『Shirayukihime to 7 Nin no Koibito』to iu 18 kin Otomege Heroin ni Tenseishiteshimatta Ore ga Zenryoku de Oujitachi kara Nigeru Hanashi


『Shirayukihime to 7 Nin no Koibito』to iu 18 kin Otomege Heroin ni Tenseishiteshimatta Ore ga Zenryoku de Oujitachi kara Nigeru Hanashi Chapter 8

More with our big sis and mirror-san. Also some pretty shocking revelations about our heroine-chan’s former self so uh, you’re welcome I guess lol

Oh, and if anyone has noticed I added the arc title above the chap title because they’re funny and wraps everything together so ya

Again, I don’t guarantee tl accuracy…

Albeit short, contains questionable content! Minors, save yourself!!

【Free Chapter】Mirror oh mirror, Mirror-san

2・I can't laugh off my brother from my past life becoming the heroine and doing ecchi stuff with men…。

「 Mean, you're so mean Merhi…… Although it was only in the game, didn't we marry so many times, this bad treatment towards your ex-wife … 」

After Merhi left the room, I hung my head for a time.

As I grumbled with teary eyes, the mirror hanging on the wall shined.

『What's wrong, Queen?』

I lift my sights to the talking mirror ――I realized this magic mirror appeared in『Snow White and the 7 Lovers』, and also appeared in the well known original story.

『Could it be you're still sleeping? I feel like I heard some deranged musings, however. 』1

He has a pretty foul mouth…

No, I am crazy over the game though…

After a small hesitation, I complained to the mirror.

「To tell you the truth, I have memories from my past life.」


「Or should I say, I regained them just now.」

It should be alright for me to gripe a little.

Cuz this isn't a human, but a mirror. Meaning there's no big difference in this and complaining to a wall.




―――After narrating everything,

『Yes, Queen's ending certainly is tragic. At this rate in 3 months at Snow White and Prince Amir's wedding reception banquet, your fate is to wear red-hot iron shoes and dance until your death.』

「What's with that merciless future faithful to the original work!!」

To the mirror who could only speak truth, I unwittingly clamored at my fearsome fate.

Is it because the『Snow White and the 7 Lovers』I knew well was the all ages edition? I have a feeling the stepmother's treatment wasn't that awful.

Or rather, actually what happened to the stepmother afterward wasn't depicted at all. ……Or maybe by some chance, it was just unknown to us otome game players and the stepmother's ending had resolved like that…

(Disaterous……!! With stepmom's position, the prince route is just too miserable!!)

「Tte, there are only 3 months left…… What should I do…?

The mirror talked to me who had paled and paced here and there in the narrow basement.

『If you don't with to be convicted and killed, why don't you apologize to Snow White? It should be fine to write an apology letter to her.』

「A letter……

Certainly, it'd be better than giving her the poison apple.

「But, do you think I'll be forgiven with that extent?」

This stepmother―― Lidiannel's stepchild bullying was unprecedentedly grand.

Since regaining my past life memories, I can only shudder at that stepchild abuse.

Between the King who passed away a few days ago and Lidiannel, they were not blessed with the gift of a child to the very last moment.

That also being a reason, it spurred her hatred for the daughter of his former wife.

『Yes, she should forgive you. It would be fine if you honestly write that you reincarnated from another world.』

「If I wrote something like that then she'd only think I went funny in the head

『It's alright, because like Queen, Snow White is also a reincarnator.』

「What the heck, how envious.」

『Furthermore, it seems she's regained her past memories recently.』

「An opportunely clichéd template development has comeー…

I know saying this is fruitless, but ――…… I wish I was Snow White…

Of all things, why do I have to be the heroine's stepmother?

Leaving aside youthfulness and being single, being reborn as the otome game heroine's rival, the renowned noble girl villainess, would be much better.

Before I realized I was an around 30 stepmother and even though I didn't have much romance experience in my previous life, I was already married and my husband deceased…… What the hell… is this…

『Incidentally. Snow White's previous life's name is Miura Akira.』



「By Miura Akira, ……Y, you mean that guy at our house in Matsudo, Doki Doki Memorial's Nijino Saki's super fan, a gross otaku who wanted to have a romance with a club manager like Saki-chan to the point of joining the soccer club, but even though he joined the soccer club the cute manager wouldn't give him the time of day so he magnificently ran home, always cursing at reality『3Ds is a catastrophe 2 』, a gross otaku through and through, THAT AKIRA-KUN!?」


「Thinking of I who played otome games as off the rails and always watched me with cold eyes and always saying irritating stuff like『this is why fujoshi 3 are……』, and when I said I wasn't a fujoshi but an otome gamer, explained in details the differences of otaku girls he immediately cried『In any case, unlike Nee-chan I'm an idiot!!』, and『this is why 3d girls are…っ!!』, quick to anger and holing up in his room, THAT AKIRA-KUN!? Using my school uniform when I graduated middle school, masturbating cross-dressed and that ananist 4 pervert, my past life's little brother―― You're saying that, THAT Akira-kun, is Snow White!?

『Correct, that Akira-kun is Snow White.』


(I can't believe it! Akira-kun is the heroine, and brother and sister reincarnating into another world together!?)

No, but in a way, it's as promised…

Siblings or lovers, even reincarnating with all your classmates …

(Even so, brother of mine………I'm jealous, I'm SO jealous …

If this world was advancing according to the game, attacked by a monster's poison, my little brother should have already shared a sweet kiss with Prince Amir to counteract it.

Incidentally in the wholesome version, the cure is the Prince's kiss, but if this was the 18+ version of『Snow White and the 7 Lovers』, then the antidote was se, se, semen, and from the outset they'd charge into outdoor sex. — by walkthough site on the net 5

―――If this was the 18 restricted version, then ……――How envious. I'm so envious of Akira-kun I'll die of agony.

If so then according to the original work, I'll bring the poison apple-chan and join in.

「Mirror oh mirror, Mirror-san.」


「In this world, who is #1 in the reverse harem?」

『It is your younger brother of your past life, Snow White Lenette Calman Revere do = Lordrutingain.』

……Of course it's like that.

While sighing heavily I spoke to the mirror.

「What is Akira-kun doing now? ……Not Akira-kun. Can you show me a little of what's happening to Snow White?

『Yes, certainly.』

―――What was shown in the mirror was deep in the dark woods.

I could see a girl's naked white body dangling from a tree.

Who the mirror projected was this game's heroine Snow White.

She who was suspended in midair had red cheeks and bewitched eyes.

The adult intou mushi violated her body's holes, and in her mouth ravishing it with his splendid thing was a black haired handsome man who wore glasses ――…My master Illumi-sama.

……fu, u…Nnh

「You, can let go……Kuh,

Pulling his penis out from Snow White's red lips and released his semen at the already evolved into adult intou mushi wriggling atop her flower bud.


Receiving Illumi-sama's load the intou mushi reverted back into its larval shape, and the feelers violating Snow White's body instantly curled up, retracting into its body.

Surprised at the intou mushi that reverted back into its larval state resembling a ladybug, she spoke to him.

「Male intou mushi hate semen. ――…Now then. Little lady, what do you want me to do to you?

「Pu, put it……Please, put it in…っ

「As expected. Only semen can neutralize the effects of the intou mushi's permeated secretions.」

「Ple……ase! It's painful, hurry, inside……!!

「If you wish for mine so much, you are also a woman. Why don't you use a woman's weapons obscenely and try to tempt me? 」

「No, way


『And so things have turned into.』

Along with the mirror's composed voice, the AV like image the mirror was projecting also disappeared.

「Wait a moment!! It was just getting to the good part too!! It was a super good part so why did you stop!?」

『Peeping any more than this would be in bad taste, Queen.』

「Even so! It was at a really juicy bit……!! ――Tte, this is the 18+ version!! Plus they were right in the middle of Illumi-sama's rope bondage play I've only heard of rumors on the street!!

……Where would they become rumors, those things.

「Mainly between the otome gamers from my past life!」

『Haa…? ――Moreso, didn't Queen love Prince Emilio? You were saying so in you sleep…

My eyes twinkled at the mirror's unexpected words.

A foolish query. Foolish!

「Eh? That is……It's true he's my moe-est Emilio-tan. But when I feel like taking it easy, it's Prince Amir, when I'm feeling ero ero it's the merciless Illumi-sama, El-kyun when I feel like getting attacked by a someone younger, when I want to get energized it's the puppy knight, romantic mood then it's the frivolous knight, when I wanna get married then it's the taciturn hunter Meru-chan, that's what I've decided in my heart.


But to my sincere and courteous response, he replied noncommittally in a noise that conveyed he didn't understand.

「By the way, mirror oh mirror, Mirror-san.」

『For some reason I feel like it's a question I really don't want to hear, but……What is it, Queen?

「If he's already in Illumi-sama's mid air bondage punishment play, then――… Akira-kun, has he already experienced outdoors sex with Prince Amir?

『To a mirror who can only reply in truth, as expected a disagreeable question has come……

「Footage from that time, can you show me a bit?」

―――To be honest, more than the jealousy and such I felt towards my former brother, seeing the sex footage of my beloved characters now was much more important to me.

Because my parents were strict, I've never played the 18 restricted version at my house.

But thanks to my mutuals,  I've seen the the 18+ version stills on walkthrough and fan sites, and I even know of the story's flow and the ecchi situations that were also uploaded on those sites.

However, though I've seen the stills, the footage, and on top of that fully voiced, I've never seen. ――… I can only see it with this convenient mirror.

…………What should I do about this Queen.

「Mirror oh mirror, Mirror-san, I'm begging you so please show me!」

……Is it fun to look at your previous life's little brother's secrets…?

「There's some things that bother me but it's fine, don't worry. I'm the type that empathizes with the heroine, so I feel like I can watch the footage in her shoes.」

………… Seriously, what should I do about this Queen…

Even while lamenting, the mirror faithfully displayed Prince Amir and Akira-kun's……Not, Snow White's love scene.

Afterward, I pressed my luck and had him show me the continuation of Illumi-sama's play from before.

(Aah…… Such bliss…

Oh, but come to think of it the one inside Snow White's body is my little brother right…

(He had a dick shoved in and cried "ahn ahn" with a pleasured face, but……Akira-kun, was he homo all along…?

Come to think of it, after Akira-kun got obsessed with「Marianne Watches Over Us」6 he came to love cross dressing masturbation

When my parents left, I would always hear my gross brother's heavy breathing yelling something like「Please stop, Onee-sama!」I wonder how many times I wanted to cry「I don't want this kind of brother

(Perhaps that kid…… Won't he be happy getting a girl's body and getting messed up by dicks…?

Thinking so, my happy feelings from just before flew away. ――…What should I do, I can't laugh.

I feel somewhat sorry for the reverse harem, but ah, they’re pretty questionable too so they’re perfect for each other! ;3

  1. Here he uses “頭の沸いた: atama no waita” which literally means split head but it doesn’t sound good in english >.> 
  2.  三次は惨事だ Play on words, “sanji wa sanji”. Doesn’t translate to English well tho.
  3. Fujoshi 腐女子 literally meaning rotten woman, refers to a girl who is obsessed with manga/novels etc about male-male homosexual couples. 
  4. Frankly, I don’t know what this means. アナニスト
  5. I think here Aki was trying to make it like she was stating a resource (like how some people write — from Wiki (or something)) after but not sure. 
  6. Parody of “Maria Watches Over Us” which is a girl’s love story. Originally light novel, adapted to an anime. 


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