Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa


Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa Volume 1 prologue 2 part1

Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa – V1 Prologue 2 Part 1

— In exchange for the ability to create my own character, the Goddess laid out her conditions.

I really shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve just gone from a dead end to now have the opportunity at a new life. It’s obvious I’d have to give something up in return.

But, these conditions? A Goddess that created another world is asking me to call her Medea onee-chan and wants me to do lewd things with her.

To be honest, I don’t really know what she means.

“Umm…..Are you serious about doing lewd things?”

“Of course I’m being serious.”

“Are you just trying to tease me because I’m shy? Is that your true purpose?”

“Of course I wouldn’t do something stupid like that. Whatever Yuzuki-kun asks me to do, no matter how erotic or indecent, your onee-san will do it.”

……Is she serious? What is with this development? If this is just like a normal isekai story, something like this wouldn’t happen.

The Goddess is incredibly beautiful and has an erotic body. If I were to say I’m not interested in some kind of onee-shota play, I’d be lying……But, if possible I’d like to do that stuff with a person I actually like.

— But the idea of living in a world of sword and magic is so appealing to me. For me to live the life I want in that world, I need a cheat ability.

Therefore, I would have to do these lewd things with the Goddess……It’s not like I just want to do dirty things with her.

“I understand. Honestly, I’d rather do stuff like this with the person I like, but I’m willing to do that stuff with you in order to get a cheat ability.”

“It’s cute that you’re trying to make excuses.”

“Don’t you think it’s your job as an onee-san to just accept whatever excuses I come up with?”

“Oh, I guess you’re right.”

And she giggled at me.

Well…..she really does look like a beautiful onee-san.

Or rather, I should say,

“Umm…..Besides the lewd things, you wanted me to call you onee-chan or something similar? Medea-sama should work, right? It has a similar feeling, right?”

I said this earlier, but the Goddess is incredibly beautiful. I’d feel embarrassed calling such a beautiful girl onee-chan.

But the Goddess just giggled. Did she see through my scheme?

“That’s not good enough. I told you, you have to call me onee-chan.”

“Then, at least let me call you Medea onee-san —”

“That doesn’t work either. If you call me that it doesn’t feel as familiar as calling me onee-chan.”

“…..Then….what about, Medea-nee?”


“Yeah, it’s just a shortened version of Medea onee-chan. I did my best to make it sound like we’re close…….Is it no good?”


“I-Is it no good?”

“No, it’s perfect! Then, please call me Medea-nee. Please, take care of me!”

It seems like she likes it. Well, in order to avoid calling the Goddess a more embarrassing name, I’ll now be calling her ‘Medea-nee.’

“~~~~~Mou, I can’t stand it!”

“What? What are you saying — Uee!?”

The Goddess that was sitting on the sofa opposite me suddenly disappeared and then reappeared right next to me.

I guess the Goddess has the ability to teleport around. Before I could even understand what was going on, the Goddess hugged me and pressed her chest up against me.


Although the Goddess is wearing a top, her top is off the shoulder. So, right now her bare chest is pressing against my face.

“Ahahaha, the warmth of Yuzuki-kun! This is only something I’ve imagined in my dreams! Hyaaaaan~ I just want to absorb as much of this feeling as possible! Hurry up, please hurry and do lewd things with your onee-chan as soon as possible!”

“P-Please, calm down. Goddess-sama, you’re too close!”

My face is sandwiched between her breasts and my lungs are filled with a sweet smell.

I can’t possibly resist this. Thank you very much!

“Goddess-sama, please release me!”

“I’m still not satisfied enough! Besides, it’s not Goddess-sama, it’s Medea-nee! Gyyuuuuuu!”

“Uwwaaaaa, Medea-nee let-me-go!”

This Goddess is much stronger than she looks. No matter how desperately I struggle I can’t escape her grasp. I’m becoming overwhelmed with the feeling of the Goddess’ soft body.

“Fuufuu~, Yuzuki-kun, you’re getting bigger down here.”

For a brief moment, I lost myself and in that time Medea-nee began rubbing her finger on my penis through my pants.


“What’s wrong, Yuzuki-kun? You look like you’re in pain.”

“I…I don’t know what you mean.”

“Is that so? I hated seeing that girl Hinano doing those dirty things to you. But I transferred your soul here before you were able to finish, so I assumed you’d be a little pent up.”


I wasn’t even conscious during that.

But — now that I think about it, it might be true.

“No way….Did you purposefully wait to transfer me until that time?”

“Of course not. It was merely a coincidence, but I will be taking full advantage of that coincidence.”

“Even if I believed you — han!?”

Even while we were talking, Medea-nee continued moving her hand and before I knew it, she had taken my penis out of my underwear and pants.

“Fuufuu~, Hinano’s love juices and the blood from losing her virginity are still on it.”

“Wait…….I thought you said you recreated my body?”

“Fuufuu~, I rebuilt your body, but I kept this area as it was when you died.”

“Why….would you do that. Ku~~~~~”

Medea-nee placed her lips on my penis and started licking off the love juices left on it. Then she put it in her mouth.

“Kuu~ chu~, of course, your beautiful onee-chan chu~, should be allowed to clean this up for you chu~. Fuufuu~, Yuzuki-kun’s penis is so hard, it’s trembling so much.”

Her warm tongue wrapped around my penis. It delicately moved up and down the length of my penis.

Maybe it’s just because my only experience with anything like this, was with Hinano, but the Goddess’ tongue technique is amazing. It feels like there are multiple tongues licking me.

“Medea-nee is so lewd — Huk~ I could get used to this amazing feeling!”

“Oh, this is chu~….This is only my first-time nupu~, doing something like this,”


Surprised, I look down at Medea-nee. Medea-nee just showed a wry smile to me.

“I waited for Yuzuki-kun to take my first time for such a long time. How does it feel to be the first one to experience this virgin Goddess?”


I’m getting more and more excited because of her lewd words.

This Goddess is saying it’s her first time, but she’s just too erotic.

“Fuufuu~, Yuzuki-kun’s face is irresistible. Well then, now I’ll make you feel even better.”

I couldn’t even respond.

Medea-nee started moving her mouth even faster.

“*blowjob sounds intensify*”

“Medea-nee, I’m —”

I couldn’t hold back anymore — but I wasn’t able to finish. That’s because Medea-nee was tightly squeezing the base of my penis.

“M-Medea-nee, what are you doing?”

“Yuzuki-kun, your onee-chan hasn’t had enough yet.”


While squeezing the base of my penis, Medea-nee began sucking again. I want to finish. I can’t last any longer. But she won’t let me finish. This is agony!

“Medea-nee, please stop squeezing.”

“Fuufuu~, I can’t do that.”


I can’t think of anything else.

“Please, Medea-nee, I beg you, let me finish.”

“Hnn~? Where do you want to finish, Yuzuki-kun?”

While still licking my penis, Medea-nee looked up at me with mischievous eyes. After seeing that look on her face, I lost all self-control.

“Inside Medea-nee’s mouth! I want to finish in your mouth!”

“See, you just needed to say it properly. Well then….*more blowjob sounds*”

Medea-nee stops squeezing and starts sucking even harder. The overwhelming pleasure from this caused my mind to go white.

“Haa~……n~ Amazing……This is sperm, Yuzuki-kun’s sperm. It’s really sticky, amazing….it’s irresistible.”

Medea-nee saved my sperm in her mouth and seemed to be savouring the taste.


“Fuufuu~, Yuzuki-kun’s sperm…..What do you want me to do with it?”

Medea-nee stuck her tongue out and a cloudy white liquid could be seen in her mouth. I was stunned after seeing such a lewd scene.

“….Swallow…..Swallow it.”

“I understand…..*koku*…..hnn~”

Medea-nee swallowed my semen that was in her mouth. Even after that, she licked the remaining semen off of my penis and swallowed that as well.

“Ha~…….hnn~ Amazing, it’s getting caught in my throat. This is Yuzuki-kun’s sperm. It’s filling my belly and becoming a part of me.”

“Lewd……But, does a Goddess need food?”

“I’m a Goddess so I don’t need to eat. Yuzuki-kun’s sperm will just become a part of me.”

“That’s…..erotic……Wai- Medea-nee!?”

Medea-nee started sucking on my penis again.

“W-Wait a minute! It’s too soon, the stimulation is too much!”

“Nuu~…….Haa~…….Fuufuu~, I was just sucking out the remaining sperm.”

“…..I-I see.”

“Perhaps you wanted me to do it again?”

“O-Of course not!”

I was almost unable to deny it, but if we kept going we’d never be able to advance the talks. I stood up to distance myself from Medea-nee and pulled up my pants.