Yume No Kuni


Yume No Kuni Chapter 5


Suddenly, I was standing in front of a deserted amusement park.

In the shimmering heat of hot air, the cicada’s singing seemingly filled the amusement park.

That’s right. I finally remembered.

She has not been found yet.

That was, the moment I moved.

She had been missing.

And, the place she was last seen was, this amusement park.

With it as the start, the amusement park started to decline.


Even though I said we will always be together.

Growing up, I said we would come back together.

I, couldn’t even fulfill that one promise.

[I, have become a grown up you know!]

~step~ I moved a step forward.


Dream Castle of the Amusement Park

Surely, there she was, there was a strange feeling that tells that Tomoe was there.

I arrived at the Dream Castle while sweating, unlike the outside; it is much cooler inside it.

[Hey, Tomoe. I came to meet you.]

I roamed around the Dream castle over and over, until I found it, a hidden door.

Tomoe has to be there, surely.

Without hesitating, I opened the door.


The inside was covered in mold, dust and cobwebs.

Inside the room were famous torture instructs such as the Iron Virgin and the Rack.

And in the back, there was a small greyish, white lump.

[I finally found you, Tomoe]

I pushed the carcasses, the dusts and molds then lifted that small skull into my arms.

Was it frightening? Was it painful?

To my close friend who had changed greatly, I nestled close.

You don’t have to go anywhere anymore.

I don’t care if it’s just an illusion.

I and Tomoe, will always be together.

In this amusement park, an eternal dream, together.

In a world, where anyone couldn’t disturb us.

Ah, I could see the illusion.

Tomoe, laughing and reaching to me this way.

Quietly, I closed my eyes.