1000 nin no Homunkurusu no Shoujo tachi ni Kakomarete Isekai Kenkoku


1000 nin no Homunkurusu no Shoujo tachi ni Kakomarete Isekai Kenkoku Chapter 41

41. The First Note of Deadly Melody

“Hum, that really is something amazing.”

“Yes, it is, Esteemed Father. But, we can’t just believe this at face value. How in the world could a military force with such equipment appeared so abruptly …”

Duke Roberto and Salyut had just listened to the information their spy had just brought back from Jirumu with exasperated expressions.

“But, that probably is… the truth. The two we sent protégés in their field and know for their outstanding skill. If one of them is caught, they would undoubtedly swallow their poison. As for the one that managed to return…”

The Duke looked down at the hooked nosed man as he spoke.

The man kneeled down on one knee and was humbly bowing his head.

“You said that you barely escaped with your life. That is obviously an act of a person unfit to be a spy. Moreover, you said that considerably advanced traps had been installed. To change an ordinary government office into some kind of stronghold in a mere few days, that would require quite the a bit of knowledge and money.”

“There is also the perpetrators, Esteemed Father. They were reported to be those homunculi monsters and the man called Furutera Isshi. I doubt that a group such as that has the ability to do such a thing.”

Those words caused Duke Roberto’s eyes to glow sharply.

It was a look he often had on the battlefield in his younger days.

“Enhanced weapons and armors? 1000 homunculi soldiers? Siege weapons? And it was none other than one of my best spies that had seen it all!  Hahahaha!”

The Duke laugh for a while before a large 「Bang!」 was heard as he stroke his desk and angrily started to shout.

“This is someone’s perfectly planned trap. The young man and the homunculi are only the beat meant to entrap us. There is a mastermind orchestrating this event  from behind the scenes!!”

“What do you mean, Father?”

Salyut asked his father with a solemn look.

Roberto said, “Though I don’t want to admin….” before proceeding to answer his son.

“I fear that this whole event was instigated by the Empire. We already know about the large-scale gathering of armed forces that has begun in the east. Their planning to simultaneously sow chaos in the northern region while that is going on. If we make the wrong move, the nobles of  the western countryside will fall into disorder. All of this along with the homunculi occupying Jirumu. Hahaha, it’s a rather skillful ploy to diminish the  King’s faith in us as an Army Base.”

Salyut nods while he brushed his dark blond hair back.

“Rebellions in the west, the estrangement of the capital and the north, and a large-scale invasion on the east everything is connected…”

“This is an amazing strategy. As you’d expect from Emperor Bakira, he is not one to be underestimated. A ruler capable of expanding his territory to such a degree in a single generation …, he really is not your ordinary war fanatic. Conspiracies such as this are also is his forte. He is indeed rather crafty.”

“But, Father you weren’t fooled by this strategy.”

Salyut asserted his opinion with a confident look, and  Roberto responded “That’s right” with an encouraged feeling.

“The information about the arrangement of well-trained demons and siege weapons. If this indeed became a siege war, our number advantage will secure our victory. The number of days we spend in battle would undoubtedly damage the city though. The battle would also bring out the western noble worms and the King’s distrust. In other words, the battle at this Reignite Fortress City will result in our defeat simply by it being initiate.”

Fuu, a fierce smile floated on Salyut’s face,

“Then, the answer is simple. Those guys are set to begin their march soon, however, their progression will be slowed due to transporting those siege weapons. In that case, we just have to launch an attack before they even arrive. That way this clever scheme will be rendered meaningless.”

“That’s right. However, I already realized these before you said it.”

Roberto said so as he laugh in genuine amusement and he looked at the diligently kneeling servant that awaited his command.

“Haha, I’m extremely delighted.”

The hooked nose man lowers his head even lower.

Roberto took a moment to enjoy the satisfaction of the servant’s actions before making a declaration.

“Men of House Weharl, this is an order from field marshal Roberto. We shall engage the army of demons at Bermtrawl plains. Gather every soldier you can! But be sure not to cause any unrest in our territory as you do so.That is what the Empire wants. We shall use our entire army to annihilate the enemy!!”

Salyut trembled with excitement at those bloodcurdling commands.

“Haha, this Salyut will stake my own life on the line to eradicate the enemy!! We will trample this demon army beneath our feet!!

Umu! Duke Roberto nods vigorously, as if that he already had victory with in his grasp his hand.



“Humhumhum, humhum, humー”

The cheerful humming of a girl echoed in a small room.


Her echoed humming gradually became louder.

“Humhum, hihin, fufufufunー!!”

The humming continued like a lingering chat as it began reach its peak,

“Hahiーn . . . yan yan yan . . .”

The girl’s song rose like an insane cry.

Honestly, it was driving her neighbor nuts.

“Come on! Please stop humming that strange song!! How many times are you gonna do that today!!”

Fortuna Rossa was the one that stormed into the room yelling.


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