100% Love from the Boss


100% Love from the Boss Chapter 151 Give Them a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Xia Xiaoluo didn't want to make more troubles. She only wanted to stay away from Xia Jingru, a dangerous person. Feeling the anger of Ling Tianyi, Xia Youfeng said quickly: "Manager Ling, since they can't along well with each other, I will let Jingru drop out of school. In a word, she will leave Dwichen's College in two days."

"Father..." Xia Jingru begged with dissatisfaction. She did not want to leave Dwichen's College, the cradle of the future boss.

"Mr. Xia, I promised Xia Jingru not to drop out of school just now. Now you're going to let your daughter drop out of school. Do you want to embarrass me?" Ling Tianyi said leisurely. He gave them an opportunity, but they did not seize it. Now it was too late to drop out of school.

"Hum! You're right! Yi, all of them ignored you. If you don't teach them a lesson today, I will be the first one to look down upon you!" Yao Sheng stirred up the trouble. The Xia family hated Yao Sheng very much, but they could do nothing to him.

"Yao Sheng, you helped Sun Pengyu to escape and arranged his family to smuggle to Macau last time. I didn't settle accounts with you, which is kind enough. It is a good chance for you to do me a favor today." Ling Tianyi looked at Yao Sheng. With such a good helper, he must make good use of him.

"OK! Yi, what are you going to do? Tell me! I will help you! Besides, I found the video and the recording pen about Xia Jingru, this vicious woman pushing Xia Xiaoluo into the well. The evidence is exact and enough. Do you want to settle this matter in court or out of court? If you want to settle it in court, I'll send the evidence to the police station and sue them; if you want to settle it out of court, what do you want me to do?" Yao Sheng stood up, ready to fight.

Xia Jingru was so frightened. She thought that the surveillance videos were burnt by Xia Youfeng, but Yao Sheng found it unexpectedly. And the recording pen was found, too. "Xiaoluo, if you want me to drop out of the school, I will certainly do it in the fastest way and I'll disappear in the future. Please, let me go!" Xia Jingru cried.

"Manager Ling, we are all one family. Calm down and we can discuss everything!" Facing Ling Tianyi and Yao Sheng's threats, Xia Youfeng was also very frightened.

Zhu Yufen was frightened too. She was a talkative woman, but now she did not know what to say.

"I will settle it out of court first and I'll keep the evidence well. If they don't know how to correct their mistakes, I'll send them to prison, and let them stay in prison forever!" Ling Tianyi said lightly. But the overbearing tone made the Xia Youfeng family frightened.

"Yi, does Xia Xiaoluo belong to their family? Do you want to send your little wife to prison?" Yao Sheng said jokingly.

"Xia Xiaoluo is Mrs. Ling now. She does not belong to the Xia family. Moreover, Yao Sheng, if you continue talking, I will fight with you!" Ling Tianyi was annoyed, because Yao Sheng came to tease him when he was doing his business.

"Well! I'll give them a taste of their own medicine." Yao Sheng smiled. Ling Tianyi knew what Yao Sheng was going to do, and he was satisfied with Yao Sheng.

Xia Youfeng's family decided secretly that no matter how strict the requirements were, they would agree. Otherwise, they couldn't imagine what Ling Tianyi would do to the Xia Family!

"Darling, what do you want to do?" Xia Xiaoluo asked the question that the Xia Family wanted to ask.

"I would revenge you! Don't worry, and just wait there. Don't be soft-hearted and don't be Mr. Dongguo who was soft-hearted to those people who bullied him. Do you understand?" Ling Tianyi held Xia Xiaoluo's hands. Today he was going to teach these bad guys who bullied his little wife a lesson.

Yao Sheng winked at Xia Xiaoluo: "Xia Xiaoluo, I'll revenge you. Remember to applaud and cheer for me!"

After Yao Sheng finished, he tied up Xia Youfeng, Zhu Yufen and Xia Jingru quickly.

"You... What are you... What are you going to do?" Zhu Yufen said nervously, and Xia Jingru was too frightened to cry.

"Manager Ling, calm down, and we can discuss everything well!" Xia Youfeng was also frightened, not knowing what would happen. Under Ling Tianyi's power and Yao Sheng's help, they could bury them and destroy the evidence easily.

Ling Tianyi ignored Xia Youfeng, taking Xia Xiaoluo in his arms and playing the game of 'Guess the Middle Finger' with her, which he always thought is very childish.

Seeing that Ling Tianyi ignored him, Xia Youfeng only hoped that Xia Xiaoluo could help him to say some good words.

"Xiaoluo, Xiaoluo..."

"Xiaoluo, help us! I knew that I did wrong to you before, but we are one family after all. Blood is thicker than water. Only you can help us..."

Ling Tianyi was very angry. He let Xia Xiaoluo go, rushed to Xia Youfeng, and slapped him on the face for many times. He also kicked and punched him.

"Xia Youfeng, shame on you! Blood is thicker than water? One family? Did you treat Xiaoluo as your daughter? You knew that Xia Jingru pushed Xiaoluo into the well. But the first thing you thought was not to save your daughter whose blood is thicker than water, but to try to destroy the surveillance videos. Then you pretended to be kind and helpful to look for Xiaoluo with us."

"If you could save Xiaoluo at the first time, she would have suffered less! Why didn't you think that Xiaoluo was your daughter at that time? What were you thinking about at that time?"

"Now you ask Xiaoluo to plead for you. Don't you feel shameful?"

Ling Tianyi's words was so sharp that Xia Youfeng was unable to say anything. He could only bear the fists of Ling Tianyi silently.

Ling Tianyi shouted at Xia Youfeng, but Xia Xiaoluo was very sad. She was pushed into the well by her own sister. And her father did not save her immediately, nut trying to cover up the truth. She never got the warmth from her family when she was young, but she still loved her father. Unfortunately, this incompetent father finally disappointed her.

Xia Xiaoluo stood up and left the Xia's villa quietly. She sat by the well where she fell down. Her face was covered with tears.

Ling Tianyi found that Xia Xiaoluo was out. He didn't want to pay attention to Xia Youfeng's family, saying: "Yao Sheng, you deal with them. I'm going to comfort Xiaoluo."

Ling Tianyi found Xia Xiaoluo, who was crying. He was very distressed. He knew that what he said just now made her sad.

Ling Tianyi took Xia Xiaoluo into his arms and stroked her hair with his hands. "Darling, everything was past. In the future, I will not make you in danger. I will protect you all the time. Nobody dares to bully you with me behind you!"

"Ah! Help!"

"You let me go!"

Yao Sheng dragged Xia Jingru to the well where Xia Xiaoluo was trapped, then he said to Xia Jingru: "Xia Jingru, you have to stay in the well today!"

Yao Sheng found a tool and opened the sewer cover, and then he threw Xia Jingru into the well. "I remember that Xia Xiaoluo was trapped in the well for half a day. I'll punish you to stay in the well for three days. Or I'll keep you in the well forever!"

Subsequently, Yao Sheng opened the other two sewer covers and threw Xia Youfeng and Zhu Yufen into the well.

"Yi, I've finished. I'll let them out after three days. They will not die!" Yao Sheng said. When he threw them, he was very careful to pay attention to the water level inside.

"Never mind. Even if you kill them, I'll support you!" Ling Tianyi raised his eyebrows with satisfaction.

"OK! So cool! You are really a big boss!" Yao Sheng thumbed up to Ling Tianyi.

"Now that you want to do as what they did, then go to the property company and destroy the surveillance videos! The property company is not easy, so don't burn the house." Ling Tianyi said.

"OK! Give you my car keys and take Xia Xiaoluo home. I don't think she's in good condition now." Yao Sheng threw the Hummer's key to Ling Tianyi and went to the Property company alone.

Ling Tianyi took the key. He knew Yao Sheng would go back himself. Anyway, the traffic here was convenient, Yao Sheng could go back by taxi or ask his friends for help. And now he really needed to take Xia Xiaoluo home and comfort her.

Ling Tianyi helped Xia Xiaoluo to walk for a few steps and found that Xia Xiaoluo was still limping because of the ankle dislocation. He carried Xia Xiaoluo. She was quiet, burying her head on the shoulder of Ling Tianyi and holding his neck. She felt very comfortable and warm in his arms.

Yao Sheng arranged everything quickly. He was trying to stop a taxi to see the American TV Series at home. Then his mobile phone rang. It was Shen Jiani, making Yao Sheng excited at once.

"Hello! My Goddess! You are willing to call me now?" Yao Sheng said excitedly.

"Nonsense! Yao Sheng, come to Meiying Bar right away. I'm in trouble. If you can't arrive here in fifteen minutes, you won't meet me forever." Shen Jiani said. Her tone was calm, and seems that she was not in trouble.

"No problem! Just wait for me. No matter who provokes you, I'll revenge you!" Yao Sheng said. He thought that today was the day to help others to revenge! He just helped Xia Xiaoluo to revenge, and now he would help Shen Jiani. However, since Yao Sheng loved her very much, he liked to have the opportunity to show his love.

Yao Sheng rushed to the road. Several minutes passed, but he couldn't stop a taxi. When he thought Shen Jiani's 15-minute limitation, he regretted lending his Hummer to Ling Tianyi at once.

However, Yao Sheng was clever. He rushed directly into the middle of the road and stretched out his hands. He believed that he could stop a taxi with his life.


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