143 Kaoru's Cake House

Other name: 143 Siri Maskeret Cinta

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo

Date released: 2007
Views: 5669

Author: Fakhrul Anour

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Unknown

Jasmine lives with her mother after the death of her father. They move to a new place to start life afresh and to their surprise, a bright new life indeed awaits them. Jasmine spends her day surrounded by the flowers in her mom’s shop and enjoying the delicious cakes from Kaoru’s Cake House. Life becomes more meaningful when loneliness is replaced with friendship and love! But not all love have a perfect ending, some may end up a tragedy. What will happen to Jasmine’s love? Anything is possible in Kaoru’s Cake House… Note: This is a Malaysian novel originally written in Malay.
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