Wu Dong Qian Kun


Wu Dong Qian Kun Chapter 734-735

Chapter 734: Demon Sound Mountain

The Demon Sound Mountain was situated at the deepest part of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range. It was unusually steep and was covered with black trees known as sound tree. These trees were quite mysterious and they had the same effects as a loudspeaker and were able to magnify a sound to many times its original volume. Each and every moment, there would be a sharp sound being emitted from the entire mountain. Hence, this mountain was termed the Demon Sound Mountain.

There was a stone hall standing at the top of the Demon Sound Mountain. The stone hall was somewhat dark red in colour. Its fresh blood sediment like colour gave one an extremely pressurising feeling.

When one looked at the large hall, it was possible to see a dark golden skin middle-aged man seated on top of a dense white bone throne.That man's eyes were sunken. His mouth revealed a somewhat unusual shape, causing his face to appear extremely shady and insidious.

"Has the owl sonic formation been set up?" The middle-aged man's shady eyes looked towards two figures in front of him before he asked indifferently.

"Sir, please relax. All the human head owls have moved out. Once anyone invades this place, the owl sonic formation will be activated immediately!" Amongst the two of them, the man wearing a leopard skin parted his mouth and laughed.

"Sir, is that feminine looking man really that frightening? We have already hid in the Demon Sound Mountain for a couple of days without going out." The other large man with a fierce face curled his mouth and involuntarily asked.

"Humph, that fellow might appear extremely fragile on the surface, but he has likely reached the Advanced Profound Life Stage. If we really end up fighting, even I am no match for him!" That middle-aged man coldly chided.

"Had I known earlier, I would have directly crippled that large fellow that day. All these problems would not have appeared…" That man wearing a leopard skin had a dark ruthlessness flashing over his eyes as he said.

"Sir, what should we do now? Don't tell me that we can only continue to hide in the Demon Sound Mountain?"

The middle-aged man leaned against the backrest of his chair. A dense dark smile was lifted on his face, "Relax, Yuan Gate and I have some history. This time around, I have already sent a message and invited an Elder. Once he arrives, that fellow will not be able to throw his weight around.

Those two men quietly sighed in relief upon hearing these words. They were just about to speak when a hurried sharp cry was suddenly being transmitted from outside the large hall.

The sharp cry had just been transmitted when the three people in the large hall had a change in expression. That middle-aged man suddenly got up. His body flashed and he rushed out of the large hall. After which, his eyes were shady as they looked towards the sky outside of the mountain. There were four figures suspended in the sky there.

"It's you again, why won't you leave me alone!" That middle-aged man's eyes were dark and gold as he stared at the handsome man amongst the four before speaking in a dense manner.

Swoosh swoosh!

At this moment, everyone within the mountain was alarmed. Immediately, waves after waves of rushing wind sound appeared. Soon after, many figures gathered and landed on the mountaintop one after another.
"This lineup is really quite grand."

Lin Dong surveyed this Demon Sound Mountain. His gaze swept over it before sensing that there were countless unusual fluctuations on the mountain. These fluctuations were extremely slight and there was a vague ear-piercing sonic wave being emitted. They were likely the human head owls that Little Marten had mentioned.

"You have injured my brother. How can I let you off so easily? Yellow Golden Ghost Owl, why don't you kill your two subordinates and I will forget about this matter? What do you say?" Little Marten spoke with a twinkly smile. His smile contained a cunning dark chillness.

Those two people standing behind the Yellow Golden Ghost Owl immediately had a momentary unnaturalness in their expressions when they heard Little Marten's words Although their expressions were normal, their eyes involuntarily glanced at the Yellow Golden Ghost Owl's back.

"Do you really think that this king is so stupid?" The Yellow Golden Ghost Owl's eyes turned chilly as he laughed coldly.

"You are right, I really thought you are so stupid." Little Marten laughed. His appearance was as though he wanted to anger the other party to death.

"You sharp tongue tongue. Wait until you have the ability to break my owl sonic formation before you speak. Otherwise, you will have to flee in shame like in the past!" The Yellow Golden Ghost Owl's eyes were dark and cold. However, he was also aware that with his current strength, he would not be able to match up against Little Marten in a head on battle. Immediately, he waved his hand. The black trees in the entire mountain immediately swayed. Soon after, numerous dark and ugly Demonic Beast, which appeared to have a human head, climbed out. They covered the entire mountain and looked extremely frightening.

"Hoot hoot!"

These human head owls had just appeared when they extended their heads into the sound trees. After which, their sharp cries suddenly resounded over this entire place.

Buzz buzz!

Countless black sonic waves spread across the Demon Sound Mountain in all directions. Finally, it became like a sound web that covered the entire mountain.

The black sonic waves were just like numerous enormous black snakes that were slowly wiggling around this mountain. These black sonic wave might appear quiet but Lin Dong's group could sense a shocking destructive strength from within. If there was only one human head owls, it was hardly worth anything. However, there were currently ten thousand of them gathered together. Hence, their combined strength was quite frightening.

Therefore, when Little Marten saw that enormous black sonic wave web, his eyes also hardened. Immediately, they quickly pulled back.

"I thought that you had a trick up your sleeve. It turns out you are here just to embarrass yourself!" That Yellow Golden Ghost Owl involuntarily mocked when he saw Little Marten retreating. His subordinates behind him also laughed along with him.

However, just when they were laughing, they saw a young lady carrying a fiery red ancient zither walking out from their group.

The young lady was wearing white clothes and she had a pretty face. A pair of clear bright eyes appeared like a lake while her black ponytail fell in front of her chest. That innocent manner caused those fellows on the Demon Sound Mountain to be stunned. Most of those present were ruthless people, whose hands were dyed in blood and they had done many terrible things. Hence, their eyes could not hide an obscene expression when they saw such a juicy young lady. Soon after, whistling noises permeated the air as some foul languages spread.

"Haha, do you really that we will show mercy to such a juicy young lady?"

"Hee hee, we can capture her to serve you, sir."

"These fellows are actually here for the express purpose of delivering a woman huh…"

A rich killing intent involuntarily flashed across Lin Dong's heart when he heard the foul language that permeated the place. Immediately, his eyes were just like blades as they swept over the mountain, imprinting in his mind the faces of those who were laughing the hardest.


Compared to Lin Dong's icy cold expression, Ying Huanhuan remained unusually calm. She directly sat down while suspended in mid-air. That fiery red ancient zither in her embrace was gently placed in front of her. After which, her seemingly flawless hands gently landed. Immediately, a phoenix cry resounded over this entire place in a loud and clear manner.


The soft cry resounded over the place and the many foul languages that were present on the Demon Sound Mountain suddenly halted. Even that Yellow Golden Ghost Owl also had a sudden change in expression while uneasiness surged within his heart.

The phoenix cry resounded and a monstrous fiery red light swept out from Ying Huanhuan's body like a volcano. Finally, a crimson phoenix flapped its wings and rushed out from the Heavenly Phoenix Zither amidst the zither music. It lingered in the sky above Ying Huanhuan's head. At the same time, a somewhat shocking fluctuation was being emitted from within the crimson phoenix's body.

"Pure Yuan treasure!"

The Yellow Golden Ghost Owl on the Demon Sound Mountain looked at the crimson phoenix that lingered. His eyes immediately shrunk as he involuntarily cried out in shock.

"Correct. Too bad there is no prize."

Ying Huanhuan raised her head. She smiled gently at the shocked Yellow Golden Ghost Owl. Immediately, her finger suddenly moved over the zither string.


The crimson phoenix that lingered in the sky also let out a cry toward the sky. Its enormous wings were suddenly flapped. Immediately, a bright red sonic wave swept out.

These phoenix cry also came into contact with the zither music that was being emitted from the Heavenly Phoenix Zither. Finally, it appeared to transform into a monstrous flame that directly whistled towards the owl sonic formation that covered the Demon Sound Mountain.

Bang bang bang!

The bright red fire sound wave swept out in all directions. Finally, it collided onto the owl sonic formation that was formed by ten thousand human head owls. Immediately, Lin Dong's group saw that the seemingly black large python like sound wave collapsed almost instantly. It struggled and transformed into nothingness within the rising flame.

That sound formation that thwarted Little Marten was torn apart almost instantly!

The human head owls that covered the mountains also appeared to have met with their nemesis when their large formation was broken. Their bodies trembled before they emitted a 'bang' and actually exploded into clusters of bloody fog.

The Yellow Golden Ghost Owl and the rest, who were laughing in a proud and arrogant manner previously, had a drastic change in expression when they saw the human head owls exploding into a bloody mist.

"It is indeed worthy of a Pure Yuan treasure."

Lin Dong observed this scene with a rich shock in his eyes. This Pure Yuan treasure's strength was actually this frightening. Although part of the reason was because they countered each other, Lin Dong was aware that if he was to fight with Ying Huanhuan when she had the Heavenly Phoenix Zither, there was no guarantees that he would emerge victorious…

"It is your turn…"

Ying Huan Huan turned her head around. The pretty face, which was still calm earlier, appeared a little pale after she had used the Heavenly Phoenix Zither. At the same time, an icy chillness spread. Immediately, she clenched her silver teeth and viciously said, "Lin Dong, if you do not kill all those fellows who had mocked me previously, I will tell father and elder sister that you bullied me when I return!"

Lin Dong was instantly stunned speechless when he heard her words.

Chapter 735 The Sudden Guests

"Take action!"

While Lin Dong was still startled, the cold laughter of Little Marten rang out in his ears. In the next instant, an exceptionally majestic and boundless fluctuation instantaneously swept out from within Little Marten's body. The fluctuation was like black clouds that enveloped the skies before turning into a thick pressure that slowly filled the area.

"Grandpa Marten will now let you guys laugh your fill!"

As the majestic aura swept outwards, a blood-thirsty look appeared on Little Marten's handsome face. He had been extremely infuriated by the Demonic Sound Mountain's array over this period of time, hence, after breaking the array, his anger and thoroughly exploded.


A purplish black glow that blotted the skies started screaming out of Little Marten's palm as he directly patted down, smashing a few unlucky fellows into a fleshy pulp. In the next moment, eyes suffused with a purplish black glow locked onto the the Golden Ghost Owl who was currently showing a rather ugly expression.

"You yellow furred devil, let's see where can you hide now!" Little said Marten with a sinister smile. With a shift of his body, he directly appeared in front of the Golden Ghost Owl like a spectre, as a purplish black spiral containing a frightening fluctuation exploded forward like lighting.

In response to Little Marten's brutal offensive, the Golden Ghost Owl cut a sorry figure as it promptly retreated. He was after all weaker than Little Marten by a whole level. In a direct one on one confrontation, it naturally was no match for the former. However, now that the formation had been broken, he had no place to escape, and could only brace himself and fight while hoping that the helpers from the Yuan Gate would be able to make it in time.


Just as Little Marten took action, Little Flame also suddenly raised his head and howled, causing his already sturdy steel tower like body to inflate another fold. A scarlet glow started to appear and flowed on the surface of his body. This was obviously an extremely strong body enhancing martial art.


While his body continued to swell, Little Flame shot towards the Demonic Sound Mountain like a cannonball with a stamp of his foot. With his scarlet eyes and ferocious appearance, there was no longer any trace of the previous simple and honest expression.

"You be careful."

Upon seeing the two of them take action, Lin Dong did not hesitate any longer. After saying a single sentence to Ying huanhuan, the green dragon wings surfaced once again on his back. He instantly transformed into a green flash and shot towards the Demonic Sound Mountain.


Lin Dong was like a ray of light as he shot towards the peak of the mountain. With a dragonified arm, he wielded the black tree as he created a path of carnage. Those whom he had remembered earlier had their bodies viciously swatted by the heavy black tree until they could only howl in pain due to their now bloodied bodies.

Over all, only the higher echelons of the Demonic Sounds Mountain were considered slightly strong. Although the Golden Ghost Owl and the two great generals are capable of putting up a fight, the others were of hardly any use. Therefore when the Lin Dong trio killed there way towards the mountain like wolves and tigers, thee fellows that had seemed fierce and malicious fled faster than rabbits, just like a beaten army in total collapse.

Lin Dong smashed another previously vulgar fellow with the tree trunk, causing him to vomit blood as he was swatted away. Just as he was about to take another step, Lin Dong's gaze suddenly focused as his other hand instantaneously transformed into a green dragon arm. Immediately after, his hand clenched tightly into a fist as he sent a punch rumbling forward.


In a flash, two fists that contained vigorous energies ferociously collided with each other. A visible energy ripple rapidly spread out, causing the dead leaves on the ground to be shaken and turned to dust.

As the force dispersed, Lin Dong's body trembled faintly before he retreated half a step backwards. As for the person facing him, he stumbled and retreated multiple steps, before dispelling the strength that had entered his body.

Raising his head, Lin Dong looked towards the person in front of him. With a body covered in a robe made of leopard pelt, he had a tall and sturdy physique with a deep scar on his forehead, making him look quite sinister. Moreover, the unrestrained fluctuation from him caused Lin Dong's eyebrows to raise. Given such a fluctuation, he should have already reached the Nine Yuan Nirvana stage, however it substantially weaker than Wang Yan…

"Son of a bitch, you killed so many people from my Demonic Sound Mountain! Leopard Grandfather will wring your head off and turn it into my piss bucket!" The man wearing a leopard pelt stared at Lin Dong with a fierce and sinister expression on his face.

"Superficial Nine Yuan Nirvana stage."

Lin Dong sent a smile towards the man in a leopard pelt while shaking his head. Although the person before him was at the Nine Yuan Nirvana stage, from the previous exchange, Lin Dong could feel that he was even weaker than Yao Ling, let alone comparing him to Wang Yan.

"An obstinate brat, look and see if your father won't rip you to shreds!"

Without another word, the face of the leopard pelt wearing male turned chilly. Vigorous Yuan Power rushed forth from within his body. In the next moment, he stamped his foot and shot towards Lin Dong.


A swift and fierce fist wind of the leopard pelt wearing male swept towards Lin Dong, who immediately grabbed his arm with a green dragon arm.

"You still dare to mess with me with such puny strength?"

Said Lin Dong with a faint smile. His gaze suddenly turned chilly as boundless energy erupted like flood waters. With a ferocious tug, he caused the leopard pelt wearing male to directly lose balance. In the next instant, Lin Dong flung his leg out, which viciously landed on the man’s chest.


Under the gazes of the surrounding Demonic Sound Mountain men, the leopard pelt wearing man was flung hundreds of metres away, smashing trees into dust as he crashed into them along the way.

After experiencing fights with formidable Nine Yuan Nirvana stage experts like Yao Ling and Wang Yan, the leopard pelt wearing male truly made Lin Dong somewhat sigh in regret. Although they were all of the same stage, the difference between the strong and the weak was was very clear. Lin Dong truly did not know how this fellow trained to such a level…


In the distance, the leopard pelt wearing male struggled and stood up. Wiping the fresh blood of from the corners of his mouth, his eyes started to turn scarle. Soon after, he raised his head and let out a howl. Instantly, his body started to rapidly squirm, before finally transforming into a giant golden leopard. Bringing along a foul wind, he maniacally pounced at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong calmly watched the giant golden leopard flying towards him without the slightest intention of withdrawing. His arms transformed into dragon arms, as he grasped the black tree and gave a ferocious swing.

Bang Bang Bang!

The surrounding Demonic Sound Mountain men watched the intense battle between the giant golden leopard and Lin Dong. Yet, the leopard was unable to gain any upper hand, and was being forced to retreat time after time. Turning their gazes, they looked at the other fights taking place. The Golden Ghost Owl and the other great general was also being forced into an extremely sorry state…

Such a situation was not good.

A few of the men from the Demonic Sound Mountain looked at each other and were thinking of stealthily fleeing away. When the trees topples the monkeys will scatter. From the situation in front of them, it was obvious that they could no longer hold the Demonic Sound Mountain…

The entire Demonic Sound Mountain had currently sunk into an extreme state of chaos as rumbling and intense sounds transmitted endlessly all around. The entire mountaintop shook as if it was shattering and crumbling as a bloody soared into the skies.

As the Demonic Sound Mountain descended into chaos, three figures appeared in a flash on the peak of a far away mountain, while their gazes stared indifferently at the Demonic Sound Mountain.

"Hey, looks like the Demonic Sound Mountain has already been broken by other people. That bastard is truly useless, can't even endure just this bit…" These three were naturally the three from the Yuan Gate that had appeared previously. As for the person speaking, it was the handsome man in white. He smiled and said as he looked at the Demonic Sound Mountain that reeked of blood.

"Senior martial uncle Jiang, do we take action and help?" Another man dressed in black said with a grin on his face.

"Let a few more die before we take action."

In front of the two men stood an old man dressed in brown. With an indifferent tone, he said, "There is an Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva hidden within the Demonic Sound Mountain. That blockhead assumed that no one knew about it, and even invited me over. Since we have came here, let's also that that treasure away. This kind of heavenly treasure should be given to our Yuan Gate."

"Xia Yan, go take care of all those people that have fled the Demonic Sound Mountain in secret, I don't want the news here to spread."

"Relax senior martial uncle Jiang, none of them will escape." The male in black replied. With a smile, he proceeded to transform into a ray of light as he headed into the forest.

"Shen Yun, go and take the zither from the hands of that girl. Ha ha, I truly can't believe that I am actually be able to see a Pure Yuan Treasure here. Looks like even the heavens are helping our Yuan Gate." The old man dressed in brown commanded with a casual smile as he pointed towards Ying huanhuan who was standing outside of the Demonic Sound Mountain.


The male in white gave a reply while giving a faint smile. As he gazed into the distance, he gave a frivolous smile, " A little beauty eh, let me handle this…"

Following the appearance of his voice, his figure had already disappeared in a strange manner.

As the two beside him left, the old man dressed in brown turned his gaze towards the top of the Demonic Sound Mountain, where Little Marten and the Golden Ghost Owl were ferociously battling.

"A person of Profound Life Stage, ha, looks like tidying up this matter will be a little troublesome…"