Why Not Soar Your Majesty

Other name: Ge Xia He Bu Teng Fei Qi; 阁下何不腾飞起

Genre: Comedy, Josei, Romance, Slice of Life

Date released: 2016
Views: 2231

Author: 贰花

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Soupy translations

If you are good enough, why don’t you fly to the heavens, and rise side by side with the sun? This is about a girl who played using a male character, carefully building up her strength, she guarded her wallet, wanting to be her Male God’s sugar mommy. This is the story of a group of mentally insane people. ≡ ※ ≡ ※ ≡ ※ ≡ ※ ≡ ※ ≡ ※ ≡ ※ ≡ Tang Xiao has two wishes so far, the first wish is to “keep” Mu Cheng. The second wish was to help every enemy of Su Muzhe! Female: Wife, I have died! When I die, hold me tight! That way, the ones who have come for revenge will know that we are a pair! M: … … Everyone: Why aren’t you going to the heavens?! ※ ≡ ※ ≡ ※ ≡ ※ ≡ ※ ≡ ※ ≡ ※ Everyday, when Tang Xiao sat at home, she would first, number 1: kiss kiss pat pat and stare contently at the collection of naked posters of her Male God Mu Cheng she had pasted all over her home. And secondly, she would play online games. With her Male ID, Tang Xiao would cause havoc and uproar all over the game by confessing to girls constantly everyday, murdering all the men and generally, harassing people in public. And every single time, she raised havoc, a female ID named Su Muzhe would punch her and try to knock her to her senses. Thus a marriage began between a male ID who had a girl behind it, and a female ID who had a man behind it, while at the same time, Tang Xiao tried her very best to roll into the sheets with her Male God, not knowing that she was already associated with him in the 2D world. This is the story of how Tang Xiao was shamelessly bribed by her Male God to marry his character with naked posters of himself, and how every time she announced she wanted to sleep him, she was punched.
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