11/23 Chapter 12

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“An unlikely situation can make an unlikely person have unlikely feelings.”


The reason why Jhing didn’t like physical activities started when she was in grade 6. Puberty meant changes, emotionally and physically. One physical education time, when they were passing the ball to each other in class, the guy who was bullying her… fuck that, Junko! passed the ball to her with so much force.

It was so fucking hateful because the ball hit her directly in the chest. The feeling was hell, Jhing thought she will get a breast cancer at the age of 11.

It didn’t stop— first the ball, second was in third-year high school: cheering. She doesn't like to dance, but it was required for the class to join the competition. Jhing wasn’t the lightest girl in class so she was one of the people who lift their classmates.

When they threw the girl up in the air, seriously what the fuck because that girl's feet stepped on her face before they both fell to the ground. And because that girl was pretty, everyone swarmed to help her and ask her if she was okay. On the other hand, Jhing went to the clinic by herself.

She was absent for a week: 2 days for her aching ankle and the other 3 for her damaged ego. Her ego hasn't even recovered yet but she needed to attend class. God, the black eye didn’t make her look badass, instead, Jhing turned into a panda.

A very sad panda.

Fortunately, PE in college was calm—General PE, folk dance, chess, and even darts which saved herself from ego damage and aching soul.

Going back to the present, Jhing never expected to wake up with a heavy body that felt like she was dragged to hell. Every inch of her body hurts as if she fought in world war 3. Just one single movement of her fingers felt like she was carrying a vehicle.

“Fuck…” she whispered as she tried to move her stiff body.

It hurts ah.

“Good morning to you too, Jhing.”

The eyes that were firmly close flew open the second Jhing heard that voice. She looked at the side, her neck fucking hurts! and saw Miko sitting on the monobloc. It's so early in the morning and there he is, full of smile. And what the hell was he doing—oh.

Oh, right.

She let Miko sleep in her apartment.

Jhing struggled to sit up, even taking the phone from her bedside table was so difficult for her.

“Does your body hurt?” Miko asked.

Jhing stopped herself from grunting in pain because Miko was watching her. After 100 years, she finally got her phone and saw her texts. One from July asking if she was going to work and another text from an unknown number.

Good Morning, Riona Jayne!

Jhing looked at Miko whose smile was widening. “You finally saw my message.”

Why is she greeted by Miko's foolishness first thing in the morning? Jhing mentally noted that she’ll block his number so he won't be able to bother her next time—not that there will be a next time.

When she put her phone down on the side, which made her winced in shoulder pain, Miko frowned. “You're not giving me a reply?”

Jhing wants to go back to sleep! But Miko sitting on the side, staring at her like she was kind of an amusing TV program, irritated her so she tried to get out of her bed. But fuck, NEVER AGAIN, that Caliraya adventure.



“Jhing,” called Miko.

Still not talking, she looked at Miko with her forehead creased. Fuck! Even doing such simple thing hurts!

While Jhing was still cursing a million times in her mind, Miko slowly lifted his finger and pointed to the corner of his lips. For a moment, Jhing thought it was something that made her heart beat faster but realized at the next second that it wasn’t what she thought it was—not that she was thinking of something, okay?!

Jhing panicked. She hurriedly wiped the corner of her lips, trying to get what Miko saw, but stopped her movements when she heard him laughed. Jhing turned her eyes to Miko whose face is contorted as he held his stomach.

Jhing's frowned deepens.

“I was kidding, there's no drool,” Miko said, still forcing to stop himself from laughing. “I didn't know you can blush in a blink."

Jhing's eyes widened as she felt her blood heat up. She wanted to throw a pillow at Miko, or even a book so it will hurt him more, but fuck, her body aches. Jhing suddenly had the urge to cry.

But she couldn’t cry.

Not in front of that Miko. Never.

That's why even if the pain kills her, Jhing forced herself to stand. Her legs felt like she was being stabbed by a knife every movement so her gait became slow and wobbly as she heads towards the washroom. On the way, she noticed Miko who was staring in a daze, breathing deeply, as he sat on the chair by the bedside.

She sighed.

After washing her face, Jhing thought Miko will go inside the washroom after her but, he was still there. She finally couldn't help herself and throw a pillow at him. Even though it was light, Miko winced and almost shouted in pain.

“Jhing, come on,” he complained.

“That was just a pillow,” she defended. “And I threw it weakly ah.”

That's when Jhing realize how Miko was very slowly turning his head to her as if he was too scared to move. He was also wobbly when he walked which almost made Jhing smile— almost, but not quite.

“Your body hurts?” she asked, her heartbeat getting slower.

“It felt like forever when I stood up from the floor and sat on that chair,” Miko said, doing little steps at a time, like an old guy. “It hurts so bad the second I wake up.”

Jhing’s forehead creased. “Since when were you awake? And since when were you sitting there?”

Miko nodded. “Early.”

So….. he had been staring at her for a long time?

What the fuck!

Jhing had no choice but to listen Miko singing inside the washroom with remixed of Aw, Ouch, Agh. While doing so, she saw the blanket that was properly folded on the side which made her felt guilty. She knew how hard the floor felt on her back even if there's a blanket laid on it. Jhing's whole body hurts after laying down on the soft bed, what more for Miko who slept on the floor?

Damn, she's even feeling hungry now…. And there's no food in the fridge.

After Miko went out of the washroom, they both turned to the door when someone knocked on it.

“It's here…” Miko said while wincing which made Jhing feel sorry for the guy for a millisecond.

“What's here?”

“Excuse me? Ms. Krus?”


What the hell?!

Jhing didn't know which one she should do first: smack Miko on his head or open the door. The decision ended up with a glare at Miko before she walked towards the door as fast as she could.

And she couldn’t make it any faster.

Jhing became even more annoyed because the hateful person on the other side of the door kept knocking. When she opened it, a delivery guy from KFC greeted her.

“Jhing Krus?”

Jhing wanted to look at Miko, make him explain what the fuck was happening, but her neck hurts! Shit.


Jhing was not the type who just frowns at anyone especially when they're not the one at fault for her bad mood, but it wasn’t the best morning for her…. and Crux? Really?!

“Your order.”

“I did not—”

“Finally!” Miko’s voice.

It only took seconds for Jhing to figure out that this crazy guy is the mastermind behind this Crux shit.

"We've been waiting for you, Boss! Where have you been all my life?" he laughed as he handed money to the delivery guy.

Wait. Did he just quote a song or something?

Jhing was left in a daze as Miko slowly went back to his seat and slowly sat on it. His brows almost stitched in between when he looked at the receipt. “Why is it like this?”

Jhing scoffed. “Why in the world?”

“Look, oh!” Miko said. Too bad Jhing couldn’t see it, their distance was pretty far. “I told them that it's spelled as C-R-U-X, but why did they write K-R-U-S?” He shook his head while mumbling. “Oh dear, these mortals are always messing up my name."

Unbelievable! That's his problem!?

“How did you know the address?” Jhing asked. “Why did you use my name? And your surname—”

“It says Krus, not Crux so it's not really my—”

“That's just the same!”

Miko made a lopsided smile. “Are you sure that you want my surname spelled wrong after your own?”

Long story short: Miko was talking about their non-existent marriage in the future.

Jhing's eyes widened, with shock, annoyance or something else, she didn’t care! The only thing she wanted to do right now is to throw him something, anything, but it will kill her whenever she makes any big movements.

It was when she was thinking of how to beat him up when Miko stood up and gave her the food. “Let's eat.”

Why was he smiling like a fool?

Instead of shouting at him or making a scene that didn’t make sense just because she wanted to get angry at Miko, Jhing sat at one of the chairs and proceeded to eat.

“Don't talk to my neighbors anymore,” Jhing said. She figured out that Miko asked her address from them. “And I'll pay you back.”

“Oh, you don't need to.” A hint of laughter in his voice. “All I'm asking for is just one smile.”

Jhing ignored the fast beating of her heart. Again. After eating, she grabbed her money and hand it to Miko.

“It's fine,” he shook his head.

“It's for everything.”

Miko stared at the money before looking up at Jhing who stood before him. “You don't need to pay for everything.”

“Everything has an equivalent exchange,” Jhing said and forced the money on Miko’s hand.

“But not everyone wants money as an exchange."

Jhing was taken aback when Miko held her hand holding the money. Her first instinct was to get her hand back, which Miko let go.

“Then don’t take it,” was all she could muster before turning away.

Shit. She's having difficulty in breathing. The apartment was too small for her and Miko—she felt like she was suffocating! She even saw the box….. Jhing kicked it further below her bed, wishing Miko didn’t see it.

She was slowly putting her money back to her wallet because:

1. Her body aches and

2. She doesn't like this awkward moment.

Good thing her phone rang, Jhing found an excuse to become busy.


‘Jhing,’ her Mother greeted. ‘Are you at work? Sorry, it seems like I disturbed you…’

Work….? She forgot her work! Jhing needed to send a sick leave or else she won't be able to handle her paycheck decreasing.

“It's all good. What is it?”

‘Ah. . . When are you going back here?’

“Maybe on Holy Week.”

Despite her Nanay’s coughs, her voice lit up when they talked about a few things. Jhing asked about her siblings while her Mom asked about how she was doing at work. Her eyes landed on Miko who was still in his seat watching her. Maybe his body still aching for he didn’t move much.

‘By the way,’ There was hesitation in her Nanay’s voice. ‘Jhing


‘Your dad—’


It took a single word to make Jhing felt anger, betrayal, and grief at the same time. Her Mom noticed her reaction so she became more afraid of what she will be saying. ‘Do you want to—’

If there was one person who Jhing respected the most, that would be her Mom. She doesn’t ignore what her Mom was about to say but if Jhing doesn't like the topic- she will quickly drop it.

“I still have many things to do. Let's talk about it next time," her voice was cold.


She didn’t even say goodbye. Shit. She's a useless daughter but who were they to judge if it runs in their blood? And add it to the fact that she's their first born.

“What was that?”

Jhing looked at Miko, who studied her from his seat. “What?”

“Your voice suddenly went cold at the end,” he commented. “So your mood swings really changes in a blink not just in chat, but also in real life?”

“One more word or I will kick you out.”

“What an Amazona, Jhing.” Miko laughed. “Don't you find my handsomeness so pitiful?”

She rolled her eyes.

Before a minute even passed, Miko was knocked out on Jhing's bed. She didn’t want him to sleep on her bed when he asked to do so but a tug of war will definitely be inevitable so she just let him off.

Good thing he wasn’t snoring, and yeah- Miko needed a peaceful rest. She couldn’t be heartless as she wanted to be, could she?

Even though Jhing was aching all over, she still continued her manuscript. She also talked to the author on FB. Jhing was amused that she wasn't butthurt, the author even wanted to ask about her comments.

They told me to 'show and don't tell' and that's what I did. It seems like it got boring with how long the descriptions were!

Jhing replied, Let me tell you a secret: it’s not about 'show don’t tell,' it’s about knowing when is the right time to show and when to tell.

The author asked, Any samples, Ate?

Example: She's hurting. 

[Instead of simply saying the character is hurt, try unpacking the emotion:

“Her heart aches because of what happened. The image of her loved one kissing another woman was destroying her. Her brain kept telling her that no matter what she does, she will never even be one of his choices.”

Or you can write a scene, a monologue of some-sort to emphasize the pain. But if it's not really needed, 'She's hurting' is already enough to tell.

You just need to know when will be the right time to pack and unpack.]

Miko woke up in the middle of Jhing’s editing. He bid goodbye. He explained that he still has some work left which made Jhing ask, “Why are you telling me this?”

Miko replied, “Maybe you're interested in my life? Just maybe. Of course, I won't change nor force what your interests in your life are. I'm just a handsome guy, not a magician.”

Juicecolored po.

“Just get out.” Jhing walked with him towards the exit.

“Jhing,” Mico called before he went out.

“Remember, November 23.”

She was confused. The question “Huh?” was answered by a text message by Miko.

The day we have been together for a whole 24 hours. ;) Thank you. Night.

Fuck her heartbeat and all the damn tingling feelings!

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