Warlock of the Magus World


Warlock of the Magus World Chapter 1145-1146


If that legendary duke working in Silverymoon's consulate found out what his grandson was up to, he would probably jail and hang the youth as soon as possible. He might even have blasted him to smithereens with a disjunction spell. Unfortunately, he'd been swamped with work as they prepared for battle, leaving such a huge disaster to go unnoticed.

That was until that day, that is. Warm sunlight was shining down on the north, and a few pure white clouds dotted the azure sky to make it look like velvet that was changing patterns.

Eric was in a very good mood that morning. The pressure he'd consistently put on the Neon Merchant Group had let those fools know to compromise. They'd sent him an envelope through hidden channels, which indicated their resolve was weakening.

He believed the letter would be full of flattering words, leaving a small request at the end and an indication that they were willing to offer something in exchange. Compromises between nobles always went along these lines. Thus, at the headquarters of the Blackmoon Merchant Group, he was reclining on his couch with his eyes closed, full of the pride of a victor.

Gloff was stood at his side like a humble servant, and there was another black-robed person in front of him, "All checks have been performed, there's no problem," he said as he handed the envelope over.

Naturally, Eric wasn't a careless person. The black letter had undergone countless tests before it entered his grasp. This man in front was his most trusted subordinate.

The man had a pair of arms so shrivelled one could see pale bone underneath the skin. His eyes had sunk deep, and there seemed to be no muscle on his face. It was like his entire body had been formed of skin and bone, and he stank so badly of decay that even Gloff seemed slightly disgusted. The man's robes were huge for his build, and a necklace of bone and black pearl flickered with a dull glow as the aura of death and evil spirits emanated from it. This man was obviously a necromancer.

Necromancers liked to play around with bodies and souls, being rejected by the remaining wizards on the continent. Alustriel, in particular, had set numerous bans on them in Silverymoon, making her rule the most severe in history.

"Since Mentor Adas has spoken, it must be true!" Eric said. With everyone else eager to beat them down, it was enormously difficult for any necromancer to develop. Still, as a result, every single high-ranked necromancer was earth-shatteringly powerful. Even if Adas wasn't a skeleton lich yet, he was almost at the legendary realm and his proficiency in curses and spirits left no fear of threat behind.

Eric chuckled as he took the envelope from his mentor, tearing it open. This was the moment he was waiting for; the pleas of the defeated always gave him immeasurable delight.
"This…" However, his expression soon changed. The paper inside the envelope was completely blank, with nothing on it. Eric turned it over a few times to confirm, and a feeling of humiliation surged up within him that caused his face to flush red.

"This isn't even a prank… It's a challenge! A despicable and weak family like that dares challenge me, the grandson of a legendary wizard and the star of Silverymoon? They will pay in blood!" Eric yelled, and viciously slammed the paper onto the table.

"Ma- Master!" At this moment, Gloff suddenly found something strange. A dark green flame had erupted the moment Eric touched the paper, greedily devouring everything around it.

"Hm? This…" Adas quickly made his move, many magic items on his hands flickering as the spells he'd prepared were launched.

Detect Curse, Holy Defence, Armour of Thorns! Numerous layers of light shrouded Eric, and a teleportation light quickly swallowed the mentor and pupil. The spatial transfer took them straight to their residence at the core of Silverymoon.

"We got the right coordinates. Even legendary beings wouldn't dare charge into Silverymoon without caution…" Adas glanced at Eric, "Not discovering this new type of curse was my fault.."

"Please don't say that, Mentor Adas…" Eric was still lenient in front of those with real might. "Without you here, who knows what kind of trouble I would be in now."

At that point, Eric's expression changed, "The damned Neon Merchant Group… They actually dare to use such underhanded means. I won't let them off!"

"I'm actually rather interested in that new curse," Adas caressed his necklace, "It could actually escape my detections… I hope to return and observe the reactions…"

"That's not a problem at all. Isn't Gloff there? He's the best test subject you could have. With how close he was, he must have been affected by the curse as well…" Eric answered without any hesitation, the only emotion in his eyes exasperation, not pity.

"That stupid dog, I'll need to find someone to replace it." Eric waved his arm, and a bit of green light flashed in his eyes.

"Oh! NO!" Only when Adas exclaimed did Eric realise that the green flames had appeared once again, sticking to his fingers like maggots. Thin black lines appeared on his skin, wriggling like they were absorbing his blood.

"How can there be a curse like this? It doesn't make sense…" Adas felt like everything he knew was coming apart.

Eric's yells continued to grow louder and louder, until the green flames were done absorbing his blood and swallowed up the dark lines. They continued to blaze in mid-air, the enchanting fires forming a small portal.

It was a sound that nobody could describe, one that did not exist in the world and was impossible to recreate. It sounded like a roar that possessed all the resentment and hate of the world, like a low mumble from hell that was more evil than the devils and demons combined. It spread out in all directions.

"What- what's happening to me…" Eric grew dizzy, feeling like there was a fire in his throat. His voice grew incredibly hoarse, and he sounded worse than an old bellow.

"You…" All of a sudden, Eric pointed at Adas in fear. The necromancer now had huge tumours growing on his face one after the other, and was becoming obese. Terrifying pus spilled out of the sarcomas, and great corrosive strength began to swallow up his body.

"No…NOOO! I…" Eric looked at his own hands, where abscess the size of gold coins appeared continuously, emitting pus that smelt of decay as they began to explode and corrode his skin. The great pain overwhelmed his senses.

He then lay on the ground, watching Adas who had already turned into bone and could no longer speak. He had once been someone with immeasurable strength, basically a king in the north. Now, however, he couldn't even cry for help, much less decide life or death. Eric could only watch his body be corroded in total despair, his head swelling into a huge tumour. It went out in a loud explosion, thus ending his life of sin.

Meanwhile, everyone in the prime material plane that was related to Eric by blood was startled to find their bodies filling up with terrifying tumours that ate away at them in but a moment.

Within New Silverymoon's castle, Queen Alustriel was gazing at the legendary duke as he made a report.

"These are the logistics of the Nojo defensive line, my Queen…" There were other legendary figures in the hall beside the two, including Old Mage Elminster. They were evidently discussing something extremely important.

The duke looked poised and was about to say something, when his expression changed. His skin turned a terrifying green as a tumour began to grow underneath. It was like a little mouse running around as it scurried around his body.

"Curse!" Elminster was the first to stand up and throw a dispel out. The wizards present here were amongst the best and most powerful in the world, and there were even legendary priests present. Everyone cast spell after spell, as even the duke himself tried all methods to save his life.

However, nothing worked. The rest could only watch as the duke collapsed, crying out in misery.

"A very terrifying curse!" Elminster wrinkled his forehead, using a layer to separate the legendary duke from them. He then turned to look at the duke through the barrier, or perhaps he was looking at the obsidian protection runes on the ground.

"Those are legendary substitutes that can take out any attacks, poisons, or curses in his stead. However, they've lost all effect…" he said to Alustriel. A trace of fear appeared in his eyes, "Looking at the current situation, even a clone wouldn't work…"


*Bang!* Under the eyes of numerous helpless onlookers, desperation surfaced in the duke's eyes. However, their legendary might was all for naught as his body suddenly exploded, flesh and blood scattering as the corrosive pus covering the barrier almost caused Alustriel and the rest to puke.

"To kill a duke right in front of us… This is a serious provocation!" A solemn look surfaced on Elminster's face. He was disappointed that he hadn't been able to identify the enemy from the duke's eyes, and soon that solemnity was replaced by infinite fear. The duke was a legendary wizard himself, and he was killed so easily. What about everyone in the hall right now?

"Report!" a high-ranked wizard staggered in, the panic noticeable on his face.

"What's wrong?" Elminster asked with a frown, overstepping Alustriel's authority.

"Earl Eric, Chekov, Viscount Agar, and even Dorwick and Lady Merida… We just received news that they're all dead!" The hall grew completely silent in an instant, and everyone stared blankly at the spot where the legendary duke had exploded.

'That is to say… everyone in Silverymoon carrying his bloodline was eliminated in an instant?' Elminster felt a sudden chill in the air, invading his very soul.


"It seems like the bloodline curses from the Magus World work quite well…" Leylin withdrew his gaze. Even those with legendary might could not withstand his rage, and despite numerous powerful existences surrounding him the duke had died. This was the terror of the Magus World! With the extinction of all of the duke's blood, Leylin had announced to the influences and gods with the north that he'd arrived.


"This is clearly provoking us!" Seeing the unending stream of death reports from the frenetic city, an unperturbed look appeared on Rafiniya's face. However, this was obviously the calm before the storm.

Everyone related by blood to the legendary duke had perished without reason, and the terrifying sights of their deaths had astonished all of New Silverymoon. Adding up the clones and true bodies as well as the descendants of the legendary duke and his family, there were hundreds within Silverymoon. Furthermore, numerous family members had perished in the sight of the general public.

The disturbance caused by event allowed other villains and adventurers with ulterior motives to take advantage of the situation, causing the chaos to intensify. To Rafiniya, who'd been entrusted with maintaining public order, this was an insult to her job, a shame that could never be removed!

"Dispatch the paladins to assist the garrison in stabilising the situation!" Numerous solemn paladins rushed out of the church, causing all wild schemes to fall apart in an instant. However, the vague moans of lament within the gradually recovering city caused Rafiniya's expression to grow even more heavy.

'A curse with hundreds of victims… If we can't capture the culprit, I won't be able to account to the Queen and other citizens who trusted me…' Rafiniya swiftly started to speculate about the true mastermind. 'Was the culprit an enemy of the duke? A wizard trying to collect souls, or an evil god trying to spread fear?'

Rafiniya knew fully well that if this incident was related to a god it would become an extremely huge problem. However, the ideal of justice in her heart would not allow her to back down.

"Rafiniya!" A cardinal said as he walked towards her, his face drooping with gloom. "We just received word that another family at the Ironsword Castle met its end, the symptoms the exact same as the duke's family…"

"Could it be…" Rafiniya's brows twitched.

"Yes. It's a branch of the duke's family that separated a hundred years ago and settled down at Ironsword Castle. Even the branches passed away when the duke died, and the old and young weren't spared even if they were in a church at that moment…"

A faint trace of foreboding emerged within the cardinal's eyes, "The Church gave us the same news. The branch in the central kingdoms perished as well…"

"A curse that can affect the entire continent…" Rafiniya muttered.

"Mm. Not just that, there were a few cases of other aristocrats in Silverymoon, and even a few stable lads and gardeners. There's a lot of panic thinking it's spreading, but we know why they died…" the cardinal continued.

'Those licentious idiots, having numerous illegitimate children and causing a huge problem now…' Rafiniya was secretly elated. She'd been irked by the luxurious and messy lifestyles of the higher nobility.

"The main problem is even the descendants that we weren't aware of were killed off… This is the power of a god! An evil god has declared his arrival! The cardinal said with all seriousness.

Rafiniya nodded her head in acknowledgement. Only a true god could release such a large-scaled curse upon the mainland. Even peak legendary wizards couldn't wield such terrifying power.

"Those evil gods are the greatest threat to our cause!" Rafiniya clenched her fists, missing the cardinal's bitter smile.

'There aren't many evil gods capable of killing off descendants a thousand miles away, and they're all terrifying existences…' the cardinal sighed in secret. With his understanding of gods, he naturally knew the terror of the one behind this event. Still, his expression returned to normal soon enough, "Paladin Rafiniya. Your mission is to assist Queen Alustriel in maintaining peace and stability within New Silverymoon City… Do you intend to shirk your duties?"


Rafiniya's face instantly blackened after the cardinal left, and she draw her longsword to a terrifying keen. She'd noticed a clear hint of warning within the cardinal's words, asking her to accept a compromise. It was like the church didn't plan to take actions against that cruel god!

Even though Rafiniya knew that one needed to compromise and back down sometimes for the sake of justice, this incident had exceeded her bottom line. "Don't tell me even the Lord's Church has started to be corrupted by darkness…"

Even though she knew she shouldn't think that way, a trace of darkness enveloped Rafiniya's thoughts. Her expression warped within the shadows, and that trace of dark red grew even more bright.


"Oh Lord… Please pardon my sins, do not afflict me with such a terrifying curse…"

"No matter who it is, Lord… Please protect me, Coco, and Laffrey…"

"Dear Lord… I pray for you to swiftly end this disaster…"

"Oh Lord, whoever you are, wherever you come from… Thank you for exterminating Earl Eric and avenging my family…"

The amount of golden faith in the void had increased severalfold, and numerous prayers that matched Leylin's expectations were transmitted to him. The horrifying death of a family protected by legendary beings had caused mass panic within New Silverymoon, and only the gods had the ability to protect and comfort these civilians.

Those of faith had increased substantially within New Silverymoon, and the strength of the faith already present had grown as well. Aristocrats and businessmen grew more generous in their donations to the churches, as if such actions would prevent the misfortune from falling upon them.

All gods had raked in a great harvest, and inevitably some of this scattered faith had been devoured by Leylin. After all, spreading terror and power could also grow faith. It was simply normal for people to pray to the harbinger of this disaster out of fear. The Goddess of Plagues and Umberlee both adopted similar methods to grow their following.

'Although this line of faith isn't stable, it could be considered great replenishment…' Emotions of fear and gratitude followed the faith to Leylin. Every action of a true god would affect the entire prime material plane, and this one from Leylin could be considered a different type of miracle.

His godfire and divine domain were strengthened by the massive faith, accumulating with Leylin's true body. However, Leylin seemed apathetic, seemingly not affected by the fanaticism of the mortal world.

"Now that the Blackmoon Merchant Group and their backers have been sorted out, there should be no more obstacles to the plan. The transaction with the Blackblood Tribe should speed up as well…" Leylin simply couldn't care about a possible counterattack from the good gods. Someone had blasphemed his divinity, so how could he tolerate it? No action taken in punishment would be considered too much.

What's more, he was also an evil god! If he didn't leave a trail of terror wherever he went, would he be worthy of his reputation?