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Teacher Yuko, There is something wrong with this class. I don’t know it yet. After your death Killing became a common thing And I’m going to find that out. You may think that… We’re just a bunch of annoying kids In this class, there are 3 murderers Who might it be? Is it the ...

Yuto Lennix, a former DEA investigator was arrested by a false accusation of killing his own partner. The FBI agents gave him a special deal, to look for a particular criminal hiding in the same prison. By the time he was detained in the Schelger Prison, he got to meet his cellmate, Dick Burnford, who ...

In this truly shocking tale of terror, two high school sociopaths become fixated on a local serial murderer. But rather than trying to prevent and solve the next murder, their obsession grows, taking them on a descent into a maniacal darkness in which the most nightmarish acts occur.