11/23 Chapter 6

Did you miss Miko’s emoticons? I did~ On the other hand… Jhing is tumblr_lslg7vPSrC1qgp134

¹Bunso- The youngest sibling in the family. ²Nay- "Nanay" means Mother while "Nay" is Mom.


“Breaking ice for the second time around will be the hardest.”


Thank you for the editing opportunity. Unfortunately, the moment arrived where I must choose between life or death. To further save myself from any more damage- resigning is the best resort.

Because… I don’t want Melchizedek Jesus Crux to fucking read my novella.

Anyone else but him. Or else I'll die.

Jhing was really tempted to get that resignation letter on the top of her boss’ table the next day, but she was surprised to see no Miko in the lobby, his own cubicle, or even on the hallways.

That's why she was all smiles as she walks towards her chair.



She’s hoping for him to get fired for being absent so Jhing can be hap- gods, what the hell is she thinking? Act cool, Jhing. Just go with the flow, and get your goals intact.

Do not get distracted.

Jhing downloaded a big file on her computer. While waiting, she went to the pantry to get her coffee. She was so happy that she almost skipped her way but the two feet who was preparing to fly abruptly stopped when she saw… him.

He sat on a corner, a coffee tumbler on one hand while the other is typing something on his laptop.

Jhing didn’t know Miko was capable of wearing eyeglasses… but who the hell cares?!

Jhing ignored him and started making her coffee. While doing so, she felt a pair of eyes studying her every move. In the end, she couldn't take it anymore so she turned her head to Miko expecting that the man will look away the second she sets her eyes on him.

But lo and behold, Miko didn’t even blink.

He just stared at her.

He even raised his coffee.

And smiled.

Okaaayyy, the plan backfired.


Jhing looked away from Miko before running back to her cubicle. Is there an evil ghost chasing after her? Nope. But it indeed felt like it. Jhing can’t do this- no. She can't let that man read the novel.

The resignation letter… it was tempting to print it.

Good thing Miko was only working half-day. Before lunch, he was already nowhere to be found…. not that Jhing wanted to know why he wasn’t in his cubicle. It was just a coincidence that he was mentioned during their lunch conversation.

“He has a meeting with his client.”

“Client? I thought he's our illustrator?”

“Is he not allowed to have his own client, girl?" July said while laughing. “He has his own business so maybe this work is only his past time or something. I heard he was recommended by the higher-ups ah.”

“He’s actually good, in fairness,” one of them added. "I was peeking at his work. He draws quickly but it didn't mess up his art. I also love the cute color palettes.”

“He's also cute,” another one said which made Jhing almost coughed her food out.

“Guys,” she just called after drinking water, “Change topic.”

“Hmm, why?” A knowing smile on July’s lips. “Touchy subject?”

July wanted to know something, Jhing can feel it. She’s a writer after all. Writing and reading body language is an expertise of hers.

And nope.

July won’t have any answers or confirmation.

There's nothing to confirm anyway!

Jhing returned the smile. “He'll die from sneezing if you keep talking about him behind his back.”

“That's okay! I'll take care of him—”

“Says the pregnant one,” July laughed while caressing the stomach of their pregnant co-worker. “I'll report this to your husband.”

“I'm just appreciating the God’s work ah.”

It was a pain that Miko’s presence was near her - but a torture that even without him, he still managed to get into Jhing’s circle of life.

Fucking shit.

The day became slower than usual, Jhing was bored out of her mind. She wanted to go home already because she was tempted to open her novella… but at the same time, too afraid of re-reading it again.

The struggle was real.

Jhing's day ended with a 'Thank you' from an author that received her ‘tip’ for the day.

The story is great but the chapter endings were a little stiff. There's something lacking. You should include boom factors in the last part of your chapters. A cliffhanger: write a revelation, a question, or an answer.

Cliffhanger is cruel yet an entertaining way to get your readers think about your story. They’ll be damned not to read the next chapter ASAP. 

This is just a suggestion, you’re still free to change or keep whatever you think might work for your own story.

Jhing was hoping for her life to be the same way because it doesn't have any spice to lighten up her day. It's too stiff, and something's lacking.

The next day, Miko was present.

It was uncomfortable especially when it seemed like his looks are just getting younger than older. Was it because of his simple black shirt, khaki shorts, and boat shoes get up?

Maybe something else?

But who cares?!

Jhing was reading her Mother’s text while walking towards her cubicle- ‘baby,  bunso¹ is shy so i have to ask u. u still have any money? need 1k for her subj. im sori about this.'

Jhing sat in her chair before replying, ‘Of course, Nay². I'll send it to you by break time or after work.’

A ‘bunso said thanks. eat properly so u wont get sick okay?' reply was enough for Jhing to smile.

But that smile quickly disappeared when she put her phone down on the table. Jhing didn’t notice the hot piping mug of coffee, her lips grimacing when her fingers accidentally touched it.

A hot coffee on her table?

She called July and asked her if it was hers which made the latter laughed at her question. “It's on your table, not mine.”

Jhing laughs too, “Thank you for the coffee.”

July looked at her in confusion before nodding.

While Jhing was drinking the coffee, she received another email from MJ Crux.

No Facebook? No problem! They have work email anyways, who cares if everyone else can read it! Bring it on!  

My goodness.

May I read your novella now?  

Jhing didn't reply. After a few minutes, Miko sent her an email by creating a new thread. This guy is all over her emails now ah!!!

Is the taste okay? :)


Jhing almost choked on her coffee. She quickly turned his head away from the screen because she was so shocked that a bit of the drink escaped from her lips.

She stared at the mug of coffee, at the email- then turned to look at Miko who was looking at his own computer.

The fuck!?

July was her savior when she asked if she can take a sip of her coffee. Jhing replied with "Go ahead. Just drink it empty, it's okay," she then got her second 'Thank you' for the day.

Free coffee on her table?

Never again.

Work was going smoothly until lunch came. Jhing heard Miko standing up and yawning. Not that she really cared, but his voice was loud enough to be heard by everyone.

“Lunch out?”

Everyone looked at Miko…. except for Jhing who became magically interested in her keyholder.

“Your treat?” one of them asked.

“Awtsu.” Miko laughed. “I'm just new here and you already want to punish me? I haven't even had my salary yet, okay?”

“You're the one who invited us.”

“Whenever I invite you out to eat, it will always be PFY," Miko said. "Pay for yourself!"

“Cheapskate!” they laughed.

“I'm not a cheapskate,” said Miko. “I'm in need of money.”

“For what?”

It was a shame that Jhing didn’t saw Miko’s sheepish smile when he said, “For the future,” because her keyholder was so interesting.

“Wow ah, future plans of Melki,” Facio said.

“Let's go! I'm hungry!” July called while poking Jhing in the process. “Jhing!”

Jhing wanted to ignore July but unfortunately, she didn't have an excuse because she wasn't listening to her music. Should she just say that her keyholder was so interesting that she didn't heart whatever they said!?

Argh. The answer is no.

So Jhing slowly turned to her workmates who were ready to go outside. She's the only one sitting on her chair and no matter how much she tried to ignore Miko, Jhing can still clearly see his expression as he waits for her reaction.

Jhing gave them an apologetic smile.

“What, what? Why not? Come with us!” A few of them started protesting.

She was about to open her mouth when Miko quickly chimed in. And Jhing disliked hearing Miko talk.

“Hey hey hey, a moment of silence,” he said with a smile.

If Miko was teasing her, it was pretty effective because Jhing is starting to get pissed.

"Miss Blanco is talking. Please listen.”

Was he mocking her or something?

Jhing ignored him. “I have something to do.”

“Do it later on! We should eat first!”

“I'll come with you next time,” she said.

Facio arched his brow. “You're not allowed to skip on my birthday!”

Jhing nodded. “Okay.”

“Let's go!” They haven't gone so far from their positions yet when they heard Miko's words and stopped.

“I can't go after all.”

Everyone shot a look towards him.

“You're the one who invited yet you're not coming?"

His face contorted. “Ah, eh…” Miko's eyes traveled from corner to corner before clutching his stomach followed by his expression turning worse. "My stomach hurts."

July was the only one who laughed. "Let's go, Jhing,” she called. “Are you sure you're not joining us?”

Jhing turned to Miko who was also looking at her, his hand on his stomach…. 

Miko will never be an actor in this lifetime.

If she will stay in her cubicle, and Miko is also here…. they’ll be left alone.

She stood up, walking towards the group, “I'll go.” She didn't stop her feet as she passes them by to reach the elevator. “I'll just go to the washroom downstairs first.”

“Effort?” July said. “Why do you have to go downstairs when there's a few here?”


The group finally start walking to the elevator until they once again stop because Miko suddenly ran towards them.

“Me too!” he said. “I also need to go to the washroom downstairs.”

The fuck? What the hell does he want?

“And why do you need to do your business downstairs?” Facio asked while laughing.

“It's on my checklist to vent all my feelings on every floor of the building," Miko answered. "I'll start it from the ground floor up."

That gained some laughter, a few ‘Yuck, that's gross, Miko!’ and high fives.

It was too late to back out when they entered the elevator. Jhing went to the corner while Miko fooled around with their co-workers. He instantly became the center of attention. It's amazing how he was already at ease with everyone.

“Ay wait,” July suddenly said to Jhing. “I forgot to wash the mug.”

After her words dropped, Miko turned to look at Jhing before looking at July, then back at her once again. She suddenly felt embarrassed so she stopped July from talking about the mug. Or the coffee.

Not in front of Miko, no.

Jhing went to the lunch out. Thankfully, Miko didn’t change his mind of not joining. However, Jhing did see him looking at her- at them- while walking towards the washroom as if his stomach wasn’t hurting like he told them to.

To be in a group is better than to be alone, knowing he’s nearby, right?

The whole lunch out, Jhing tried to act normal. When they got back to her office, her eyes accidentally fell on Miko’s empty seat. And no! Her eyes weren’t searching for him, okay? It just felt weird when that guy is not there until their end of the shift…… wait, what?

Wow, what's this, Miko has only been in the office for less than one week and she's already used to his presence?

Oh, fuck it, Jhing.

Another cup of coffee waited on her table the next day. Of course, Jhing just left it out to cold. Not that she hated the coffee or him, or something.

She just doesn't want to create any more connection.

But Miko had other plans for himself, unfortunately(?). The following day, a coffee on the table didn't greet Jhing; instead, Miko personally went to greet her, smiling, and a mug of coffee in his hand.

Jhing widened her eyes in shock because a few of them are staring in their direction!

“Coffee?” he said, oblivious of the surrounding.

The heat crawled on Jhing’s body. In the end, she forcefully dragged Miko by the hand towards the pantry. She didn't even care if the coffee on his hand started spilling.

When they got to the pantry, the people hanging out there glanced at their way which made Jhing become even more embarrassed.

But she ignored it.

Jhing let go of Miko's hand before facing him. “What's that for?”

“Coffee.” He offered the mug to her. “For you.” Jhing answered with a sigh so he added, “You don't like coffee?”

Jhing quickly blurted out, “Coffee makes me nervous."

“Ah…” Miko nodded.

“Are you nervous right now?"

There was playfulness in his voice and she hated it! Ugh. Jhing wanted to go back to her cubicle, or go home and never to appear before anyone else again especially in front of this man.

'Cause she hated that smile of his. She hated that look. She hated everything about this.

“Don’t talk to me,” Jhing said. “Don't say any words. I don't want to hear your voice even if it's just for 24 hours.”

Miko’s forehead creased. “What will happen to me if I do that? Do I get something?”

“I don't know. Anything.”

“Even a unicorn and a Barbie?!”

Jhing raised her eyebrows. Weird. She imagined different kinds of conversations with Miko the moment they meet but never this. Not like they’re… friends or something.

“Really?” her voice is filled with sarcasm.

She avoided his eyes when he laughed too manly for his look. “Seriously, you don't want me to talk?”

This conversation is going nowhere. “I don't know.” Jhing walked away from him.

“What if I farted and someone asked who it was…. Am I still not allowed to answer?"

Gods. She turned her head to look at him once again, “That's your problem?"

Miko’s lips pursed as he said, “I guess?”


Before Jhing stepped out off the pantry, Miko pulled her back by her elbow. In shock, she looked at the hand on hers before quickly pulling away.


She couldn’t stop her heart from pounding.

It was just a single touch!

“Are you going to talk to me after?” asked Miko. When she made a weird look, he added, “If I stopped talking…. You'll finally stop ignoring me?"

“Do what you want,” is what Jhing can only say before finally escaping.

She didn’t want to get too close to that Miko.

Please. She doesn't want to.

That's why Jhing felt relieved when Miko did not show up in the office on Friday. At this day, everyone was relaxing because the bosses were gone. One of them even brought a remote-controlled helicopter. The rest of the shift was filled with fun as all of them take turns playing it.

It was fun for Jhing until Monday came. Everyone- including Jhing, widened their eyes when they saw Miko… Wearing a black mouth mask which has a white design of horizontal 3 that served as the 'lips' of the mask.

Jhing wanted to claw her eyes out when Miko held a whiteboard with words that said:



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