Yandere Love Theatrics


Yandere Love Theatrics Chapter 3

TL: BabyDalyn

The Third Yandere Type: Sports Girl

On a certain day, Yamada High School 2nd year student, Kidou Ryouchi, the mood maker of the his class called out a girl from Karate Club, Misaki Shin and was told to come to the school's courtyard after school.

"Ya Kidou-kun, suddenly calling me out here, is there something you need?"

This girl, Misaki Shin spoke to Ryouchi full of vitality as always. At the same Ryouchi who called her out has the opposite expression as the girl had, spoke quietly.

"W,well, T, that is, I have a person that I liked—"

As soon as she heard those words her expression suddenly shifted to a grinning smile like a child who have found a new toy to play.

"Eh? Ne, ne, who is it? Tell me ~ since I'll root for you, as your support~"

While sticking closely to Ryouchi as she awaits his answer, Ryouchi's flustered face blushed heavily and then as if collecting his courage together he opened his lips…

"It's ….you…"


"Right now what did you say?"

Suddenly changing her expression as she listened to Ryouchi.

"Like I told you… The one I like is you!"

As soon as he said those words, Ryouchi fell into embarrassment. At the same time his confession turned into a big deal.

"Eh? I, i, i ,i ,it's meeeeeee? Eh? Eh? Eeeeeeeeeeh"

It turned to be in an awkward situation but somehow, for some reason tears started to fall from her eyes.

"Eh? W, what's wrong!? Did I do something to have hurt you?"

Apparently it was true tears, Ryouchi began to panic. Shin then wiped the tears away and told Ryouchi to relax, she then smiled at Ryouchi and answered.

"Un, Kidou-kun didn't do anything wrong. I was just so glad and started crying."

She assured him then she smiled gently at Ryouchi and continued.

"You know, since then I have always supported my friends' love. Even the boys came to me asking for advices."

Ryouchi quietly listened to Shin's story. Then Shin smiled bitterly like she's hurt.

"Somehow, whenever I see those people got together, I felt somewhat lonely whenever I gave my support to them. I have always thought 'Ah, maybe I can only support other people's love, I wonder if I'll just grow old and die like this… That's why…"

Shin suddenly stopped talking and Ryouchi just silently looked at her. The tears began to fell again from her eyes.

"I was really happy Kidou-kun… I'm not soft like the other girls and I am not girly nor elegant and for an ordinary guy, I might land a punch that will knock him out in a single strike. If you're alright with me, please treat me well, Kidou-kun!"

After talking, Shin hugged Ryouchi, indeed, for a girl she was quite strong, a gentle strength was sent to Ryouchi. He felt the smooth sensation that's unique on her. As Ryouchi was savoring such sweet sensation, on order to answer Shin's feelings, he started to embrace her tightly. As he hugged her, he caresses her hair, the sweet scent of shampoo tickled Ryouchi's nose.

"Me too, I'm from the cultural clubs, I'm not good with sports and I'm weaker than you but, please treat me well!"

Behind the setting sun, the two of the hugged each other for a long time.

—2 months later—

"Oooooh yo sa—! Ryouchi ♪! I trust you!"

While going to school with Ryouchi, despite it being so early in the morning, Shin seems to be in high spirits walking happily and having fun. Ryouchi smiles at Shin, it does not seem to be bothered by it as we already got used to it.

"Un, good morning Shin, today too, you seem to be in good mood."

"Of course! Ma, by the way … Ryouchi…"

At the same time she spoke, Shin's eyes sparkled.

"Let's do our morning routine."

"Eh, wait a sec! Everyone will see, at least let's find a less crowded place!"

Ryouchi noticing Shin's current behavior, tried to stop her in panic. However, Shin's eyes didn't stop sparkling and bent down forcing her way to him.

"Wai, seriously!? My heart isn't ready, at least let me prepare my heart for it!"

"No more buts! Even god won't be able to stop me now!!! Well then here I cooooooome!!"

After shouting, Shin then rushed to Ryouchi jumping slightly and hugged him tightly.

"Ow ow ow ow ouch! Wait~! Shin! There's too much strength!"

Barely holding it and avoiding to kneel, Ryouchi slightly protested to Shin. However, Shin didn't noticed it and continued to hug him making cracking noised.

"You don't get it Ryouchi huh, my love for you is so strong that I just wanted to embrace you with all I got."

Besides, Shin's expression seems to be meanly smiling.

"In reality, you also like to hug me every morning right, Ryouchi?"

"Gaah! S, such thing, such thing, such thing…"

Ryouchi's faced which turned beat red was easy to read.

Looking at Ryouchi's face blushing, Shin then laughed at him.

"Since I am Ryouchi's girlfriend. You understand my feelings of wanting to hug you right~?

Shin declared it at Ryouchi who was still feeling embarrassed being hugged while grinning.

"Also, since today is special, you can hug me as long as you like than usual~ ♪"

Before stopping, while Shin was still embracing Ryouchi, she lifted him a little and started to move in circles like they are dancing. At the same, the other students who're going to school are staring at them, some ignored them while others are glaring at them enviously mostly those guys who don't have girlfriends.

"Hey hey, you two are too hot early in the morning."

"That right! But~ we won't lose, right Onii-chan!?"

"I beg you, give me a break Botan, I don't have the confidence to endure those envious glares from everyone every morning."

Then, two people, a boy and a girl linking arms together walked slowly in the crowd of students going to school so they won't gather attention passed through Shin and Ryouchi. The guy with bed hair was wearing the same uniform as Ryouchi was, while unlike to Shin's, the girl was wearing a junior high sailor uniform which seems to be from the school near Ryouchi's high school. At the same time, the girl having a small stature and young looking face would be mistaken as an elementary student if she is not wearing the junior high uniform. Well, her chest seemed to be bigger than Shin, it's no use worrying about it.

"G, Good morning, Tarou-kun, Botan-chan."

Noticing the two of people linking arms, Shin disappointedly released Ryouchi then greeted the two. Hearing Shin's greetings, the guy with bed hair, Tagami Tarou, turned around shaking.

"Don't call me by that name, it's Tagami, use my last name, Misaki."

"It's your real name, isn't it fine to call you that, Tarou-kun."

(TL: Shin calls Tarou, Taro-kun, if you guys don't know, Taro is a famous character from a japanese folklore Urushima Taro)

"I also think it's okay, it sounds good."

"That's right, don't let such small things bother you, Tarou."

"Yeah yeah, you easily gets serious over strange stuffs."

"Woah!!! Wataru, when did you—"

Without noticing a boy with wild looks that seemed to be like those sheriffs with sharp-looking eyes who appears from those western movies, Ishi Wataru, and as to prove that he belonged to the group of couples brought his girlfriend, the girl frowning, Shiba Minako tripped Tagami, he lost his balance and was about to fall. Well, Botan supported Tagami slowly as he was about to fall.

At the same time, those two's uniform was the same as the uniform Ryouchi and Shin was wearing, they go to the same school and apparently at the same year.

"Muu, I don't want it, please call onii-chan properly using his surname."

To everyone teasing "isn't it fine to call you by that name", Botan pouted her cheeks and as she said that.

"Eh? Why?"

"What do you mean by that Botan-chan?"

Ryouchi and Shin felt something from Botan's retort, knowing her. Botan then closed her eyes, her cheeks dyed red then answered shyly.

"That's because whenever I call Oniichan, 'Tarou-onii-chan♪', he gets so embarrassed and he looks cute. If ever Onii-chan got used to it and won't feel embarrassed anymore, I'll get lonely and I don't want it to happen."

"Ah—, that's right, it can't be helped huh."

"Yeah right, well then, can't help it."

Botan's answer somehow was able to convince Shin and Shiba.

On the other hand, Ryouchi, Wataru and Tagami, the three of them stiffened and started to talk.

"A guy being called cute is kind of…."

"To be honest, I kind of sympathise Tagami."

"Stop it, the one being called that is me. Damn it, Botan really likes to give me nicknames."

The girls started to get excited with the topic they are talking.

"By the way…" As Wataru looked as his wristwatch asked everyone the time in a seemingly loud voice.

"What's wrong, Wataru?"

Ryouchi looked at Wataru's direction. Wataru answered with a small voice.

"Maa, Botan's middle school have an allowance of 10 minutes to be late so she'll be safe but…."

"Our SH in the morning has already started three minute ago."

(TLN: I got no idea what SH mean so if someone have the slightest idea of what is it, please do share)

""""Naaah, we're in trouble!!!???""""

Ryouchi, Shin, Tagami and Shiba's voices overlapped with each other.

"W, W, W, We're late!!"

"Wait, Wataru! You should've told us sooner!"

"This is bad, this is bad! I'll be in trouble if I get more late this month~!"

"Ah, me too~!"

"O, Onii-chan, do your best! I'll be rooting for you. Well then, I'll need to hurry too or I'll be late…"

"Un, later then Botan… Damn it! How lucky, middle schoolers are."

"Let's go run, Minako."

Ignoring all the ruckus around, Wataru grabbed Shiba's hands then ran off towards the school gates.

"Eh!? Fast! That's frightening!"

"Hey! Don't leave me behind Wataru!"

"Damn! I wonder if I can make it if I run at full speed. Tsk Wataru ran off pulling Shiba!"

"That's right— but I can still catch up to them anymore."

"Shin! That's it!"

"Oooooooh! I won't lose to Wataru! All my strength! Gather!"

Later a complaint to the school was sent by the neighborhood association for noise disturbances that the students caused early in the morning.

Then as the result of their morning, Wataru and Shiba just made it in time and barely passed as safe, Shiba while being grabbed by Wataru ran off at full speed. As for the other three, they were tenderly punished by the student disciplinary committee.

—Lunch Break—

"Ah, what a fine weather."

"That's right, it's a good weather if only…"

"M, my forehead hurts~ It's still tingling in paaain…"

"Wait Shin, are you okay, just a while ago you've been staggering."

"Un~ Ryouchi, my forehead is still tingling with pain~ pat my head."

Ryouchi and the others went to the school's courtyard to eat their lunch as usual, other than the three of them, Wataru and Shiba were personally summoned summoned by the student council's advisor Kawamoto, 38-years old, age = years without a girlfriend, the pain left behind by the tender loving punishment (he said) by hitting the guys' butt and for girls their forehead, each of them were rubbing their butt or forehead with a bitter long expressions.

"Tsk, what's wrong with Kawamoto? It's obvious that his spanking was a few times stronger to mine than the rest."

Ryouchi is slowly sitting his butt down.

"Ah, if you're asking about that, then I probably know the reason~"

Everyone looked at Shin with her remarks.

"You know, senpai has seen it before. The teachers went on a mixer together, it was only Kawamoto who was alone while the other teachers are having good with the others, he can't mingle at all you know. That's what they were told. Then maybe he was irritated because of what happened right?"

"If that's so, that might be the reason… Shin. Kawamoto might have been dissatisfied coming to school."

"Right, but isn't he the worst for blaming it on the students!"

"Maa, if you think about it, it's still you guys' fault for getting late in the morning."

"That's right… I'm really glad I just made it on time."

They're battering their complaints. Ryouchi and Tagami just calmly telling their opinions at Wataru and Shiba who were holding hands. While they're complaining, Shin slowly approached Ryouchi with a smile.

"Ne, ne, Ryouchi. Give me my reward. My • re • ward ♪♪♪"


"Well then, my reward~ Ryouchi. I immediately told you what you wanted to hear, so hurry. Reward~♪♪♪"

Shin's words started to worry Ryouchi.

"I-is this fine?"

While rubbing his butt, he reached out his other hand to Shin's head and started patting her.

"Nya~, geez Ryouchi, you're so straight forward, teehee"

"D, don't say such words that could easily be misunderstood!

Shin was giggling at Ryouchi whose face was turning beat red from embarrassment. While Ryouchi and Shin are continuing their couples moment together, since they are occupying 3 benches, Wataru then stopped them.

"Here Ryouchi, a~aahn."

During lunch Shin always brings home-made lunch which she made for Ryouchi, the acting like lovebirds with a smile always feeds Ryouchi. But Ryouchi is always embarrassed; blushing beat red while being fed by the smiling Shin.

That's why…

"Hey Shin? Think about it, feeding me these sizes, I won't be able to chew it properly you know."

That's right, Shin picks up the rice with the chopsticks was mountain-like.

Thinking about it, the lunchbox Shin brought for Ryouchi for the both of them is larger than a normal lunchbox, about 2-3 times larger as what high school boys normally take, as a matter of fact, the rice and okazu in the lunch box are also mega-sized, just lightly picking it up with the chopsticks, plenty of rice and okazu are brought together. In other words, whenever Shin fed Ryouchi using the chopsticks, plentiful of it was delivered. Of course, such mega-sized lunch was too much for Ryouchi to eat alone.

At the same time, Wataru and Tagami can't help but half-heartedly laugh at the love filled lunch box made by the girlfriend. On the other hand, Shiba can't help but watch Ryouchi's pitiful expression with amazement.

"It's alright, eating this much won't a challenge~"

Shin the, moving closer, fed Ryouchi more rice. It seems like there's no other choice for Ryouchi but to be continued on being fed by Shin.

"It's not alright at all! This amount of rice is too much, this is twice as big as a normal sized onigiri and then saying 'a~aahn' — mugufffff mfff!?"

Shin stopped Ryouchi who is complaining by stuffing his mouth without hesitation with large amount of rice using the chopsticks.

"Mugufff!! Mugo—! Muga ga ga ga! Mugo mffff! (Wai! Wait! Shin! Feeding me this much rice! I'm chocking! Chocking!)"

Shin thrusts the rice Ryouchi's mouth with strength, he was unable to breath, Shin seeing Ryouchi's face turning red wondered what happened.

"Muu, it can't be helped huh~. If you're having a hard time breathing then I'll have to help you mouth-to-mouth."

"Ha~ah. No! That's it! I can swallow this!"

Ryouchi having felt that Shin's was serious on doing it thrusted the rice in his mouth in one go in order to swallow it.

"Well then…"

Shin looking a bit disappointed,

"Well then, next are the tamagoyaki ♪, I have confidence in them you know~♪♪"

"Eh!? Wait! Mugaa mff!"

The tamagoyaki (uncut) was pushed into Ryouchi's mouth.

With a happy-looking face, Shin then tries to steal a kiss on Ryouchi which caused his cheeks to blush, while on the verge of suffocating, Ryouchi tried to evade it. It was a very peaceful atmosphere in some sense.

"… Ahh… No matter how you look at them, the look so happy… Misaki and Kidou.. Mmmm, this side dish is delicious Minako."

"Make up your mind, whether you want to chew or talk. Well, it's true that Misaki always do that to Kidou, eventually stuffing his mouth and forcing their first kiss… Well, Botan also did the same."

Wataru and Shiba was watching them while holding hand, Shin seemed to be influenced by Shiba in the past. It seemed like Shiba went like this "S, since Wataru seemed to be wanting to do it, then I'll be feeding you, okay! I, it's not like I wanted to do it!". Tagami started to pack his lunch box in order to return it later to Botan who made it for him, lunch break is about to end, Ryouchi and Shin seems to be continuing their deed, Ryouchi the glances at everyone as if asking for help, everyone seemed to be not wanting to help.

Lunch break then went by peacefully…

—After school—

"Well then, I'll be going to the club."

After school, Shin, Ryouchi, and Tagami were chatting for a while, Ryouchi then excused himself. Following that, Wataru and Shiba also started to excuse themselves , Tagami was looking at them leaving one by one. Shin seeing Ryouchi slowly leaving the classroom immediately stopped him and rushed to him.

"I'll be done at 6 o'clock for today, so let's go home together being lovey-dovey ne~"

Shin then finally walked away while throwing a flying kiss .

At the same time Ryouchi whispered,

"S, Shin is unexpectedly, kind of… C, cute huh…"

He could not bear Shin's action and started to have nosebleed.

After his nosebleed stopped, Ryouchi excused himself to Tagami then headed to the school's library to kill some time. By chance, he found a slightly interesting mystery novel, Ryouchi was reading the novel with enthusiasm and the time he was done reading,it was already later than 5:30 o'clock.

"Ah, this is bad. It's about time for Shin's club activities to end."

Ryouchi began cleaning his stuffs, he then immediately went to Shin's women's karate-club, but suddenly stopped his steps.

"That's right—. Since Shin must be pretty thirsty while sweating, I guess I'll go buy some juice from the vending machine."

After Ryouchi looked at the contents of his purse, there were serveral thousand yen. That should be enough to purchase one or two bottles of juice.

"Well, as I thought, I must've really love, love, love Shin huh."

Ryouchi mutters those as he was slowly walking towards the school building where the vending machines was located.

"Well, today I seemed to have enough energy, I guess it's alright to leisurely take a break on the way back home with Shin huh."

Shin seemed to be in pretty good shape so it'll be alright. Grinning while walking alone, Shin arrived in the area with vending machines. Ryouchi inserted a coin in the vending machine, glanced the the drinks lining up then reached to the button where Shin's favorite juice was.

It was then…

Suddenly, as muscular hand from his back had grabbed Ryouchi right hand that was reaching to the vending machine. As a result, Ryouchi dropped the change from the vending machine that he held. As Ryouchi tried to turn around to look at his back, was someone grinning, stood there was a man who was wearing a messy uniform with his hair dyed blonde that stands out. Looking closely, there were some guys who was hiding behind the man, no matter how you look at it, their hairstyles are against the school regulation, they are also wearing messy uniforms and having blonde dyed hair, about five them surrounded Ryouchi to lock his escape route.

"Hello there, cute kouhai-kun!"

The blonde guy talked to Ryouchi while having a disgusting smile.

"We're kind of in a pinch of money lately. That's why, our gentle kouhai-kun~. Can you let your poor senpai borrow everything you have?"

Grinning disgustingly, Ryouchi having felt the foreboding trouble returned a smile to the blonde guy.

Ah, in the past I just used to hand over my purse without complaints.

Ryouchi then thought, why right now he don't want to hand over his purse easily.

I, to Shin, I want to get stronger in order to protect Shin!

That why Ryouchi calmly spoke.

"I don't want to. I don't want to hand over my money."

Ryouchi knew it.

There is only a little chance of winning from fighting these guys.

Even so, with that slight chance of winning…

"Fu~n, well then is seems like you're ready to be beaten to pulp right?"

The blonde guy started to crack his fingers while grinning. The other guys also started to crack their necks while grinning and laughing wickedly.

Ryouchi was tense and gulped throat.

Thus, Ryouchi's brave fight started…

—30 minutes later at the back of the gymnasium—

"Damn it! It hurts!"

Ryouchi is groaning painfully in the darkness behind the school's gym. By the way he looks, his uniform was covered with dirt and there his uniform were ripped holed appeared everywhere. Ryouchi's body seemed to be screaming in pain, his body was full of wounds and scratches while his face was covered with blood. He was holding his right arm that appeared to have been broken while fighting.

"S, somehow, I was able to protect just this much."

"Hah, those guys, ow ouch, somehow they have left already?"

In reality while fighting the guys in blonde hair, took out a 500 yen coin to keep as an insurance, right now, he was holding it tightly in his right hand. That was for Shin's sake. Ryouchi then started to laugh knowing his plan have succeeded.

"Well, my purse was taken already a while ago so I guess this much is enough."

Ryouchi then stood up while staggering, then headed to the vending machine while walking and about to fall down. At the same time his body was heavily wounded and fell down many time already but still manage to stand up every single time. As a result Ryouchi's body gained more injuries while heading to Shin's karate-club to bring her some juice.

Ryouchi continued to head to Shin with his sheer willpower, Shin then came out from the Karate-clubroom.

"Eh, wh, what happened Ryouchi!? You're full of wound!"

Shin hurriedly rushed to Ryouchi who was about to fall and supported him.

"Ah, wai…. Shin…"

Ryouchi was carried like a princess. Ryouchi's cheeks were dyed red from embarrassment.

"I'll bring you to the infirmary! Ryouchi—!"

Shin told him not to mind such things. Without getting bothered by Ryouchi's weight, Shin ran as fast as she could and rushed to the to the school infirmary.

"Excuse me! It an emergency! Ryouchi is—! Ryouchi is seriously wounded!"

Shin opening the infirmary's door shouted loudly that could be heard in the entire floor's hallway. The adviser in-charge of the infirmary was absent, instead a girl from the health committee was there, she was startled by Shin's loud voice, she took her eyes off from the book she was reading then turned around to look.

"Eh! He's seriously wounded!? Eh, Kidou-kun!?"

The girl was astonished looking at Ryouchi's condition. Ryouchi turned his wounded face to the girl, whose voice came from a student he was familiar with.


Ryouchi knew the female student, Kazama Mayu, whom he knew from middle school and used to talk a lot to. Kazama was startled hearing Shin's shouting and sudden entrance while carrying Ryouchi.

"You're covered in blood Kidou-kun! Misaki-san! Bring Kidou-kun to the bed! Also, can you tell me what happened Kidou-kun!?"

"I don't know, he came in to where I am already in a battered condition. Hey Mayu, what should I do?"

Ryouchi was laid down in the infirmary's bed while Kazama treated him in his sad condition.

"I, I can only apply first aid treatment… As I thought, it would be better for him to be brought to the hospital to be treated!"

"Then, I'll take Ryouchi to the hospital! Ryouchi! I'll go get my stuffs, just a wait a bit!"

After she said that, she quickly ran off from the infirmary. After Shin left, Kazama started the treatment, she wiped the blood that covered his body, and applied disinfectant on his wounds then wrapped him with bandage.

"Misaki-san really loves you Kidou-kun."

Kazama muttered while smiling wryly.

"U, un, that r,right… I also feel the same… I really love Shin, but…"

Ryouchi feeling embarrassed while talking.

"… The truth is, I also… About Kidou-kun.."

Suddenly, Kazama's voice changed. With a gentle tone, having decided to tell something.


As soon as Ryouchi noticed it, he then moved quickly

Kazama moved closer to Ryouchi

Lightly stroking

She suddenly kissed Ryouchi's cheek.

A warm feeling was transmitted to Ryouchi's cheeks.

"Eh, Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!? K, K, Ka, Kazama-san!?"

Ryouchi shook violently-—. On the other handed, Kazama's eyes began to be overflowed with tears.

"I'm sorry, doing something like this… But… But… Somehow.. Somehow I want to tell Kidou-kun about how I feel."


Kazama gently smiled then started wiping her tears in her eyes and cheeks.

"Kidou-kun, please forget about me, and be happy with Misaki-san."

Ryouchi wasn't able to reply anything.

Afterwards, Shin came back to the infirmary, Shin then brought Ryouchi to the hospital


"Hey, Shin"

Ryouchi felt that he needed to talk to Shin for doing the thing that she did a while ago.

"Hmm~ What is it Ryouchi?.

The calm Shin answered enthusiastically.

"Why am I still being carried like a princess….?"

"Hmm~ Ryouchi, since you're ankles are sprained and he are going to the hospital, I felt sorry for you to let you walk~…"

Shin thought for a while then smiled at Ryouchi.

"Well, thinking about it, I just wanted to do it…"

"N, no way."

Ryouchi can't do anything about it as Shin declared so full of confidence. Then, at the same time, Ryouchi noticed something. While being carried out from the infirmary, looking closely at Shin's hands were small wounds, there were about five in each of her hands. Ryouchi then casually asked Shin.

"Hey, Shin. What are those wounds in your hands? When did you get hurt?"

After hearing that, Shin's body flinched, Shin then calmly answered.

"Well, that is, it seems that I got tensed on today's practice match on karate, by the time I noticed it, I was already wounded…"

Shin then went silent, Ryouchi felt uneasy with her silence.

"Hey…. Does Ryouchi dislikes it?… Me getting hurt?…"

Ryouchi looked at Shin, and smiled at her to relieve her.

"Of course I don't like Shin getting hurt. Even right now I'm just worried about Shin."

Ryouchi's word relieved Shin the her body started trembling.

"Ryo, Ryouchi~~…. I'm touched♪!"


Shin who was still carrying Ryouchi like a princess suddenly jumped and danced in circles.

"Waaaah! Shin stop it! I'm getting dizzy! Also, it's really embarrassing! People are starting to watch us!"

"It doesn't matter.. It doesn't matter ♪♪♪ Next is to dash~"

"Wait, Shiiiiiin!"

In the end Shin carried him all the way to the hospital full of spirit, Ryouchi thought what kind of embarrassing play is it.

It seems like there's no problem on Ryouchi's bones aside from his wounds and was told to rest for three days at home. During that time, Shiba and Botan visited him and brought him homemade cookies, Shin ate 80% of the cookies which caused Ryouchi to cry, but for some reason, both Wataru and Tagami brought a whole set of volume of JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, it's too many to be kept at the shelf in Ryouchi's house. Tagami brought GameCube with Pokémon, bought from a garage sale at a nearby game shop, the two also brought super chocomucho which Ryouchi got tired of eating.

It seemed that after everyone left, Shin and Ryouchi got absorbed in reading JoJo's and playing Pokémon.

During that time,

It was the only moment where Ryouchi got no idea what have happened during his absence in those three day rest.

—Three days later—

"Good morning Ryouchi! It's been a while!"

"Been a while, wait, you just visited me a while ago Tagami, what's so long about not seeing for one day, rather Shin came to visit three days straight after her club activities."

"Doing such things, there's no need to be bothered~."

Shin happily told Ryouchi while poking his cheeks. Botan also did the same to Tagami as if not to lose to them, Tagami convinced her not to do such things on the way to school, in the end, Tagami was tightly hugged by Botan.

On the other hand, Shiba was fighting over her thoughts wether to kiss Wataru or not, turning from tsun to dere, and vice versa, Wataru then kissed Shiba on the cheeks for 2 seconds, Shiba fainted due to embarrassment and Wataru carried he over after fainting.

Somehow their per usual chaotic morning has started.

Then at lunch break, while taking out the lunch he had brought from his girlfriend as usual, Tagami called out Shiba and Shin.

"Hey, Misaki, Shiba, is it okay for you two to eat together, without the three of us guys?"

He suddenly asked. By his words, Shin dropped her cotton while Shiba had a dumbfounded expression.

"Eh, why so suddenly?"

"What's with that, and what exactly is the reason?"

"Actually a while ago, we found a bookstore."

Wataru was the one who answered the two's question, he then took out a magazine from his bag. In the magazine which Ryouchi and the other guys took, were photos of women barely wearing anything, women and swimsuits and idols' doing some sexy pose.

"The three of us guys wanted to savour slowly while eating."

While Wataru was holding the magazine without care, for a moment, Shin and Shiba stiffened in place.

"I see, well, it's is a guy's thing so it can't be helped! Well then, me and Minako are just going to eat in the another classroom!"

Shin was smiling while Minako then

"W, well, if Wataru really insisted of wanted to look at that. Only this time I'll forgive you. O, only this time okay!?"

Her face turning beat red, Wataru the patted her, then those two eyes met, Shin and her moved away from Ryouchi and the other guys.

"Well then, shall we go?…"


Wataru and Tagami send off the two girls and after confirming that the both of them had already left the classroom, Ryouchi then saw Shin and Shiba who were carrying their lunchbox leaving the room in panic.

Having felt in their backs a heavy atmosphere while leaving.

When they arrived at the rooftop Tagami then turned around then said "Let's eat lunch first, probably… Before we lose our appetite", saying in a majestic manner, the three of them, quickly emptied their lunchboxes without talking, Tagami and Wataru was emitting a kind of heavy atmosphere and was different from the usual. A few moments later after they have finished eating their lunch, Tagami started to move his heavy lips…

"Actually… I've been keeping this a secret but, during your resting period two days ago, those people who have hurt you, including their companions numbering to 30 people was assaulted by a single person, for worst, those who were badly injured required a full month recuperating period in the hospital…"

Wataru then interrupted Tagami's story and calmly told Ryouchi the truth about what he saw.

"It was a cruel scene…

They have all claimed that is was an incredibly strong person, everyone was shedding tears, their bodies screaming in pain, and trembling like they are scared of something."

"Especially those guys who have actually hurt you were in a miserable state and in the worst possible condition.

There was a guy with severely broken bones and fingers twisted in a manner that it shouldn't have been.

There were guys whose faces were smashed by something like a concrete material in a frightening way, their lips, nose and eyes seemingly removed where only the tongue was intact.

And for the guy whose hair was dyed blonde who seemed to be the leader got his limbs twisted at 180 degrees, all his teeth and his rib bones were smashed to pieces, as well as his skull was crushed, and furthermore is right eye was completely scooped out.

…. Somehow I can kind of tell that just ending up dead would've been better."

From Wataru's mouth came out continued shocking words

Having hard time catching up everything

Ryouchi just remained completely shocked.

"When we heard the stories that some guys were sent to hospital, somehow, everyone were saying that "What a ridiculously strong person, and to think it was a girl on our age"."

Without minding Ryouchi's grim expression, Wataru continued talking without a care.

"That's how it is. Well some stories were a bit exaggerated but some of my acquaintances told me that they somehow have seen the girl who was the culprit for the assault incident."

Tagami who were keeping silent started talking. Ryouchi wasn't able to say anything and just kept silent while listening to them. "I somehow got a bad premonition about it, I felt bad showing a photo Shin I took to that acquaintance of ours. And… Um.."

"He told me "There's no mistaking it, this girl was there during that time"."

Tagami and Wataru are having difficulty talking about it. Ryouchi, immediately hearing those word became upset.

"H, hey, w, wait a sec, then, it, i, it's as if you're telling… that…"

"Unfortunately, it wasn't just those rumors. Yesterday, it seemed that Kazama withdrew from school."

Ryouchi was out of words to say, Wataru continued talking. Without minding Ryouchi who wasn't able to give his permission.

"It may seemed to be a ridiculous story. Tagami and I tried to visit Kazama but…"

Wataru suddenly stopped talking and averted his face on the other side. Somehow Wataru's face faintly is showing glimpse of disdain.

"… Kazama somehow got broken bones on her nose, her nose what twisted in the wrong direction and her teeth was shattered, the other area around her face were swollen and has awful scratches……

It seems like the doctor has said that there is a low chance of returning her face as to how it was before…..

She seemed to be beaten that badly.

Of course , Kazama's heart was also severely traumatized."

Wataru returned his averted face to Ryouchi and locked eyes with him, slowly telling him.

"I asked Kazama, "Who in the world would do such things you?". Of course she didn't answer immediately, Tagami stayed with her for three hourse and then she asked not to tell anyone about it.."

"The one who assaulted meit was Misaki-san.."

For a moment, Ryouchi's thoughts stopped and wasn't able to say anything. He cannot believe what his two friends was talking about, for him, there was no way that cute and extremely kind Shin would be able to do such awful things. Ryouchi cannot utter anything.

"Kidou, we're sorry but we cannot help it but believe in these things."

Ryouchi can't believe in Watari and Tagami's word for the last moment. Then they were waiting for Ryouchi to talk.

It's a lie right?… That Shin… Why?… Why?… But… Wataru wouldn't lie about such things… But… If it true… If these rumours are really true, then I… Then I…!

"I want to hear the really story from Shin, if it really is true. If the story you two have told me is really true, that Shin did it, then Shin should be punished for what she did."

Because I, Ryouchi stop and gulped

"Because I really love Shin!"

To those words, Tagami and Wataru just silently nods with serious looks.

"Mm, it's not a bad resolution. But you're just a little too sweet."

Wataru then took out a butterfly knife from the pocket of his school blazer and handed it to Ryouchi. Ryouchi was dumbfounded but Watari pushed it through.

"From my own experience, a girl who acts like that is extremely dangerous. Well in Misaki's case, I think it's still fine… This is for self-defense. Keep this one for the last moment in order to protect yourself okay?"

Wataru pushed it through with a serious expression and Ryouchi received it as it is.

"Well then, goodluck, Kidou."

Leaving those words behind, Wataru and Tagami left the rooftop. Ryouchi the called out the two of them..

"H, hey… What if… If… If Shin will do something, will you guys come if I got hurt!?"

Hearing those words, the two of them turned back and smiled bitterly…

"Ah, somehow I myself thought that you were kind of an M-guy, but, I'll beat some sense to you, Kidou."

"Umu, me too, I kind of feel sorry for doing it to a friend, but I'll beat you sweetly until you faint."

And the two of them

Prayed that he won't get hurt.

And they left the rooftop.

After those two left, Ryouchi immediately sent a mail to Shin.

Your club is on break today right? After school, can you come to see me at the karate clubroom, is it alright if it's just the two of us? I want to talk about something.

Then after a few seconds, Shin's reply came.

Of course it's fine, somehow I'm curious on what do you want~ . Is it something you can't talk about here right now? Ah, well, I'll be seeing you later♪♪

Somehow, Ryouchi was relieved and felt scared, it seemed that Shin wasn't able to notice it, he cast his gaze away from his phone then looked at the sky.

The sun the was brightly shining started to hide behind the clouds.

—After School—

Ryouchi kept the Knife he received from Wataru on his uniform's inner pocket where Shin won't notice, he opened the karate-club's door, Shin was already silently waiting for him.

"Mou, Ryouchi~ I told myself to come early, yet you're late~."

Shin was already there when Ryouchi opened the door, Shin then rushed to Ryouchi and flashed a smile to him. For some reason, Shin seemed to have change to the clothes they used in club activities.

"… Shin. Why did you change your clothes into club uniform?"

Ryouchi doesn't know so he asked Shin. Shin then lightly touched her lips then winked her left eye,

"Un~, not • gonna • tell♪"

Shin moved closed to Ryouchi's ear and gently whispered. To Shin's usual actions, it warmed Ryouchi's heart, from here on he wanted to ask a lot of things, he wanted to believe everything Shin is about to tell, he felt restless.

However, Ryouchi gathering his courage started talking. "H, hey, Shin. Today I wan to talk to you seriously. Can you hear me out?"

Somehow, Shin misunderstanding something, her eyes sparkled brightly full of expectations…

"U, u, un! O, okay! C, come!"

Again Shin's feeling was unable to wait any longer, but for Shin's sake, Ryouchi continued talking to Shin.


"U, un~!"

"Is it true that it was Shin who badly injured those guys who I fought with as well as beating Kazama-san's face badly?"

"Tagami and Wataru told me but I wanted to hear it coming from Shin's mouth yourself."

"……………………………..u, ugh."

"Hey, Shin. Won't you tell me everything?… Shin?"

"Ku, ku, kuha, はははははははははははははははははははははははははははははははははははははははははははっははははははははははははははははははははははははははは

(TL: Well she was just madly laughing and counting the "HA" seems to be tiring)

Suddenly Shin bursted laughing madly. Shin's eyes went dark and Ryouchi stared at Shin who seemed to have lost herself.

"Hiiiii! S, SHIN!?"

Shin then happily talks while laughing. (TL: Yes I know, it sounds weird)

"Ahaha, hmm, I, I see, I see, so you already found out! Ryouchi, that's right! That's the truth! Those garbage and that dirty pig, it was me who beat the crap out of them and put them to their rightful place♪♪"

Ryouchi was froze and was taken aback by Shin's words. Shin's continued talking without a care…

"IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING RIGHT!? Doesn't those guys do not deserve to live after hurting Ryouchi's BEAUTIFUL BODY!? Actually, in fact, I want to beat the crap out of each one of those garbage take them out and throw them, well, I thought that killing those trash will just make Ryouchi sad, that's why I only compromised on that♪  I'm really kind you know ♪ ~~ GYAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHA ~tsu !


You know! I, I wAs soooo UPSET that I WAS CLENCHING MY FIST and mY NALS SCRATHCHED my pALms! AH, Mou! Die die die die die diediediediediediediediediediediediediediediedie Die dIE DIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIE


AH! But that WOMAN'S FACE WAS BETTER OFF DEAD RIGHT!? I did it Ryouchi~ I beat the crap out of that filthy pig~ ♪ Hooray! HOORAY! Kukuku KU KU KU KUKUKU~

Ne~ Ryouchi, I didn't kill those garbage, I'M REALLY KIND YOU KNOW!? Praise me, PRASE ME♪♪♪♪~ ! N e~ N e~"

Shin approached Ryouchi slowly while talking. Ryouchi was completely frightened with her expression and screamed.

"D, don't come! Don't come any closer! You became weird SHIN! You're mad! Don't come any closer to me!"

But Shin didn't mind and intentionally tilted her head in a weird manner.

"A~re? Ryouchi's saying something so mean, but I'll allow it. Then, to that bad Ryouchi, I'll have to punish you~♪♪♪"

Shin bent her body down, with that pose Ryouchi got his guard up. From her mouth something drooped down and feel to the ground.

"Ryouchi was scared by Shin's devouring like gaze, you believed in yourself that you can just grab the knife in your uniform's pocket with all your speed but you're too slow Ryouchi~♪"

"!? Wh!"

At that moment, Shin jumped lightly, Ryouchi immediately put his left hands inside his pocket but Shin suddenly grabbed his left wrist using her right hand with a powerful grip.

Gishi! Gishi! Crkcrkkckarkck!

Ryouchi's bones was being shattered, creating such painful sounds.


Ryouchi was already shedding tear while begging Shin, but Shin….

"N~ As expected from Ryouchi~♪♪ What an extremely pleasant voice♪ As I thought, it's really different from them ♪♪ I really want to hear more of it♪ …"

Her gripped didn't loosen and seemed to be ecstatic while listening to Ryouchi's painful screams and his looking at his frightened expression. Ryouchi tried to take out the knife in his inner pocket using his right hand while half-screaming in panic.

However, contrary to what he wanted, he couldn't take the knife at all.

"Ryouchi~, you wanted to use your right hand to take out the knife from your pocket right?"

Shin then laughed and smiled, having Ryouchi's right hand grab nothing continued to grip on his left wrist.

"I, I'm begging you, I'm begging you Shin! Stop it already. P, please forgive me. PLEASE FORGIVE ME ALREADYYY!"

Abandoning his pride, shedding tears while begging, Ryouchi desperately pleaded to Shin. To that Ryouchi, Shin licked his tears with her tongue and like a mother as if gently comforting her child…

"It's alright Ryouchi, there is nothing to be scared about. It's true that right now I'm going to punish Ryouchi , but don't worry! I'll be giving you looooots of love, you won't feel any pain♪♪♪~.

Shin licked her own pinkish lips to moisten it and whispered lewdly to Ryouchi.

"Now the, Ryouchi, I'll make you feel pain that you won't be able to live without it~…"


Then, inside the clubroom, was two shadows that slowly becoming one together, gently moving.

—Last chapter, after the sunset—

From the karate-club's shower area, sounds of dripping water and someone happily humming was heard of. Orange like light from the sunset entered inside and illuminated the clubroom. At the same time, Ryouchi was still lying down while crying. Ryouchi can't even lift a single finger anymore due to lost of strength, Ryouchi can only cry. The Ryouchi had thought while crying. Now that I think about it, at first Shin and me are just supposed to be like any other couple, when I see Shin myself, she's cute, sweet and a kind-heart girl supposedly, but… why is it… why is it… Everytime Ryouchi thinks about it, tears just started to shed again.

Like what he has heard before, the sound of water and humming suddenly stopped. Changing her club uniform covered in sweat, Shin went out of the shower changed into the school's uniform. Shin talked with a brimming face.

"Ah~ I feel refreshed. Ryouchi should've also take a shower. See, you're sweaty and later you're going to stink.

Even so, you don't have the strength to take a shower now, shall I come in with you and help you take one?"

Shin walked over to Ryouchi slowly while talking then crouched down near Ryouchi.


Ryouchi's lips was kissed. Suddenly slipping her tongue and ravaged his mouth a lot for tens of seconds before letting go of his lips then gently hugging Ryouchi.

"I really love you Ryouchi. You're the one I love the most in this whole world. That's why…."

Shin gently looked at Ryouchi. Her eyes were still dark as it was.

"Forever. Let's stay together forever… Okay?"

To those gentle words, to that devil who took a form of an angel, Ryouchi shed tears, casting his neck down to completely submit himself.

—Kidou Ryouchi

He wasn't able to return to his former self. He just wanted to love Shin and live to only love her entirely.

However, for Tagami and Wataru while looking bitterly just said that he might seemed to be madly drowning in happiness.


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