100 Ghost Collection

Other name: 百鬼集

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

Date released: 2014
Views: 559

Author: Jiu Lu Fei Xiang; 九鹭非香

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Sonrisa T.N.T

In everyone’s heart dwells a demon. She has a pen, carries an ethereal desire, and travels back and forth to different spaces. Recording many “ghost” love affairs… Heroine’s Monologue: Bai Gui is my name but also the name of my pen. After collecting 100 ghosts, it will replace me to fulfill my thousand-year-old dream. With the ebb and flow of the secular world and the slow passing of time, I did not know how many times I had traveled back and forth between spaces, seen how many sorrowful partings and joyful reunions, or the old friends that I had gradually forgotten. I had no emotions but only that long-cherished wish in my heart that never changed… —- Using a “heroine” as the main connection, This book is composed of multiple short stories. All stories do not obstruct the other.
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