1000 Trillion Conglomerate


1000 Trillion Conglomerate Chapter 2

The sight seen from the bus window quickly passed.

My head is complicated.

First, I think I should be happy to live without death.

I have survived sunlight in a dry sky, you know, in the world ... or something a trace of surprise

Is that a pretty good problem?

But I do not want to.

I do not even remember how I got off the summit of Mount Bukhan.

I am afraid of the sudden situation and I just want to go home.

So I waited anxiously for the bus to stop.

Although there are some people who see with strange eyes.

It's also natural.

It survived, but the trail of the shock was in places.

Some of the outfits that he was wearing were squeaky and looked like tanzai.

It may seem like someone escaped from a fire scene.

Huh - I'm out of pathetic.

After sitting on the bus, I sat in the back seat and now it is stable.

'Hyper system is running ...'

I had nothing else to remember in my head.

The message that first appeared in front of me was astonishing.

When I came down from Mt. Bukhan without any hesitation, the message that I had looked at before was completely gone.

Will it look again later?

It feels just like seeing a welcome.

If i tell this to someone, i'll be treated like a madman.

Maybe she'll book a mental hospital.

After a while I got a broadcast to announce the stop I had to get off.


The steps to walk home are heavy.

A shabby house in Daldong.

It is a place where you have to pay the full amount every month on a monthly basis.

Since when did I get the idea that I want to stick to money and make money?

After my father died suddenly in junior high school.

The death of the head of the house.

A series of poverty that followed.

Until the third grade of junior high school, it was still happy life.

It was not rich.

Afterwards, I realized how much money makes people miserable.

Until then, my dream was to become a scholar.

However, while i was leaning and living in poverty, i chose to relate to money.

That's business administration.

It was never easy to study and study in business administration.

Still, I searched hard and hoped for the future.

After graduating, I expected to work for a good company and build my career, and then I will fulfill my dream.


However, I am suffering from the earth shock,

I opened the door - rusty iron door.

I do not know when and where the landlady turns on her twin in the snow.

In Korea, not only the upper classes are rich in money, also more power than others.

He does it because he has more wealth.

One of them is a landlady with a grudge against the face of grudge and wickedness.

It is a common phenomenon for homeless people in Korea that renters see the landlord's perception.

"But I'm glad."

I sighed a sigh of relief.

If you see me now, I am a refugee without protection.

To the pants with burnt tops and dirt on the ground.

I looked roughly and struck a thunderbolt falling from the dry sky, and seemed to be rolling the soil floor several times with pain.

Because of that, there were places in my arms and legs that were torn and bruised.

I would have been more surprised if my mother saw this.

He is a poor man who has no physical condition.


The more you think about it, the bigger it gets.


"I think I'll just live."

I rubbed the clothes and torn clothes and replaced them with new ones. I'm in the shower now


It is a place where I have to worry about the rent every month, but still here, my mother and my sister

It is the place where Jia Ai is staying.

It is a sweet home, I am a homeless person on the road now

The first goal is to graduate and work for a good company,

I wanted to escape from the monthly rent.

And I wanted to send my sister, Jia Ai, to study without worrying about college tuition.


I really wanted to.


The sharp voice from the outside digs into the room.

"Look at this. Have you been renting for a few months? "

"If you wait a little while, I do ..."

One is dignified and the other 's voice is despised.

Anger rages without knowing me.

I have already seen it several times and have passed through it every now and then but it will be hard today.

"hallo mom."

"Min-ah! When did you come? "

"Just a while ago."

I answered my mother and looked at her mother's house.

My mother was embarrassed.

When I was about to say something again, I lifted my hand and dried it.

I could not see my mother go out sneaking up against a woman like that anymore.

"Speak to me, not my mother, about the monthly rent."

""So boy, you will pay? You have to go back to school and study." He said.

I say that and hit my sigh.

This is XX years!

I want to put up a slap like nature, but I was patient.

"I do not know, I can work, even I will work even though I can not go to college.

I think. "

"What do you say now? Do you know everything?"

I'll give it back to you. Two years!

In fact, the woman in the room looked at her mother and went away.

My mother watched from the side and sighed.

This time, she has just crossed over, but she is not an opponent.

"mom, how many months of unpaid rent?"

"About three months."

"Do not worry. If I find out one more place, I can get enough. "

"no. You are studying now, so you have to study. And because of me,

I will not. "

My mother was a great man.

Every time I hear that, I get sick.

It is enough to be able to be tolerated enough to be grubbed to other gods as the soil cutlery.

But when it was because of her mother and her sister, she really wanted to commit suicide.

"Do not worry mom, your child will work hard and pass well

I believe that I can get into a company, I'll get a good job. "

Mother 's words and smiles are the great strength that keeps me up to now.

I want to reward my faith.


Then a new message emerged in front of me.

[Hyper system operation started! ]

"Uh ..."

"son. What is it? Where are you sick? "

"Not that. I have a headache for a while. "

I looked around my mother worried and laughed.

At first I thought it was just a fantasy or a welcome to know what a hyper system is.

However, he appeared again before his eyes.

It is a reality in front of you, and this is a tremendous opportunity.

Good. Let's try it.

- -


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