11 Ways to Forget Your Ex-Boyfriend


11 Ways to Forget Your Ex-Boyfriend epilogue

The Sender of 11 ways.

Minutes left before the plane will depart. I've been looking at my screensaver for a while..it's Sena.

I know that I broke up with her. I told her that I love some else but it's not the truth. I didn't love anyone, only Sena. But I don't have a choice but to break up with her and hurt her.. why?

Because if I’ll let her feelings for me to grow deeper, I know she will be more hurt sooner or later, because I'll soon disappear. I have a very severe heart disease that anytime I get an attack, it might lead me to death. I'm going to America now to have a heart transplant but my cardiologist said that I only have 20% chance to survive. Sena was the first thing I thought when I first learned it. I don't want her to cry if she know my condition. I don't want her to know that anytime I will die in this age. I don't want her to feel that I will leave her forever. That's why I decided to hurt her in a different way, to broke up with her. I want her to get mad at me and move on, I want her to forget me so that she will not cry if I die. I want her to forget her feelings for me, I want her to love someone that will be with her for a long time.

But I'm wrong..

"So what? Well today the people here in the canteen will hear how useless of a person who is named Allen!" we are at the canteen when I heard someone said my name, I saw Kate– Sena's bestfriend. She is looking at me very mad. Someone suddenly said. "Hey! My name is also Allen, watch out what you are saying miss!"

"So what?! Why?! Are you the one that I'm pointing at? Are you the ex-boyfriend of my bestfriend? Are you? HA?! " I know I'm the Allen that she is saying that time.

"Hey bro, your ex is hitting with you. Is she still bitter? Your charm is so strong bro!" I was surprised when one of my friend elbowed me, they know that Sena is my ex-girlfriend.

“I’m going back to my class.” Sena stood up and took her things, she run towards the exit of the canteen. Her face is so sad, like she would cry any moment.

When that happened, almost five months had passed since I broke up with her. I still haven't move on and I will never move on. I thought at that time Sena will forget about me. But my world suddenly shook when I saw her at the canteen at that time, especially when I saw her sad face.

I think Sena is still hurting. And it's hard for her to forget about me at that time, I want to help her and ask myself, "How"

I really thought about it during class and not long after, I thought of a plan. While we are at the computer class, I was not listening and busy searching in google 'Ways to forget your ex.' A lot of results showed, I read almost twenty of them. There are a lot but I decided to only take 11.

“Your ex-boyfriend is not worth it. I know it’s not easy for you to forget him so that’s why I’m here to help you. From now on, I’ll be sending letters in your locker. 11 letters which will tell you ways to forget your ex-boyfriend. I promise you that it will only take 11 ways to forget your ex-boyfriend.”

That was the first thing I wrote and stealthily put it in the hole in her locker while she is not there. Because before the class ends, I always volunteer to our last teacher in the afternoon period to help her carry her things since the way to the faculty room and the way to the locker area is the same. Every time I carry things to the faculty I always find time to put notes in her locker.

  1. Put away all the remnants that remind you of your ex.

I know Sena's character is to value all the things that  an important person gives her. When we are still in a relationship, all the things that I can gave, I gave it to her. I often wrote her letters because of what we said before, the old days is good and is sweeter to have a a love letter when compared to a text. I also gave her necklace, ring, teddy bear, roses and anything every time there is an occasion or even there isn't. Keeping anything that reminds you of your ex out of sight will help you to think about him less, that's what I read in the internet and I believe it's true.

  1. Make his name a badword.

When we are at the canteen, I notice that she always say or think my name? If it's yes, then it's not good. If she always think my name, how will she forget me?

From: Trey

'bro, a pretty girl is looking for you. She said her name is Sena. Do you know her?

When Trey texted that to me. I ignore his text, but the truth, I'm wondering why Sena is looking for me? I thought at that time, it’s me who is sending notes in her locker.

The day after that when I arrive the classroom, Trey talks to me. He always ask if who is Sena to me. He is really stubborn, he also ask Sena's number but I didn't gave it to him.

"Don't be selfish bro, why won't you give Sena's number? She's not your girlfriend right?"

I was stricken when Trey said that, that's why I decided to gave Sena's number to him.

  1. Do new things to keep you busy.

I know Sena has the tendency to be lazy that's why she had a lot of free time. But the more she had a free time, the more the time she would think of me. I don't want her to think things, because I know in the end she would only think of our memories together.

  1. Indulge yourself.

When I followed Lala to her locker, I was surprised to heard her talk.

"If you are here, thank you."

I looked at her but I suddenly look down because Lala's things dropped. I'm in that place at that time and she thanked me, does it mean I really helped her?

Lala is my girlfriend at that time. I don't really love Lala, I just made her my girlfriend because she would be my rebound of the pain I felt every time I thought of Sena and on how I can't be with her anymore. I know that using Lala was bad but I also just gave her face, she confessed to me crying at that time.. She said that she really loves me that's why I accepted her even though I know I would just hurt her. I was really lonely at that time and I need something to past my time.

  1. Meet new people.

I know I'm not destined to be with Sena that's why I'm want her to meet people, because I know is he just somewhere. I want her to meet him.

"Bro, I have a blind date but I'm really not feeling well right now. Will you go instead of me?"

"Eh? No way bro."

"Please bro, it would embarrassing, today is the day that I suppose to meet her. Maybe she prepared and may think I didn't showed up. She might be disappointed. Please bro, it won't hurt if you try having a blind date. And I know you are not serious to Lala."

"Okay fine," I agreed to the blind date to past time, "What is her name? Do you have her picture?"

"I don't have her photo, she won't gave me but she said her name is Sarah."

I agreed to the blind date, expecting to meet someone named Sarah but.. it's Sena, she used a screen name. I thought at that day, I will only meet her once but that night when I went to the club to past time, I saw Sena again. I'm pissed, I said at that time that fate is playing with us. I just look at her stealthily, she drank and drank.. She doesn't usually drink because she gets drunk easily. She went to the dance floor and just dancing to anyone. That's why I decided to get her out from the dance floor. She didn't recognize me maybe because she is drunk. While she is still dizzy, I put a paper in her pocket, "Here read this when you're in a proper shape."

#6. Entertain suitors.

At that time, I always talk to Trey. He talks how much he loves Sena, he also said that he know I'm her ex and Sena is always crying because of me. I just said to him that I don't love Sena anymore although it's not the truth.

I adviced him.

"You love Sena right?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Bro, just an advice from a friend.. can you court Sena? Can you help Sena to forget about me? Court her bro. Please, I beg you."

"Allen, even if you don't say that, even if you won't beg, I'll really court her. I'm just slightly block headed  that’s why I only thought of it recently. Just don't take her from me, Sena is mine."

I just smiled at Trey even though inside I am hurting. I trust Trey and I believe in him, I know he truly loves Sena and he won't hurt her.

#7. Go out on a date.

#8. Have atleast 3hrs call with a guy you dated recently.

"Just an advice bro about you courting Sena."

"What is it dude?"

"Invite Sena on a date, she likes theme parks like Enchanted. She will really enjoy it."


"Yes. While riding the rollercoaster, hold her hands. Even though she looks strong while riding the rides like that, she is really scared inside. Also shout that you love her."

"Allen… while are you saying this things? Do you really don't have any feeling to your ex?"

"I don't deserve Sena, I will only hurt her. I trust you Trey, I hope you will make Sena happy." I turned from him but before I started walking I talk again, "And by the way, after that date, try to call her for atleast 3hrs or more. She will really appreciate it, believe me,"

I look like a fol at that time, I followed their date in the Enchanted..I will soon leave and I want to always see her.. especially her happy face.. I want that before I leave, I will see her happy and not hurting, that she can live without me..

"Uy, why did you leave the bench? What happen?"

"Ah it's nothing, I think I saw someone I knew. I think it was just my imagination." you are right Sena, I am just an imagination in your life. I will only be your imagination, that shouldn't exist in you life so that you won't be hurt. 

#9. Enjoy his company.

I don’t deserve you Sena… Sena, you deserve someone like Trey that will treasure you and won't let you cry.

#10. Evaluate your feelings.

Lala and I are over, I broke up with her. I told the truth to her, she's the only one who knows.. I said sorry to her and I know she is hurting. But I can't do anything about it, I just hope that Lala will met a guy that will love her. Afterall, she's such a sweet girl, she deserves someone better.

Before I went to the airport, I put the way # 10 in Sena's locker. I know that her exam will take long and be over til’ 12:30pm. That's why at exactly 12:30 I called her.

“Hello?” I really miss her voice, I think it will be forever be embedded in my mind. I did not  miss the opportunity of our last conversation, I recorded it.

“Sena…” …I love you…

“Ah, Allen… why did you call me?”

There are a lot of things I want to say to you but I don't want to confuse you. It's enough to me, to see you be happy with Trey.

"Trey loves you, trust me. He will not hurt you.""I'm happy that you are happy with him. I'm really happy for you. Don't cry again Sena, okay?"

"Last question, do you still love me?"

I heard my flight calling, I stand up before I switch off my phone..

“Sena, dare to fall inlove again. That is 11th way to forget me.”

Goodbye, Sena Marie Reyes


I know Allen's been a jerk but he just choose what he think is best. He choose to let go of Sena.

Let Me Tell You, Allen (Sequel)

What is between life and death? I've asked this question a lot of times but only one person gave me the not the exact answer I'm looking for but the most accurate one.

I met a girl, she met me. And thus said, THAT between life and death is where she led me.

"What is between life and death, you ask? From my experience, let me tell you Allen that between life and death is…hope."

Though it's a sequel but it's a completely different story from 11 ways. The setting is different and a new character will be introduce. You can read it without reading the 11 ways. I hope you will read it!



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