Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother


Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother Chapter 10

In This World, Only Senior Brother is Good

Wen Jing shouted in a panic, “Senior brother, don’t kill him!”

He Ling’s palm landed and spiritual energy blasted out. His chest struck by the blow, Wu Ying’s body flew over ten steps away. Spitting up blood, he fell to the ground. It was unclear whether he was alive or dead.

Wen Jing stared blankly.

For the murder of a fellow disciple, the punishment for this crime was destroying the culprit’s cultivation and expelling them from the Qing Xu sword sect.

Second senior brother been training in seclusion, how had he been able to arrive so suddenly?!

He Ling coldly said: “He’s not dead. Go find eldest senior brother to deal with the aftermath.”

Having said that, the dark grey figure jumped into the air and disappeared.

Not knowing what to do, Wen Jing hastily tied Wu Ying up and headed toward Liu QianMo’s residence.

At that time, Liu QianMo and third senior brother Peng Shao had been talking. Shocked after hearing the story, they returned with Wen Jing to take a look. Upon reaching the bamboo fence, they could hear several people shouting within. With an ice-cold expression, he gazed into the garden and stepped inside.

Three disciples stood inside supporting the unconscious Wu Ying and glaring at Liu QianMo.

The leader, a thin and gloomy man with a cultivation level in the building foundation stage, said: “… … that foolish demon beast ate a few of your spirit grasses and yet you felt the need to beat him like this?”

Another individual, rather short and small, said: “Injuring a fellow disciple is a crime!”

“If senior brother Wu hadn’t called us for help after becoming injured, were you going to kill him?”

Liu QianMo calmly replied: “What are you talking about? His spirit beast has repeatedly destroyed our garden. Just now he wanted to burn it down. We had no alternative but to react.”

The three people immediately became angry. The leader said: “Nonsense, you attacked him first, I’ll be reporting your actions to the clan master!”

Having said that, the three men left while supporting Wu Ying.

Liu QianMo glanced at Wen Jing and calmly said: “Your second senior brother?”

“I don’t know where he went. He said to have eldest senior brother deal with it and then flew away.”

Liu QianMo muttered under his breath and also swiftly flew away.

That day, Liu QianMo and He Ling were summoned by Yu Rong peak and by late that evening still hadn’t returned.

All of Hui Shi peak’s disciples had learned of the matter and held an emergency meeting in the main hall of Hui Shi peak.

Wen Jin had met his senior brothers once after joining Hui Shi peak, but he wasn’t familiar with them and felt uneasy.

Everyone had dignified expressions and were looking at the struggling small golden beast on the ground.

Wen Jing told the story from beginning to end and then waited for judgement.

Fifth senior brother, angry at heart, rebuked him: “How could you be so careless? Before taking action you should have consulted with eldest senior brother and come up with a surefire plan. Now how will we protect second senior brother?”

“I… …”

Third senior brother Peng Shao slowly said: “Let it be, let it be. He caught the gathering spirit beast with good intentions, he just shouldn’t have fought alone with Wu Ying….”

“If second senior brother hadn’t quickly shown up, you could have been seriously hurt by Wu Ying. Or possibly the vegetable garden would have been burned away.”

“Even if your intentions are good, you didn’t think things through.”

Peng Shao said: “Eldest senior brother and second senior brother have yet to return, maybe it’ll come to nothing. He acted on behalf of Hui Shi peak. Don’t scold him anymore.”

“Second senior brother was doing the same. Was there any need to injure him so seriously? We were lucky this time.”

“Second senior brother’s personality is like that, he’s always being scolded by eldest senior brother.”

The mood in the hall was oppressive. No one had anything left to say and were filled with worry. Because the intra-sect massacre in its early years had nearly wiped out the sect, the Qin Xu sword sect consequently treated conflicts amongst fellow disciples very seriously. Seeing everyone so concerned, Wen Jing felt not only wronged but also a little regret and didn’t know how he could explain himself.

Gui XinBi frowned and said: “You’ve joined us for less than two months and are already causing incidents, you also could be considered to be a problem”

Wen Jing silently bowed his head: “… … Yes.”

He had only wanted to capture the spirit gathering beast and express the anger of Hui Shi peak. He hadn’t expected for things to turn out this way.

Almost as if responding to his bitter thoughts, in the corner a person opened his mouth and softly spoke: “Actually in this matter I think he did pretty well.”

Stirred by the sound of his voice, everyone turned towards him. It was only now that Jun YanZhi had decided to speak.

Jun YanZhi slowly said: “As a person who guarded the vegetable garden, catching the spirit beast was his duty. Wu Ying has been completely unreasonable and we should have taken action long ago. However that small beast only comes and goes every few months and we’ve never been able to catch it. Although this matter lacked a little consideration, it could also be regarded as giving us a little face. Even if we’re punished, in the future if they want to bully us again, they’ll be more hesitant to do so. Besides, from previous experience, clan master Xi is clear-sighted, it’s possible he might not punish second senior brother.”

Wen Jing looked at Jun YanZhi and felt that he saw a halo over his head like an angel dazzling his eyes. His eyes were completely filled with worship.

Calm and collected, Jun YanZhi glanced at him.

Just then, from outside the hall echoed a soft voice and a person in white clothes slowly entered. Everyone’s commentary stopped as they gathered to meet him.

“Eldest senior brother!”

“How did it go?”

Liu QianMo’s appearance was somewhat tired. He waved his hand for everyone to take a seat.

“What was the outcome? What about second senior brother?”

Liu QianMo said: “Tian Heng peak is truly vile. The matter of the spirit beast coming over to eat our spirit grass was preempted by them crying foul first in order to turn the situation against us.”

“What did they say?”

“Wu Ying said he had raised a spirit beast but he hadn’t watched over it carefully and so it ran to Hui Shi peak to eat spirit grass. He had felt guilty and when he would find the spirit beast missing he would come over to Hui Shi peak to bring it back. This time, when he came to retrieve the spirit beat, who would have thought that Hui Shi peak would treat him so viciously and mercilessly and he was seriously injured with the whereabouts of the spirit beast still unaccounted for.”

Gu JinPing angrily said: “Since when did he ever come to retrieve that demon beast, he clearly didn’t feel a trace of guilt. He turned everything upside down!”

Liu QianMo supported his forehead with his hand: “Be that as it may, but Wu Ying was seriously injured and several people from Tian Heng peak have agitated the issue to provoke everyone’s anger. Dozens of Tian Heng disciples assembled at Yu Rong peak one after another demanding that sect master severely punish Hui Shi peak.”

“What did Wen RenMu say?”

Liu QianMo wearily said: “He had a mouthful of apologies. He said he had reprimanded Wu Ying several times and saw that he appeared to feel ashamed so he believed it was merely a small matter. He didn’t expect that something like this could happen.”

“… he’s completely rejecting any responsibility.”

Liu QianMo said: “Tian Heng peak is strong in numbers. Wu Ying stuck to his claim of feeling wronged and also hinted that we coveted his gathering spirit beast which is why he was so seriously injured. We also don’t have any evidence that Wu Ying attempted to burn the garden, so we don’t have much ground to stand on.”

“And then?”

Liu QianMo was silent for a moment then said: “I threw caution to the wind and asked them why Tian Heng peak’s spirit grass has never been damaged, but on the contrary that demon beast would come to Hui Shi peak to eat our spirit grass? I also said Wu Ying is normally overbearing, and a hoodlum. We had requested assistance from Wen RenMu many times but nothing had come of it. But today Hui Shi peak’s disciple caught his demon beast because we had no other choice. As for the matter of Wu Ying’s injuries, we also have our ordinary disciples being excessively bullied.”

“Tian Heng peak’s only concern is looking bad in front of others.” said fifth senior brother.

Liu QianMo was angry: “At hearing my words, Wu Ying fainted from anger from hearing my malicious attack. Wen RenMu also changed tactics. He said even if Wu Ying had handled things badly, this was still unintentional and in no way would he ever bully and humiliate a fellow disciple.”

Wen Jing whispered: “Did the clan head see the truth of the matter?”

Within《A Calamity for All Living Things》, clan master Xi Fang had always handled things fairly and clearly saw right from wrong. With respect to Jun YanZhi’s good opinion of him, could it be that he didn’t understand the full story?

Gui XinBi said: “What’s there to understand? Even if clan master can clearly see the situation, Wu Ying still received serious injuries. We don’t have any proof and each has their own story. How could the Tian Heng peak believe any different? They’re all of one mind. They have nearly thirty building foundation stage cultivators and are the mainstay of Qin Xu sword sect. Do you want them to revolt?”

Liu QianMo said: “Clan master thought for a long time. Second senior brother would receive a punishment of ten lashes and we must return the gathering spirit beast to Wu Ying. From now on, if that gathering spirit beast returns to Hui Shi peak to steal spirit grass, we may immediately slay it.”

Everyone went blank then clapped and smiled: “The clan master truly is wise! This is a good result!”

Peng Shao said: “….was afraid second senior brother would be executed. How was he?”

The corners of Liu QianMo’s mouth twitched: “From start to finish he stood to the side with no reaction until the end when he was bound to receive his punishment.”

Gui XinBi said: “Serves him right. Who was the one going around randomly attacking people? If he isn’t punished, how would the crowd be satisfied?”

Liu QianMo slowly said: “……but, from now on, we and Tian Heng peak won’t even have the pretense of cordiality, we’ll now be enemies.”

Everyone was silent. Gui XinBi softly told Wen Jing: “In the end, you are the cause of this misfortune.”

Wen Jing bowed his head: “….Yes.”

At the moment there was no grudge. In the future it was possible that there may be a feud. Against all reason the blame was being dumped on his head…. this fifth senior brother Gui XinBi had a poisonous mouth. His conscience was clear. Wen Jing could only endure!

Having listened all this time, Jun YanZhi again slowly spoke: “In the long run, we would have ended up incurring hatred with Tian Heng peak sooner or later over something else. Kicking a big fuss over something so that conflicting views are raised to the surface could be considered to be a type of strategy.”

Bursting with joy, Wen Jing wordlessly bowed his head.

Liu QianMo suddenly said: “Lu Jing, how did you know the method to deal with the gathering spirit beast?”

“I remember reading it somewhere. I wasn’t sure if it was right so I didn’t say anything since I didn’t want to be laughed at. I decided to give it a try and it was surprisingly successful….”

Gui XinBi said: “Using diluted vinegar. Had I not seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it.”

Liu QianMo tiredly said: “Since the matter is settled, everyone should return to bed.”

Leaving Hui Shi peak’s hall, the others flew away while Jun YanZhi slowly departed on foot. Wen Jing jogged to catch up, saying: “Many thanks to senior brother for your help.”

At this time of night, there wasn’t a soul in sight. The night wind blew the branches. It was somewhat chilly.

Jun YanZhi stopped and turned to look at him: “There’s no need to thank me. It was simple thing.”

Wen Jing happily rubbed his hands: “It’s late, senior brother should quickly go home and rest.”

“It’s a dark night, do you want me to take you home?”

Wen Jing hurriedly responded: “No need! I can return by myself.”

“…My tortoise has not returned home for seven or eight days. I believe that he’s probably at your place. I’ll just be picking it up on the way.”

“Ah? Really? That tortoise really is at my place….”

Jun YanZhi wrapped an arm around Wen Jing’s waist and lifted him up. Wen Jing promptly clung to his neck. Something like a smile seemed to cross Jun YanZhi’s face: “Is Junior brother afraid?”

“No, no, I’m not.”

In his previous flight, eldest senior brother had scared him half to death….

Liu QianMo had carried him on his shoulder,with his entire body flipped over. Facing the depths of the precipices, he had desperately wanted to vomit. How could that compare to senior brother Jun’s gentle treatment?

“Let’s go.” Jun YanZhi glanced down at him and rose into the wind.

The author has something to say:

Actually I feel Jun YanZhi’s character is very meng (moe/cute). He’s a refined degenerate, an immoral and despicable person, a great expert, etc. His character until now has still not been revealed.

I platinumed Collar x Malice. It was great. Feeling bummed out now that it’s over. I felt the MC was a little too saintly for my taste though. Shiraishi deserved a much better ending too. Period Cube is not comparing very well at all. Next up: Bad Apple Wars.