Warlock of the Magus World


Warlock of the Magus World Chapter 1003


"Surrender. You will lose in a mere contest between domains." Akaban's voice echoed throughout the battlefield. He was circling Leylin leisurely, aside from the two demigods in combat.

He had the valiant spirit of an emperor, and before becoming a demigod he had clearly been a tactician. His words were designed to affect Leylin's mind. Sadly, Leylin's own hardships had given him a will that was harder than diamond. Such challenges were pointless, only revealing Akaban's lack of confidence to him.

'Are you worried about any trump cards that I have? Or is it my background on the mainland?' The gears in Leylin's mind whirred, and he soon understood what the other party was thinking. Akaban seemed to know a little about the gods on the mainland, which was why he was guessing at Leylin's identity.

Unfortunately, Leylin was now completely alone. Even if he were to be killed here, nobody would cause trouble for Akaban… Besides his main Warlock body, that is.

'I can wipe out all four of them easily if I use the floating city, but then it won't be a secret anymore…' Leylin looked deep in thought. He had amassed a tremendous number of cards up his sleeves, and the jaws of the other gods would probably drop if they found out about it.

The floating city had shifted to the area outside Debanks Island, awaiting his next commands. At its peak performance, it floating city could contest against true gods! Taking care of a few demigods was like playing around.

Unfortunately, such power would be sensed by the other gods, making things difficult for him in the future.

"Massacre domain!" Leylin chose to fight it out with his own strength. The dark red domain burst forth from him, allowing him to get a huge boost in strength. He was now on home ground, after all.

The dark red domain that held the power of tyrannical bloodlust abruptly expanded, and even pushed the domains of the two demigods away. They were now on equal ground.

'Such pure bloodlust, and the strength of this domain…' Watching from the sidelines, Akaban immediately seemed to be put deep in thought, as if he'd gotten some inspiration from Leylin's domain.

'Is it the purity? I was too greedy in the past… To become a true god, I'll need to completely grasp at least one aspect.' This inspiration seemed to change Akaban's body, making his divine form more solid. This was the most terrifying part about him' he could learn and improve even in battle!

If Akaban could walk out of this battle, then he would be able to get rid of the heterogenous elements in his domain and obtain a divine domain. That would make him a true god!

'Unfortunately… you won't get that chance!' Leylin laughed wildly, the legendary spell in his hands seemingly cast instantaneously.

Meteor Explosion! Crushing Palm!

A dazzling meteor explosion and a large palm drowned out two demigods. Enraged howls could be heard amidst the bright rays of spells. Meanwhile, Leylin used a Dimensional Leap and arrived in front of Akaban, a golden staff appearing in his hands.

*Chiu! Chiu!* Lights flickered, and a gigantic bird with golden flames appeared, flapping out petal-like flames from its wings. Its large beak began to peck at Akaban.

"A divine being's soul? Is that what you're counting on? How naive!"

Facing such an attack, Akaban merely frowned slightly. The horses in front of the chariot abruptly snorted and took in all the scattered flames.

"Seeing as you gave me pointers on my path, let me send your true soul to the cosmic plane!"

The golden lance in Akaban's hand pierced forward, striking the peak of the large flaming bird.

*Shatter…* There was a crisp sound in the air, and the beak of the flaming bird's beak began to fragment like glass, revealing the golden staff underneath it. The beak of the bird had actually been the tip of the staff.

"Whether in terms of your domain's strength or your accumulation of divine force, none can match up to mine…"

Akaban seemed to sigh, the golden lance of his mercilessly striking the crystal at the top of the staff.

*Chiu! Chiu!* The large flaming bird soul in the crystal emitted a miserable cry, and the core that held a slight hint of golden shattered. However, Akaban had an inkling that something was off.

"Haha… Thank you very much for helping me take care of the last bit of resistance that the flaming bird's soul had. Otherwise, I might have found it rather difficult to tame it!"

Light flickered, and Leylin's figure quickly left. At the tip of his staff, the giant flaming bird exploded and regrew.

However, compared to the soul from before, this one now seemed to lack the intelligence it used to have, and looked rather stiff.

Bundles of flames enveloped the staff, and the energy undulations that surpassed that of legendary items were sent out.

All this happened in what seemed to be the blink of an eye. Leylin made use of Akaban's strength and completely subdued the flaming bird, and had even refined the Roaring Red Dragon Staff once more.

"Red Dragon Staff now no longer suits you. Let's call you the Blazing Scepter!"

Leylin sized up his work in satisfaction. As he had used the soul of a divine being and had help from a demigod, the blazing scepter had raised its ranking amongst legendary items by a large extent, despite not becoming a divine weapon.

"A divine weapon needs the flesh and divine force of a god to be completed…"

Leylin sighed as he thought. Meanwhile, Akaban in front of him was thoroughly enraged.

"Wretched sinner! How dare you make a fool of me!"

Along with the fury similar to that of a regent, a large hole formed in the night skies. Blue lightning as thick as human arms fell continuously.

For Akaban, it was the ultimate humiliation to be teased by a divine being and even made use of to refine a weapon.

The wrath from such disrespect could only be eased with the fresh blood and soul of the sinner!

"I will let you know what sin you have committed!"

The warhorses snarled, and the flaming chariot that Akaban rode charged forth. With his lance dancing, the lightning that formed in the skies gathered at the tip of the lance.

*Awoo!* *Chi chi!* Meanwhile, the two demigods that Leylin had temporarily besieged also pounced over. Besides looking slightly pitiful, there were no other injuries.

The joint attack of four demigods resulted in a powerful force that seemed to cause the air around to evaporate, forming a strange vacuum.

The pressure on Leylin rose rapidly, and the force that surged towards him from all directions seemed to want to tear him apart.

"As expected, I'm on the losing end as a divine being trying to against a demigod…"

Leylin could only smile wryly, and then began to look resolute.

"Did you only just notice? It's too late! Your body shall be placed under my golden throne to be used as an eternal decoration…"

Akaban roared. ALong with the three other demigods, their attacks soon drowned Leylin out.

Lightning, flames, poison… All sorts of forces mixed in with the power of divine force and domains formed a colourful, spotted and chaotic region of energy.

Amidst these, Leylin's aura quickly weakened, to the point that it completely disappeared.

"Even I won't be able to deal with the attacks from four demigods.."

Akaban withdrew the golden lance in his hands, "It's a pity that I didn't get the method to undo the plague, but I now know that the path to becoming a true god is possible… Hm? Wait!!!"

Akaban's expression quickly changed as he sensed the descent of a powerful world origin force.

*Hualala!* The skies quickly darkened, and the stars and silver moon quickly hid their luster. It was as if a berserk dragon lightning was travelling through the dark clouds, and in comparison to the lightning that Akaban had summoned, that had been like a kid playing house.

"The descent of a world origin… This… Is the appointment of a demigod!" Akaban had experienced this once before, and naturally would not get this wrong.

Just as he was about to do all he could to interrupt the process, an absolute and powerful strength emerged. With traces of the conscient of the origin force present, he and the three other demigods were sent flying.

The gods truly were the darlings of the world, and when they advanced, they naturally caught the attention of the World Origin Force. The isolating force that came was not something four demigods could deal with.

The World Origin Force that had come roaring in immediately attracted the attention of a few powerful gods. While the advancement of a demigod was nothing much, there were a few existences who still noticed him.

"This… does feel like a demigod, and the location is at the the south of the south seas, at the natives' territories. Has a totem spirit or natural spirit advanced?"

To the gods, the totems of the natives were like a group of useless things. They were weak and could not leave their respective areas, which was why they were not worthy of attention. Several streaks of godly conscients gathered in the skies, and then dissipated like this had nothing to do with them.

However, no matter how careful Leylin was, his reputation of being the youngest legendary wizard was sound, and he had caught the attention of some existences.

On the Faulen Island, within the church of the Goddess of Wealth, Waukeen's church.

Golden lights flickered, and then turned into a posed woman dressed in luxurious, golden robes.

"I can never be wrong. This aura is that of the wizard! Has he become a demigod?"

Waukeen's eyes crinkled in a smile, "Interesting! His name as a genius will probably resound through the continent once more…"

"My servants!" At this thought, Waukeen called out sternly.


A few wealth priests knelt and listened to the goddess' commands.