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As a child, Kyoichi Utsume was spirited away, but somehow he returned to our world. Now in high school, he’s a loner famous for his all-black outfits, his arrogant attitude, and his extensive knowledge of the occult. Then one day, he meets her, and things between the two worlds are never the same.

Reaching the end of his college years, trying to find a job, Sakurazaka Kouhei was reaching the end of his rope. Months were dragging by, with no job offers in sight. If he didn’t find something soon, he would have to go home and take over the family business. Then he spotted it. Suruga Systems Corporation, ...

This is a four-part Durarara!! series made for Niconico and the 10th anniversary of Durarara!! and 20th anniversary of Dengeki Bunko. They take place after Vol. 13’s events. There are spoilers for the end of the novels. This series also serves as a prequel to Durarara!!SH.

Namidare Rekka has a very unusual birthright. After his 16th birthday, he will be drawn into many different stories. Each story has a heroine, and each story depends on him to be the hero. On his first day of high school, a strange uniformed girl that only he can see shows up. She claims to be from the ...

After waking up, Ye Yang discovered he has been transported to another world, commonly known as 2-dimensional world. There are dragon knights riding on huge dragons, mage wielding staff summoning wind and rain, dragon-slaying warrior wielding swords, there is also ghastly ruler of darkness and also awesome ...

The Project MP gag comedy centers around a high school boy who is friends with a number of girls, but he is otherwise ordinary. One day, he discovers that his teacher has formed a sentai (combat unit) with the girls in his school — and that he is one of their targets in their battle against evil.