Warlock of the Magus World


Warlock of the Magus World Chapter 1048-1049


The place Leylin had chosen was significant. It was where he'd first met the one-eyed owl, what he now suspected was a clone of the Nightmare King. The owl was the one who'd given him his dream feather, making his lab connect to Dreamscape.

It was also at this place that he'd discovered Gillian, a native of Dreamscape. That time had given him precious research materials, allowing him to increase his understanding of dreamforce.

The many Lords of Calamity stayed to the north of this place, at least five to six of these sovereigns of Dreamscape there at the minimum. Normally they would radiate their powers unconsciously, bringing disaster upon the natives. It made the place a forbidden ground for them.

But now, it was different. Dreamforce had weakened, and the area around these existences was the only place they could survive. After all, the reason that was the place the Lords of Calamity chose was that it would resist the weakening of dreamforce.

Compared to total annihilation, a blizzard, radiation, or any other calamities were a joke. This was why, in a critical period, it had made sense for Gillian's tribe to move north. Those evil sovereigns ignored their kind like they were ants anyway.

"Is this the wondrous nature of life?" Leylin exclaimed. He could sense that the north contained the most life in all of Dreamscape.

There seemed to be a strange parasitic ecosystem of the inhabitants there, where the natives sought shelter behind the Lords who resisted the weakening of the dreamforce. There were many tribes there like Gillian's.

'This should make for a good investigation. Hmm?' Leylin stopped in midair, as he scanned the gigantic dark figure with the A.I. Chip, and recalled that familiar aura.

"I finally meet someone I recognise?" Leylin smiled, "Let's go greet him!"

*Rumble!* Leylin had grown used to his powers as a rank 7. With the addition of Dreamscape Origin Force, he could exert earth-shattering power.

"Break!" Leylin willed the very earth to split apart, revealing a bottomless abyss. Even this was with him restraining himself, not using the power of the origin force. Had he done so, a small part of the continent would have been split apart easily.

"Transform mud to rocks! And earth to metal!" Magi of laws were close to the source of magic. There was nothing unnatural about these effects, especially given Leylin's study of the World of Gods.

Under his control bloodline energy fused with dreamforce, forming spells that seemed to be from both Magi and gods. Leylin was just like the gods who could perform magic with just a word, changing reality as the ground he'd split open had turned into a huge steel plate.

*Boom!* A fast-moving black figure crashed into it underground, denting it even as an earth-shattering sound rumbled out.

"Damn it! Why is there a steel plank here? No, is this a layer of the ground made of metal?" The surface of the earth was clawed open by two large dragon claws, and a tremendous dragon poked its head through like a dejected groundhog.

Unlike the dragons of the World of Gods this one only had a large yellow eyeball, two thorny barbs like mountains on its back. Its large meaty wings that could cover the skies were currently curled up, streamlining its body while kept at its side. It was very suitable for digging underground.

Even more terrifyingly, the body of this dragon emitted terrifying energy undulations like those of Magi of laws. It showed the being's power. In the World of Gods, perhaps only the legendary Platinum Dragon could compare to it.

"Long time no see, Mister one-eyed dragon from the Ultron World!" Seeing the one-eyed dragon who'd changed his profession to excavation, Leylin did his best to stifle his laughter as he greeted him politely.

"Hm? Who dares make fun of the mighty Gigakell dragon race?" The dragon patted his head with his huge claws, seeming to recover from his stupor, "And here I was, thinking that it shouldn't be possible for me to miss something happening straight ahead. So it's that Magus from before!"

While mumbling and complaining to himself, he pulled his large body out of the ground. "It's been a few thousand years since we last met, but you've already completely entered rank 7. Such talent leaves me envious… But then again, this is Dreamscape. Who knows how many years have passed outside? It might have been tens of thousands of years that just slipped through my fingers…"

"Does that mean you've been staying in Dreamscape all this time, my Lord?" Leylin asked in surprise.

"Of course! Don't you know how plentiful the treasures in Dreamscape are? Especially at the core… the lustre of the pure suolo gems…. Ah, those are ten thousand times more beautiful than the Mother Dragon's eyes… If not for that damned Lord of Calamity stopping me then, I would have… pooh!"

The one-eyed dragon seemed to notice that he had accidentally revealed something and used claws to cover his mouth.

"I see!" Leylin nodded, while scorning him inside. The greedy nature of dragons was something that would never change even in the vastness of the astral plane. Be the dragons in the World of Gods or the Magus World, they all seemed to have a similar characteristic.

"But— please forgive me for my bluntness— but you seem to be in need of help…" Leylin focused on this body that was as large as a mountain. A number of purple eyes were stuck to the dragon's thick horns and scales, looking rather disgusting.

Streaks of deep wounds appeared next to these purple eyes, constantly healing and tearing apart. Just the sight could almost cause one to feel the great pain.

'Taking into account all that he said, could it be that he coveted some Lord of Calamity's treasure and was unlucky enough to be caught, thus leaving him in this state? He has no choice but to keep escaping…' Leylin thought inside, but his hands did not stop moving. A light green layer of clouds covered the body of the one-eyed dragon, tiny droplets of water dripping down.

The one-eyed Dragon observed Leylin warily with his yellow eyes as the green mist arrived, sniffing with his long snout. That seemed to leave him satisfied, and he did not shy away.

*Pss Pss!* The green rainwater made contact with the wounds, creating large amounts of corrosive white gas. However, the wounds that healed no longer ripped apart, allowing the dragon to snort comfortably.

"There are two types of injuries on your body. The most terrifying is the curse of the purple eyes, which I'm unable to remove for now. However, I can remove the accompanying effects of eternal clawing injuries…" Leylin looked satisfied.

When it came to healing injuries made by dreamforce, this was a very rare opportunity for him during his travels in Dreamscape. Besides, it was not so easy to get a guinea pig with the strength of a rank 7 Magus, as well as the chance to sense the strength of a Lord of Calamity so closely.

"Plague, calamity, curse…" However, being so close, the power of calamity he could sense from the purple eyes caused Leylin's expression to change. This was formed practically out of the most evil powers of law, which even he was frightened by.

"As expected of a Lord of Calamity. This ability perhaps surpasses the limits of rank 7…" Leylin sized the one-eyed Dragon in front of him up and down. Just the fact that the dragon could survive with his life while being pursued by such a terrifying character was more than enough for Leylin to think highly of him.

"Haha… thank you, Magus who possesses the abilities of healing. I feel much better now!" The dragon happily stretched out his bodies, yellow eyes reflecting Leylin's figure. "You are a good Magus, worthy of the friendship of the Gigakell Dragons!"

The tremendous one-eyed dragon sniffed at Leylin, "My real name is Bodach Avdizlok Ultron. I swear on my truename that I shall make a contract with you. As long as you or your blood summon this name for help, I of the one-eyed dragon clan shall give you power. Of course, you'll need to hand over a something of equal value as payment…"

As an existence of laws, there was no need to doubt his vows. However, seeing the sly look on the dragon's face, Leylin was speechless.

'Are you trying to bully me because I've never been to the World of Gods and don't know about the 'Dragon Tribe's Contract of Alliance'?' Leylin ridiculed him inside. The 'Dragon Tribe's Contract of Alliance' in the World of Gods was said to be the contract with the least limitations. As long as enough gold kronas were paid up, a whole pile of demigod dragons could be called up. Of course, the cost was so high even Waukeen's church would go bankrupt.

The one-eyed dragon Bodach's contract was the same. While this looked to be a contract for summoning at any time as thanks towards Leylin, the rewards he'd want would be enough for anyone to cough up blood.

Leylin had a strong suspicion that the dragon had given all his friends the same contract, in order to amass his wealth.

"Forget it. I'm not going to use it anyway…" Leylin rolled his eyes inside, and then looked at Bodach.

"Thank you for your goodwill, but I think it's better if we discuss the curse on you now…" With Leylin's experience, the speed at which his attitude changed caused even the dragon to be astonished, "Unless it's the spellcaster themselves, it's very difficult to remove it. On top of that, with the passage of time, it could cause even more horrifying harm to you…"

While Leylin was certain that he could remove it with a few years of research, especially given the Nightmare Absorbing Physique, he decided to hide this.

Rescue and Treatment

"Leylin, my friend, you must help me!" At the mention of this curse that was like a maggot hidden in his bones, Bodach put on a painful expression. His huge body laid down on the ground, eyes pitiful as he gazed up at Leylin like an ant. The scene was rather hilarious.

"This… It's quite troublesome…" Leylin furrowed his brows, as if this was extremely difficult. "Why don't you try settling this with that Lord of Calamity? He's currently hibernating, so he probably wouldn't be willing to offend a foreign being of laws too much, no?" He proposed.

"No, his suolo gems are still with me… Err… No, Bodach didn't steal anything. I'm being maligned…" The one-eyed dragon confessed everything without being pressed.

"I see…" Leylin turned and left, having no interest in offending a powerful Lord of Calamity for a thief.

"Uh… Wait, my friend. Bodach can help you!" Seeing Leylin intend to leave, the dragon immediately began to panick. Having been tortured by these injuries for such a long time, he knew that this Magus was the only one able to help him aside from that Lord of Calamity himself.

"Oh? Help me?" Leylin halted his footsteps, judging the huge body of the One-Eyed Dragon and his yellow eyes with interest, "You know what I need?"

"No…" Bodach answered honestly, "But Bodach once smelled you near the northern territories of the Lords of Calamity…."

"My smell…" Leylin did not know whether to laugh or cry, but he did know that one-eyed dragons had extremely sensitive senses of smells.

More importantly, they did not just distinguish between the particles in the air, but tracked things down based on the smells of souls. Hence, even though thousands or tens of thousands of years had passed, anything that Leylin had made contact with back then would not be able to escape his senses.

"Yes… It's a tiny area where some natives work. I once smelt your scent at the very centre… It was rather weak… Whether the tribe, or you back then!"

The one-eyed dragon had a crafty look in his yellow eyes, "I assume… pursuing that friendship in your youth must be one of the reasons that you've come to Dreamscape, right?"

'Seems like he really has once seen Gillian's tribe…' Leylin nodded, 'But… you're too naive. Did you think I would offend a Lord of Calamity over a few natives?

'Even with my personal feelings towards them, the value of the natives can't be compared with what might happen…' His relationship with Gillian and the rest were just like strangers coming together at best, taking what they needed from each other. Leylin had probably even invested more, and merely wanted to take a look at them on the way.

Taking care of a complicated curse just to obtain information on them, even offending a Lord of Calamity? Leylin wasn't that foolish.

"I hate Magi the most. They're all so cool-headed and full of schemes… Don't you know that in the Ultron World helping others is a great virtue?" Bodach mumbled in his dissatisfaction.

"That's why the Ultron World was swept into a few great wars, dropping down from a medium-ranked world to a low-ranked world without a name for itself. Perhaps you're its only remaining being of laws…"

Leylin gazed at him, causing the other party to unconsciously look away, "Did you think that I'd never read the epics of Ultron's rise and fall?"

"Fine! Your great knowledge makes it such that you won't ever be at a disadvantage! I'll need to include this in my reflections about the scent of Magi, and pass it down to those of my race…" The dragon looked crestfallen, "You've won. Speak! What do you want before you'll heal me?"

"That's the way!" Leylin turned, a smile on his face.

News of a few natives was obviously not enough for him to change his mind, but a rank 7 dragon of laws was somewhat passable.

"Firstly… The Dragon Tribe's Contract of Alliance from before needs to be amended! Give me news about the natives too… And… even if we're found by the Lord of Calamity, I'm just a doctor that you sought out and have nothing to do with this. You are to swear all this upon your truesoul of laws, to the astral and river of space and time!"

As a Lord of Baator, Leylin's ability with contracts was almost comparable to the great Archdevils. Even the one-eyed dragon broke out in cold sweat.

"Goodness… Even the Tieman astral beings, known in the astral world for how harsh they are in their contracts, can't set up such stringent and harsh contracts…" Bodach lamented, grabbing at his head with his huge dragon claws.

Unfortunately, the ball was now in Leylin's court. He still needed to get Leylin to solve his problems, and therefore had no way to say no.

After they both made the soul oath using their truesouls of laws, Leylin sized up the one-eyed dragon who was as large as a mountain and frowned. "Your body is too huge. Become like me!"

"That's easy…" Bodach agreed, body shrinking and melting into a purple light as he turned into a middle-aged man with long purple hair.

Perhaps it was the difference in their races' aesthetics, but Bodach had a single eye in this form, a yellow vertical one. Numerous red blood vessels bulged everywhere, making him look somewhat frightening.

However, Leylin did not mind that much. After all, there were far too many strange beings in the astral plane similar to humans. Dreamscape was a region with even more creativity in this area, which was why there was nothing strange about strange life forms similar to humans here.

"But…" Leylin took a look at the back of Bodach's hand, arm and shoulder. There were still purple eye marks there, stubborn and not disappearing.

"See for yourself… It's so troublesome…" Bodach pinched and broke a purple eye, and large amounts of yellow pus dripped to the ground, corroding into it further to leave a deep dark hole. A new circle of eyes appeared around the purple eyeballs, even more slender than before yet still possessing the same immense hatred and malicious intent.

'You stole someone else's possessions and still dare complain?' Leylin rolled his eyes inside, speechless. However, he knew that what he'd done was more infuriating than that, and besides he was making use of the dragon. He wasn't in a position to criticize Bodach.

"I'll need some time to remove the malicious intent…" Leylin extended his right hand, swiping up some pus with his index finger. The corrosive liquid obviously could do nothing against Leylin, and was burnt to ashes by some green phosphorescence.

Traces of black gas appeared above the green flames, converging to form a few wailing faces that gradually dissipated.

"This person's knowledge on souls is not too bad. It's an expert…" Leylin nodded, motivation and fervour evident in his eyes.

"Leylin, my friend. Based on the contract, you need to remove a portion of the curse to prove your abilities before it can be effective…" The middle-aged cyclops that Bodach had become gazed at Leylin with anxiousness. Desire and thirst were evident in that single eye.

"Though I can't remove the curse immediately, it shouldn't be a problem to interfere with his tracking you. Wear this." Leylin rummaged through his item-storing magic artifact and found a silver hoop for the head, tossing it to Bodach.

The hoop was completely silver and had strange crimson lines on it, similar to a human's veins as it squirmed slightly.

"Hm? Leylin, have you gone to the Shadow World before too? The Towa people there like this style of accessories a lot…" Bodach examined it again and again, and even sniffed at it with his nose carefully.

At the end, probably after determining there was nothing with it and perhaps from faith in the contract, he chose to wear it.

"Hm? I sense that the malicious intent that seemed to be on my back has finally disappeared…" The moment the one-eyed dragon the hoop, he immediately sighed in relief. He'd been afraid of the Lord of Calamity tracking him down before, which was why he'd been fleeing like a stray dog when he bumped into Leylin. No matter what he did, there was no way to stop the tracking from the curse. However, this feeling finally disappeared from his bones.

"Great! This is great…" Bodach cheered, his sound so powerful that the dust in the surroundings vibrated.

Leylin waved his hands and spoke stonily. "Alright. Bring me to the place you felt me connected with last, and be quick about it!"

"No problem," Bodach patted his chest in guarantee, before looking at Leylin with worry, "It's at the boundary of the River of Annihilated Sighs. We need to pass through regions where three Lords of Calamity are sealed. Leylin, my friend, does this thing really work?"

"Don't worry. Let's go!" With how Bodach was acting, Leylin knew that he must have offended one of these three Lords.

However, he was rather confident in his concealment. Besides, while Bodach had been discovered and was being pursued, the fact that the two of them were existences of laws would still strike fear in the other party's heart. When the time come, Bodach could hand over that suolo gem or whatever it was, and the other side would not put too much pressure on them.

'And… a Lord of Calamity?' That would be an evil god native to Dreamscape. Between two existences of laws, with one possessing the Nightmare Absorbing Physique, who would have the upper hand?

Leylin's eyes flashed, and he suppressed the fervour in his mind.


The old one-eyed dragon was an experienced treasure-hunter after all. He was extremely familiar with the regions in Dreamscape, especially the special underground passages.

Under his lead, Leylin passed through the regions of the three Lords of Calamities without any dangers and arrived at the depths of the northern region. Life in this area was much more abundant, and according to Bodach's information Gillian and her tribe had most likely relocated to this area, and seemed to be doing pretty well.