Women's Dormitory Manager


Women's Dormitory Manager prologue


Another Extra chapter out of the goodness of my heart

A woman's gasping voice echoes through a dim room

A naked woman is lying on the bed, both her hands are fixed and can’t be moved

Since both of her hands are tied up to the bed they can’t be lowered

Even her legs are spread wide open with her ankles being fixed to the beds lower side

With chains connecting her naked body is spread as an X on the bed completely immobilized

Her crotch is completely shaved with no hair, and a thick vibe is stabbed inside it

Another vibe is inserted inside her anal too


The vibes vibration sound echoes along with the woman's pants

"Ahhhhhhh….. yesssssssss! Hiiiiiiiii!"

As saliva drips from her mouth, she violently shakes her head while trying to speak but she can’t from all the pleasure

Since she also has an eye mask she can’t see anything

With everything connected to her, all she could do is indulge in the pleasure

"Ahhhhhhhhh! It's coming!!!!"

While saying the woman starts to move her waist back and forth

"How much longer is this………. Aaaaaaaaaa! I’m cummingggggggg!"


While screaming her body started twitching as she began climaxing

Watching all of this a man was smiling

The man is naked too, he's standing behind a camera on a tripod stand which is recording the woman's torture

"Only 6 more time, try harder. You've already finished the first 4"

The man speaks while laughing

When the woman heard him, she began shaking her head while panting

"It's impossible! My head is going crazy! Please! No moreeeeeeee!"

Ignoring the woman's appeal, the man enjoys seeing her writhe in both pleasure and fear

"Even though I won’t stop it, I can help you Saori"

The woman called Saori felt happy when she heard that he would help her

"Thank you so much! I fell like I’ll go crazy if this continues!"

"Ohohohohoho, don’t worry it'll get a lot better"

While hearing him Saori started smiling

The man pulled out a chain which was shaped like Y

At the 3 ends there was a clamp for both of her nipples and her clitoris

The man goes closer and adjusts the clamps on her


As he tested one of her nipple after the clamp, Saori raised her voice to the sudden pain

Since she had an eye mask she couldn't see and only feel

Similarly he attached it to her 2nd nipple too

"Ahhhh! Not good!"

"Does it hurt? Or is it pleasant?"

While saying he once again pulls the chain, tugging on her nipples even harder

"It is painful, but it feels good! Aaahhhhhhh! It feels so good!"

While speaking Saori began shaking her waist even harder

Seeing her he attached the last clamp to her clitoris

Feeling her clitoris clamped she once again screamed and moved her waist even more harder

Like she was possessed she didn't stop shaking her waist for a long time


Finally she finished her 10th climax like the man ordered

While feeling exhausted she collapsed her waist while feeling content

The man stopped the recording and pulled out the 2 vibes from her

Then not wasting anytime, he inserted his erect dick inside her wet pussy

As he began moving, the fainted Saori once again woke up

While shaking his waist he began kissing her, Saori also feeling happy she began sucking on his tongue trying to devour his saliva

While trying to make him feel better she tries to move her waist as much as possible

"How are you feeling?"

"I feel so happy! I love this! Manager's dick feels so gooooooddddddd!"

Saori called the man a manager

"I also feel good with your pussy"

"Oh yesssssss….. please cum inside me! Saori is your sperm toilet after all"

Saying that Saori tightened her pussy even more

"Oooooooh! It got even tighter"

While pistoning violently the man shot his sperm into Saori's vagina

As he cummed inside her, he once again kissed her and entangled their tongues together

After enjoying himself, the man pulls his dick out and also pulls his mouth away

His dick which is covered in both sperm and Saori's love nectar is brought near her mouth

When she felt his cock near her mouth, she began moving her head

Even though she couldn't move her limbs, she started cleaning his dick with her mouth

While removing her eye mask, the man looked at her face and enjoyed her expression

Her hair a little longer than the shoulders, brown colored

She looks like a professional model

E cup sized breasts, her body shape is completely ideal for any man to enjoy

As always, she's very pretty

As he removed her chains, she rubbed her hands over his dick and tried to collect the sperm


While licking her fingers, she had an expression of longing and fascination for the taste

After that, the both of them moved towards the bathroom

As the man sits and enjoys hot water in the bathtub, his legs are stretched

And in between them, Saori sits with her body held by the man behind her

The man started speaking while squeezing her chests with his hands

"How is it Saori, are things going  well"

"As Saori has become a slave to you, I no longer want to graduate! Please take responsibility!"

While having her breasts pressed, she began pleading the man behind her to take care of her

The man called manager trained her for 3 years

Saori who was a virgin was tortured, raped, insulted, and trained to become an obedient meat slave and a meat toilet

Saori who got accustomed to this kind of life could no longer be satisfied with ordinary romance

"Responsibility…… since you will graduate I doubt if you will need such a thing"

"Even after we spent 3 years together?"

The man inadvertently turned his eyes away

The original Master slave relationship was slowly altered over the 3 years

What is it now friends, boyfriend?

Even he doesn't know what it slowly changed into

"Ah, I just can’t believe that I’m going to have to leave and graduate in 3 months! Have you found anyone to be your next slave? Who is my new junior?"

"Nope, not yet"

"I don’t mind if you find more than one. I’ll train then properly if you ever need my help"

"Yes yes"

"Well it's time for your slave declaration"

While laughing the man rises and leaved the bath

Saori is lying naked on the bed, making an M shaped posture with her legs

As the video camera is running in front of her

Both her legs are wide open, making both pussy and anal clearly visible

"Saori Todo, 22 years old. I’m about to graduate in a few months. Saori is a perverted woman and can’t tolerate having normal boring sex. I love being fucked in my three holes at the same time. What I love the most is being fucked in front of my Master"

The red faced Saori declares her perverted slave tendencies

I keep recording while grinning

This slave declaration was made by herself a few months back

As she didn't know the body of other men she wished to be fucked by other men

So I let her have sex with 5 men for a total 7 rounds each

As she was embraced by all the men one after another, she was fucked the whole night and covered in semen in and out

The manager took her words the wrong way, she wanted him to fell jealous and care for her even more, when she is fucked by other men in front of him

But what he thought was that she wanted to break free of his slave relationship for other men

Stopping the camera the man speaks

"Since you love being fucked by other men, you won’t have a problem leaving me"

As Saori hears those words, her eyes turn red with tears but she still doesn't move her hands away

"Will you not leave me if I stop seeing other men?"

Not answering her question, he speaks his own part

"Since you love being fucked by other men don’t blame me when I dispose of you for other slaves"

"You are really terrible manager! But I don’t mind as I know how equally you will treat all of us"

Hearing the girl answer the manager smiles happily