Wu Dong Qian Kun


Wu Dong Qian Kun Chapter 745-746

Chapter 745: Surge in Strength

The golden light whizzed and spread within the Dantian. That palm sized golden illusory figure appeared to have been formed from within the golden flame. It trembled slightly and extended outwards.

"Buzz buzz!"

As that small golden illusory figure slowly grew, those golden light that had originally shot out suddenly froze at this moment. After which, they ricocheted at a shocking speed before they finally rushed back into the tiny golden illusory figure.


The latter's small body vaguely became a little more lifelike the moment that final trace of golden light entered the golden figure.

At this moment, one could faintly discern the appearance of that illusory golden light figure. Its appearance and features were basically identical to that of Lin Dong. However, that figure was shrunk by many times. From the looks of it, it seemed simple, honest and cute. It looked somewhat different from Lin Dong's actual self…

The Yuan Spirit agglomerated. However, it was still quite fictitious. Strictly speaking, Lin Dong's Yuan Spirit was not fully developed and it was a little lacking compared with the Yuan Spirit that was agglomerated by the experts at the Mysterious Life Stage. However, since Lin Dong was only at six Yuan Nirvana Stage, he still had quite a lot of time to hone and refine his Yuan Spirit. This would be greatly beneficial to him when he advanced into the Mysterious Life Stage in the future.

After Lin Dong's Yuan Spirit absorbed all the golden light within his Dantian, he finally began to descend slowly. Soon after, he landed on the Dragon Yuan Ring below. His knees were bent before he sat down. His miniature hands also formed a mysterious training seal at this moment.


A strange muffled thunder seemed to suddenly resound within Lin Dong's body the moment the Yuan Spirit training seal had been formed. Waves after waves of galloping torrent like majestic energy suddenly swept out from within the Yuan Spirit. Finally, it coursed along the meridians within Lin Dong's body.

These energy coursed through the meridians. At the same time, waves after wave of energy charged directly to Lin Dong's mind. Finally, it entered into his Niwan Place in an overbearing fashion. Immediately, a monstrous storm was raised within it.

Buzz buzz!

Golden light spread over every part of Lin Dong's body and they wrapped around the small world within his Niwan place. Lin Dong could also clearly sense that the Yuan Power and Mental Energy within his body was soaring in an extremely shocking fashion.

This was a feedback from the Yuan Spirit!

The Yuan Dan of the past no longer existed as the Yuan Spirit had replaced it. Clearly, with regards to being a centre for Yuan Power, the Yuan Spirit was undoubtedly a more powerful and evolved version…

In contrast to the amount of Yuan Power required to activated the Yuan Dan in the past in order to achieve a certain offensive impact, the current Yuan Spirit merely needed half of it. This was the obvious gap between the two.

"Bang bang!"

Vast and mighty Yuan Power as well as Mental Energy coursed wildly through Lin Dong's body and his Niwan Palace. In the face of this skyrocketing strength, Lin Dong quickly sensed an that invisible barrier seemed to be blocking him, in an attempt to block his Yuan Power and Mental Energy to continue advancing.

Lin Dong laughed softly when he sensed that obstruction. After which, a low mutter that was accompanied by some wild heat, suddenly sounded.



The moment Lin Dong muttered within his heart, an extremely wild and violent heated ripple suddenly erupted from within his body. Black Nirvana flames appeared to have surged out from within his flesh. After which, it began a wild and violent rampage.

The next Nirvana Tribulation had finally arrived once again!

Wild and violent black Nirvana flames raged fearlessly. The meridians within Lin Dong's body and his bones once again had some dense green scales appearing on it, blocking the destruction from the flames.


At the same time, the Yuan Spirit that was sitting on the Dragon Yuan Ring within his Dantian also slowly opened its tightly shut eyes. Golden light permeated those eyes before a unique pressure spread.


The Yuan Spirit slowly lifted his small hands before a golden light ray rushed out explosively from his hand. Finally, it swept towards the rising black flames. The black flames seemed to have been pressured when that golden light rushed over as they gradually weakened.

Having a Yuan Spirit clearly provided an extremely great boost when dealing with the Nirvana Tribulation.

Lin Dong's heart suddenly moved when he was facing the Nirvana Tribulation within his body. After which, his seated body on the mountaintop slowly opened his eyes, which had been shut tightly for a long time.

After both his eyes opened, Lin Dong's eyes immediately looked at the sky. There were storm clouds gathering at that spot. Silver snakes swam within the dark clouds, emitting a loud rumbling noise.

"Wind Lightning Tribulation."

Lin Dong looked at the gathering storm clouds. However, his eyes did not contain the slightest tinge of shock. It was likely that he was already numb towards experiencing a twin tribulation.

Dense black light whizzed out from Lin Dong's head. After which, it directly transformed into an enormous ancient symbol. The symbol rotated, transforming into a black hole that directly rushed towards the storm clouds.


The dark cloud immediately churned wildly after the Devouring Ancestral Symbol charged within. A loud and clear thunder roar rumbled and resounded over the place, shaking this mountaintop until it trembled repeatedly. However, not a single thunderbolt fell…

"This fellow seems to have gained increased mastery over the Devouring Ancestral Symbol …" On the mountaintop, when Little Marten saw this scene, he involuntarily smiled and said.

Beside Little Marten, was Little Flame, whose figure was just like a metal tower. At this moment, he had also withdrew from his training state. Moreover, it seemed like his aura had been greatly strengthened after this training.

"It seems like this Wind Lightning Tribulation is unable to pose even the slightest threat for big brother…" Little Flame parted his mouth and smiled.

Little Marten nodded gently. Being in possession of a divine object like the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and having successfully agglomerated a Yuan Spirit, even a Nirvana Tribulation and Wind Lightning Trial arriving together would no longer pose much problems for Lin Dong.

This development of the matter was also just like what the Little Marten duo had expected. Following the wild manner in which the Devouring Ancestral Symbol charged into the Wind Lightning Trial, the wild and violent energy contained within the latter also disappeared at a shockingly pace. Clearly, it was being devoured by the Devouring Ancestral Symbol…


After the final muffled thunder sound appeared, the storm clouds in the sky finally completely scattered. The Devouring Ancestral Symbol rushed back and entered Lin Dong's Niwan Palace. Soon after, a wave of invisible majestic fluctuation spread apart like a storm with Lin Dong at the middle.

Lin Dong suddenly opened both of his eyes when the majestic Mental Energy swept apart. After which, he heavily slammed his palm onto the ground in front of him.


The palm fell and an enormous crack line immediately erupted. Within the blink of an eye, it had extended towards the edge of the mountain. Immediately, the mountain began to sway a little.

Wild and violent Yuan Power and Mental Energy whistled around Lin Dong while golden light flickered from both of his eyes. This continued for quite awhile before it gradually scattered.


The glaring golden light disappeared before Lin Dong slowly spat out a mouthful of hot air. After which, he stood up. His body moved and some crackling sound was emitted. A majestic force quietly surged like a shocking thunder.

Seven Yuan Nirvana Stage. Six seal Heavenly Symbol Master!

With the agglomeration of his Yuan Spirit, Lin Dong's strength had undoubtedly soared once again this time around!

"Not bad…"

Standing beside him, when Little Marten's eyes scanned Lin Dong's body, a tinge of shock flashed across his eyes before he smilingly nodded.

"Thanks." Lin Dong grinned Little Marten.

"The Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva isn't of much help to me."

Little Marten laughed faintly. Subsequently, his eyes looked towards a certain direction with some surprise. He softly said, "Moreover, compared to you, it is likely that she is even more worrisome…"

Lin Dong was startled upon hearing these words as he hurriedly turned his head. His pupils shrunk slightly when he saw the young lady seated on a rock. Her ponytail was scattered while her jet-black hair had turned into a somewhat strange icy-blue colour…

Chapter 746: Reincarnator

The young lady sat on a green stone, while her icy blue long hair scattered across her body. Indistinctly, there seemed to be a frosty twinkle and chill that quietly permeated the air.

The chill was not thick, however, it was an icy cold sensation that could pierce into the depths of one's bones. Her appearance seemed capable of causing one's souls to thoroughly freeze up.

"What..is going on?"asked Lin Dong with a shock expression. It was obvious that he did not understand the mysterious changes that occured to Ying Huanhuan during her training.

"This girl is not so simple…" replied Little Marten with a grave expression as he slowly turned around.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head. The situation before him was indeed something that would not occur to any random ordinary person.

As Lin Dong and the other two observed, a somewhat pained expression appeared on Ying Huanhuan's beautiful face. In the next moment, ring after ring of icy blue halos unexpectedly started to slowly rise from her body.

Crack Snap!

The icy blue halo started to dissipate, causing the ground to seemingly turn frost locked instantaneously. After a few breaths, the entire mountain peak had transformed into a blue iceberg.

As those few icy blue halos started to spread out, Lin Dong and the other two suddenly saw Ying Huanhuan's icy blue hair grow longer. As an chillingly frosty gale blew past, her icy blue long hair flew in the air. Coupled with the snowflakes dancing in the air, she looked just like a ice queen amidst the snow

The scene before them was majestic and alluring.

As the halos started to fluctuate, the pained expression on Ying Huan Huan's face turned richer. In the next moment, her tightly shut eyes suddenly sprung open.

The instant she opened her eyes, her originally black pupils were now permeated with an icy blue colour. Even her pupils had turned icy clear, and there was not a single trace of emotion within them.

Her gaze was akin to that of a god looking down on mortals, no joy, no sadness, no benevolence and no evil.

A serious expression appeared on Lin Dong's face when he saw the state that Ying Huanhuan was in. Her current gaze had no focal point, and was not focused on his body. However, he could still feel a chill enveloping his entire body. Ying Huanhuan's current condition made him feel uneasy and he was unable to accept that this young lady, that was typically brimming within youth and vitality, would display such an icy cold expression…

Although he was feeling uneasy in his heart, Lin Dong did not dare to act recklessly. After all, he did not know what exactly had happened within her body. Therefore, he was afraid that if he acted recklessly, he may end up hurting her instead…

At this juncture, all they could do was to standby quietly and observe.

After Ying Huanhuan opened her eyes, a icy blue luster suddenly appeared on her forehead before the glow spread outwards. After which, the glow started to form into a icy blue ancient runic symbol.

"Reincarnation Symbol?"

Upon seeing the icy blue ancient runic symbol, Little Marten's body instantly shivered. Promptly, an astonished expression instantly appeared on his face as he involuntarily exclaimed.

"Reincarnation Symbol?" Lin Dong was startled for a moment before he asked. Promptly, he frowned his brows and asked: " What is that?" 

"I never thought that it could actually be the Reincarnation Symbol…this lass is indeed not simple. She is actually a Reincarnator…"

Little Marten mumbled for a short moment before aspirating. Looking towards Lin Dong, he replied in a deep voice, " Do you know about the Reincarnation Stage?"

Upon hearing that term, Lin Dong's gaze instantly hardened before he faintly nodded his head and said, "After Life and Death, it would be Reincarnation. As for Reincarnation… immortal…"

"In this world, there isn't anyone who is truly immortal. Even if one steps in Reincarnation stage, they still face dangers that may be beyond the imagination of an ordinary individual. For the Nirvana Stage, there exists the Nirvana Tribulation. As for the Reincarnation Stage, there is also the Reincarnation Tribulation. If one crosses it, one would evolve and would be free and unfettered from the world. However, if one failed, one would disappear by reincarnation." said Little Marten casually.

"Reincarnation Tribulation…"mutter Lin Dong as he pursed his lips. This was obviously the first time he had heard about this. However, that stage was still too far and out of his reach.

"What does this have to do with her? Also, what is a Reincarnator?"

"People who are able to step into the Reincarnation Stage are probably the existences that are standing on the apex of this world, since they have control over life and death. From another perspective, even time cannot erase them. Qing Zhi, whom we met in the Green Dragon palace, is most likely an expert that has stepped into Reincarnation Stage. If not, he could not have survived until now…"

"In the ancient times, if those elites at Reincarnation Stage were to fail their Reincarnation Tribulation, a few of them were able to preserve a little of their conscious with their remarkable strength. They will letting their remnant consciousness enter the reincarnation cycle and wait for a chance to reactivate their consciousness and cross the nirvana back into this world again."

"Thereafter, those individuals who were reborn are called Reincarnators. It seems like this lass should be one of them…" said Little Marten as he stared at the young lady floating in mid air with a weird gaze.

"You mean to say that… in her past life…she is an elite at the Reincarnation Stage?" asked Lin Dong as he massaged his temples. The so-called Reincarnation and this sort of mysterious stuff was undoubtedly too unreal and farfetched to him.


Little Marten nodded his head and replied: " Perhaps, she does not even know about it. This time around, she must have stirred the remnant consciousness in the depths of her soul when she was agglomerating her Yuan Spirit. Therefore, this incident occurred."

"Of course, this does not mean that all of the Reincarnators would be able to awaken. A large majority of Reincarnators would simply lead an ordinary life. As they continue along the cycle over and over again, the sliver of consciousness would gradually be worn down till it thoroughly dissipated. At that time, the super elite at Reincarnation Stage would have completely vanished from this world…:"

"So…would this affect her personality? In other words, would she…no longer be Ying Huanhuan and become the super expert that once ruled the heavens and the earth?" asked Lin Dong after hesitating for a while.

"If she awakened, there would be a few changes. However, in the end the one that would remain in control would be the person in this reincarnation cycle."replied Little Marten with a smile after he sensed Lin Dong's worry.

Lin Dong gave a bitter laugh and could only nod his head while secretly sighing in his heart. From his point of view, he would rather Ying Huanhuan remain as the pure and innocent young lady that he had known, and not become some super elite that had reincarnated from the ancient times…

"Don't worry. Perhaps she might be a Reincarnator, however, who knows if she can awaken her other side? As long as she doesn't awaken, she would definitely still be the Ying Huanhuan that you know." said Little Marten.


Lin Dong nodded his head once again before suddenly looking at Little Marten and asking, " Did you reach the Reincarnation Stage in the past?" 

Upon hearing that question, Little Marten's handsome face twitched before he gave a dry laugh and replied, " I missed it by just a bit. If I had already reached the Reincarnation Stage, I wouldn't need to hide in the Stone Talisman. And you wouldn't have met me."

Upon hearing that, Lin Dong gave a smile. He had no intention of mocking him. Their meeting back then had undoubtedly changed their course of lifes. If there was no Lin Dong, Little Marten might have already scattered and died. If not for Little Marten, it would be also be difficult for Lin Dong to reach the current stage that he was at now. A person and a marten had walked together for all these years and experienced numerous difficult trials together. In the end, they had endured all of those…

"She should not remain much longer in this current state…" said Little Marten as he raised his head and looked at the young lady in midair.

Little Marten's prediction was spot on. After a few minutes, the icy blue colour that pervaded the skies started to grow weaker rapidly. After which, Ying Huanhuan's icy cold eyes started to slowly shut once again.

One by one, the layers of icy blue halos all reentered the Ying Huanhuan's body before her extremely long icy blue hair rapidly shortened. As it was shortening, the icy blue colour receded and her original black hair rapidly reappeared.

After Ying Huanhuan's hair completely recovered its original colour, her body started to descend from the sky. Seeing this, Lin Dong took a step forward and hugged her by the waist. The soft waist that entered his hand caused him to shake slightly, before he lowered his head only to see that he was been stared straight by a young lady's jet black eyes.

The two of them continued to stare at each other and Lin Dong's expression did not change at all. It was as if this ambiguous position had nothing to do with him. As for the young lady, after seeing the opposite party's action, she finally resigned as a red embarrassed flush appeared on her fair and beautiful face.

Looking at the embarrassed and resentful gaze from that young lady, Lin Dong breathed a quiet sigh of relief in his heart. That's good, this was the Ying Huanhuan that he knew…