent, Tsundere, Big sister kind and Little sister kind, Not only sister-in-law rather recently even real sisters.
And others like old-loli (lolibaba), Elfs, beast girls, demon girls.
My strike zone is as wide as my desire.

The net is overflowing with a lot of similar thinking fellows “I am dissatisfied with my current life”.
In a strange lukewarm sense of solidarity, it is pleasant to share an anonymously dissatisfaction to the world.
And the net is full of entertainment.
We just consume content made by someone who we does not even know his face.
After enjoying one content, next one.
After the next pleasure is over, Again to the next one.
I will not pay attention to the efforts of those who created the content.
Single-mindedly enjoy the content as a consumer.

Is this really OK?

I suppres such a voice of my mind and escape again.
Because it’s painful, exhausting, I do not want troublesome things.
And such me suddenly said such a thing.

“Ah … Become a resident of a game kind fantasy world . Being the main hero character but not normaly but in very easy mode”

Does anyone think about it once?

It is always in hard mode to play such a game all the time.
If you actually go, you should have Very Easy Mode.

And there was a voice that respond.

“Very well. Let’s see if you can”

And my consciousness turned dark.

TN:What happens with this guy? I think even press keyboard and the mouse tired him…kami-sama please punish him whit with a wife, kids, getting fired, taxes and payments, and the worst a divorce and lost the house and the car XD