100 Ways to Get the Male God


100 Ways to Get the Male God Chapter 50

That post completely exploded in popularity.

Not because of the big amount of hate for Meow Meow Meow or the big amount of pity for S god, rather, it was because one leaf boat was too handsome.

Don't know why but several hours before, someone stated he knew the real one leaf boat, soon after several pictures and messages were posted, and after that, the forum again right away boiled over.

With his clear and handsome facial features, his tall figure, in addition to having this kind of highly respected and glorious label of being a top student studying at the imperial capital university, one leaf boat instantly became Mr Perfect for countless women.

A real Mr perfect.

Countless people were arguing noisily about the hubby great gods (1)—— Even though there were still some people that insisted on believing S was the most handsome, they would also be met with the reasoning that there was no photographic proof, and they were quickly struck down.

Indeed ah, there was no photographic proof.

Moreover, one leaf boat was too perfect.

Even if S was good-looking, he also certainly wouldn't have that kind of top-notch student of great ability identity like one leaf boat.

So up until now, practically everyone was licking the screen (2) for one leaf boat and the matter of meow meow meow 'having a foot in both camps' was instead basically drowned out.

Li Haorui, after a while, took a look at the chat box.

All kinds of private messages were bombed indiscriminately, in the group chat there were also many people crazily flooding to call him, in the world chat there was also message after message, it was practically blowing up.

But that person from beginning to end hadn't paid attention to him.

Li Haorui's heart was melancholy.

According to his thoughts, when his picture and academic qualifications exposed, the woman that was in his friend list would probably talk to him… (3)

And apart from with that person, it indeed was like this.

He puckered up his eyebrows, again clicked open the private chat, the girl's tone was very pleasantly surprised:

[Private chat] [Hera's apple]: Senior? How coincidental ah, I and senior go to the same school, compared to senior I'm a year lower. I'm called Lin Xinxin, I've met senior face to face before at the New Year’s day joint performance, does senior still have an impression/remember?

Li Haorui creased his eyebrows.

Lin Xinxin's fame in the school also wasn't small, probably classified as the faculty flower, that kind of level, they'd seen each others' faces. 

If it was normally, he would have a bit of interest in this kind of little junior. But now, he was a little jittery.

He closed the private chat, completely depressed.

Why had she still not messaged him?

He simply was going to doubt his charm.

But seeing his message box being bombed indiscriminately, it was nevertheless clear that it wasn't that. Even Lin Xinxin, this kind of woman who was beautiful and a student with great ability, was unable to hold back from messaging him.

So, what ailment did Meow meow meow have in the end?

The most handsome boy in the school, who had never suffered failure, felt a little defeated.

And in front of another desk computer, the faculty flower Lin Xinxin, who slowly waited for a reply (4), also felt a little defeated.

The other side was displayed as online, yet he didn't reply.

The heavens knew, after Li Haorui's message box suddenly appeared (5), she practically was pleasantly surprised to the point of going crazy——

That was imperial school's most handsome boy ah!

With a nice face and long legs, and he was still the top-notch top student.

One couldn't count how many girls at school liked him, even though Lin Xinxin had the name of being the faculty flower, it also wasn't enough to be able to speak to him. She didn't expect they had this kind of fateful meeting, that they could meet in-game, and they even became master and disciple.

Then, wasn't it possible for the relationship to go a bit further?

She was still daydreaming, but this kind of excited mood, after the other person didn't reply (6), sunk bit by bit, finally, it changed into becoming depressed.

As for the core person in the entire event…

 At this moment, she was in the middle of eating watermelon, full of interest browsing the forum post and world chat's news.

Yu Chu was very cheerful. She had Li Haorui act as a shield and that group of people finally didn't bomb her with messages.

She scooped up a spoonful of watermelon and suddenly saw that on her friends list, a name that had continuously been gray…

 Lit up.

S was online.

  1. 无数人嚷嚷着老公大神
  2. 舔屏去
  3. 好友栏里的女性,大概都会搭话才对
  4. 迟迟没等到回复
  5. 在李浩瑞的信息爆出来之后
  6. 在对方迟迟不回复之后

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