Warlock of the Magus World


Warlock of the Magus World Chapter 1046

The Skies

Leylin sized up both of his sons.

The eldest, Daniel, had inherited Leylin's law of devouring in addition to dreamforce, given the name Jörmungandr. Syre, the son of his first wife, had instead inherited his ability of endlessness, and thus was called Ouroboros.

Currently Daniel seemed to be stronger, already a peak rank 6 Warlock because of the power of his mature bloodline. Yet, although Syre wasn't as strong, his inheritance obscured his future, giving him an infinite potential!

As the progenitor of his own bloodline, Leylin made a judgement the moment he saw his sons, 'I need to adjust their bloodlines…'

Other Warlocks inherited negative side-effects from their bloodline, such as bloodline shackles and emotional instability. However, Leylin's Targaryen family did not face this problem. As the progenitor of the bloodline and with the help of the A.I. Chip, Leylin could fix its flaws. Such an ability ensured that few of his descendants experienced paranoia and madness, causing the Targaryens to be highly regarded by others.

Now that Leylin's own bloodline had been purified once more, his descendants stood a greater chance of improving themselves. Leylin spent some time at Ouroboros Castle, enjoying playing with his grandchildren.

Although such a thing was odd, Leylin even had great grandchildren now. He had to placate all the women he'd left behind when he holed himself up.

Leylin adjusted the Jörmungandr and Ouroboros bloodlines, removing all negative effects in their genes and preventing his future descendants from facing defects at birth. At the same time, however, he began preparing to enter Dreamscape from the shadows.

'The flow of time in the Magus World is different from that in the World of Gods…' After a sumptuous banquet, Leylin entered his own laboratory once more, carrying a crystal ball with a strange expression on his face.

He'd invited several of the Ouroboros Clan elders to the gathering, and even other rank 6 Nagu from the central continent.

Back when he hadn't stepped completely into rank 7 yet, these people had all been like ants before him. Now, it was even more so; his sons being able to beat up all the Breaking Dawns on the continent, Leylin had lost all interest in proving his might. Only a slight hint at his desire for information on the flying city on his part had his descendants and subordinates frighten the Monarch of the Skies into handing over the information.

However, given his level Leylin did not wish to rob these pitiful people. It felt like he was bullying a child. Thus he opened his treasure vault up, allowing the Monarch's subordinates to take a few items as compensation. This way, the Monarch would be satisfied in having struck a good deal.

'The flying city in the Magus World should be the original form of those from the World of Gods…' The A.I. Chip's light flashed, and the information within the crystal ball was all copied as it compared Sky City with Thultanthar. In doing so it discovered many problems.

'City flight was indeed something devised by Magi, but the arcanists changed it. Adding secondary energy functions, they turned flying cities into a weapon that could threaten the divine realms of gods…'

Not everything from the ancient past was useful. The creativity of the arcanists had put the flying cities of the Magi to shame, even if it was likely that Distorted Shadow played an important role in establishing them in the World of Gods and developing their cities.

Yet all that didn't matter to Leylin. He wanted information about the original flying city so that he could better understand how to operate Thultanthar. He cared not for old and new, good and evil. Disregarding status, he would use what benefited him and toss away anything that would bring him harm.

'Everything of value in the world is for me to use!' This was the quintessence of ancient rulers' philosophies, and the motto of all Magi who'd comprehended laws! They pursued the truth, extracting strength from what had value. Such was the basis of their operations..

'Although the limited laws in this world stopped the Magi from harnessing its full potential, the theory behind the flying cities is similar…' Leylin nodded his head.

[Beep! The technology behind the flying city has been sorted, storing into database. File labelled as flying city! 100% analysed! Ability to transfer usage to the Thultanthar: 9.85%!]

The A.I. Chip's voice intoned.

"Afterall it is the prototype, so an increase of 10% is already decent enough…"

The netherese flying city obtain in Frostfall Valley had always been one of Leylin's trump cards, hence he was unconditionally improving it given any chance he had.

In ancient times, great arcanists with Thultanthar was a weapon that even the gods feared. In the end, the gods had destroyed it at all costs!

But now, the Thultanthar had been hidden by Leylin as a killing trump card. There would come a day when it resurfaces on the water, and open its malevolent jaws at the gods…

"A.I. Chip! Transfer the data to the auxiliary chip in the World of Gods!" Leylin ordered.

With the Manderhawke Plate, the connection with the World of Gods was even more stable. He believed that the demigod clone on the other side will also make full use of the information given.

After Leylin had finished dealing with these trivial tasks, his focus went back into the lab.


Leylin muttered, the dark crimson dreamforce appearing around here, giving off a misty and heavy atmosphere.

Under the reflection of this light, the runes on his body could be seen, as well as the vertical eye between his brows.

It was extremely difficult for any living creatures in Dreamscape to survive now, as Dreamscape was still, which meant that dreamforce was in its trough. Even the evil existences in Dreamscape had to seal themselves in. As for the other creatures it was even harsher for them, using dreamforce is now harder than before, and their powers had been greatly weakened.

However, all these did not pose a problem for Leylin.

"With just a thought, the amount of dreamforce that responded to me… And it's when the dreamforce is at the weakest…"

Leylin was rather moved. "The Nightmare Absorption Body is indeed something else. Most likely it has the same authority as an overlord in Baator… No, it is even more. Afterall, hell is but one part of the World of Gods. As for Dreamscape, it can rival the Magus World at its peak…"

Leylin was no stranger to dreamforce.

Back when he was a rank 5 Warlock, he had already explored Dreamscape once. After obtaining the origin source of bloodline from the Snake Dowager, and the innate dream skill from the Alabaster Devilsnake, Leylin's control over Dreamscape had improved greatly. His affinity with Dreamscape itself was extremely high too.

However, all that paled in comparison to the Nightmare Absorption Body! No, it was incomparable!

He felt the calling of Dreamscape. With this added layer of origin force and connection, Leylin was intoxicated once again.

"Back then I thought that the Alabaster Devilsnake bloodline was extremely overpowering, all due to its ability to enter and leave Dreamscape at its will. But compared to the Nightmare King's bloodline, it's nothing at all…"

If the Alabaster Devilsnake was of a commoner status in a kingdom, then the Nightmare Absorption Body must at least be a prince, or even higher — A king! Apart from the World Will in Dreamscape, I don't have to bother about anyone else.

'No wonder the Nightmare King could rise to such power and was unstoppable in his tracks, it's like a hack…' Just this one connection with Dreamscape left Leylin feeling extremely powerful.

He would even dare challenge the Snake Dowager if they were in Dreamscape!

"However… I don't have any mortal enemies. If I did, I would drag them all into Dreamscape and make them suffer, or even die…"

A large amount of calculations appeared in Leylin's mind. It had combined the advantages that the A.I. Chip and Dreamscape brought him. Even if it was the Snake Dowager or Filthbird, he had a sixty percent chance of slaying them there.

"However… Magi who wielded laws cannot operate like this anymore…"

Leylin sighed inwardly. After turning into a rank 7 Warlock, he had more understanding towards this game amongst the higher circles.

Law Magi were just too powerful, and it was extremely hard for them to die. Even if they did, resurrection was too easy. Hence, many existences had joined forces due to fear.

t was extremely easy to isolate oneself that way by blatantly declaring war to such existences.

What's more important is that he had a decent relationship with the Snake Dowager, and she had even requested for his help. He had no enmity with the Filthbird too, so there was no need to do such a thing.

Of course, if those dignitaries of the Purgatory World were still bearing grudges and wanted to give him trouble, Leylin would not mind teaching them a lesson!

On the other hand, it was time to consider a joint effort.

The cake in the World of Gods was too big. Leylin would definitely be ganged up by the gods if he were to start a war. Hence, seeking arrangements and help from other forces had to be considered.